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Your Reflection Of Love Is The Legacy of Future Generations!

This is my gorgeous family! (dad is taking the photo)
We've faced challenges, like many families, but we have recognised that the way to be a close, connected and loving family is to commit to love - simple (but not so easy!) 

Us mums are very good at many things, but where we might not excel is with regards to taking care of ourselves, however, to enjoy unshakeable relationships with our family, it's important to nurture the nurturer!

I have been a mom for 24 years to date and I've felt my fair share of 'mom guilt' for all the times I've not been 100% present, been too busy, yelled in reaction,  or not dealt with issues from true understanding but from emotions,  control or automatic responses that I learned from my own parents.
But being a mother can be a very purposeful journey of deepening and evolving in love if we are open and willing to reconnect with ourselves and be more self-aware.  Self -awareness is the key to returning to a true connection with ourselves and our children that, rather than being impulsed by a need based on our own conditions and expectations, is a connection that is of mutual respect and love.

The best present you can ever give your child is the gift of your self-love! 

There are often some major roller coaster moments to deal with in our lives and a whole load of curve balls thrown our way that we need to juggle - no wonder we get exhausted, no wonder we feel like withdrawing or 'checking out,' and no wonder we get irritable and ill in the process - but the solution is not so much to stop that juggle (there would be a whole mess to clear up which would be more work!!) but rather to learn to balance ourselves better, share the load, and let anything that is loveless go. This means getting out of your head and back to your body and I help you to do just that. Not only will I support you to reconnect to the calm wisdom within your body through using your own voice as a somatic anchor, I also support you to be resilient and congruent with how you express in your relationships so that you can consistently show up authentically and lead with a loving authority that carries true wisdom rather than control. The body is where your magnificence resides - when we reflect that as mums - well, that's when we get the gift of true loving connection and unshakeable relationships!💞

Why is this important to me? My Story...

My youngest daughter self-harmed when she hit her teens - and hit them hard she did! She suffered great anxiety and was unable to concentrate or study at school. She was bullied early on and by the time she was 14, she was already smoking weed and drinking alcohol. At the age of 16 she was taken to A&E due to the ingestion of alcohol and Xanax (a tranquiliser) When she came out of hospital, she spent 3 days without being able to close her eyes due to the hallucinations she was having. It was so difficult to get help and money was scarce at that time due to losing our home in spain and returning to the UK. It was so devastating to see how she treated her body - the body I loved so much and just wanted to take care of.  I felt so helpless, like I'd failed her completely. I wanted to fix things, fix her - stop this abuse, but all of my attempts were failing. I knew I had to find out how I could support her in a way that would create positive change.

I was already very passionate about self-care. I'd studied naturopathy in Spain and I was a natural 'soul seeker.' I knew that the answer would be found within if I gave myself the space to surrender.
And it came with presence - by letting go of the need to solve the problem, by turning up and sitting by her side quietly listening when she couldn't face school or the larger world. It came from reconnecting to myself and the stillness and wisdom within, putting one foot in front of the other and continually committing to life by being resilient with that connection.
Three kids we knew at the time took their own lives and we know of many others. Alcohol and drugs are looked on as a rite of passage - something 'normal' about growing up. Could it be that as adults we've lost the connection with our own bodies and this is what our kids feel?
This is very sad and I feel passionate about helping moms and dads to be more self-loving, present, focused and wise so they can leave a legacy for future generations that will make this seem very ABNORMAL indeed.


When we question our so called 'normal' and look at the consequences of living in a way that is not self-loving, we see a clear correlation between our family life and the wider world. There can be no true advancement to humankind if families continue to live in a way that doesn't prioritise love - it all begins with us.

Sharon Wright
Sharon Wright

I am a soul first and foremost - if I connect with that, I'm connecting with my true self. Then I can express from there in my roles in this life such as:

💞Being a mother who will honour and nurture herself so that her whole family gets a reflection of what real love looks, sounds and feels like through all my actions and words.  
💞Being a Mum of Teens Coach so that I can support mums to reconnect to something that is truly magnificent within themselves, enjoy unshakeable relationships and break the chain of self-neglect passed down through generations before.

💞Being a leader in love with all the responsibility that this entails and a forever student of life. 

💞Reconnect to Relate and be Resilient in consistent and congruent parenting is the foundation of how I work with clients with the aim to free families from anxiety and create a harmonious and enriching environment that helps everyone to evolve.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with mums?

Mums are who I mainly work with, but the work I do is really relevant to any relationship. 

What do you actually solve? 

In a nutshell, 'reactions' which are the biggest problem in relationships. My work is supported by 3 main tenets - 1. Reconnection - supporting you to return to a place of stillness and wisdom within from where you can express more consciously, 2. Relationship - looking at all the conditions that hurt relationships including the one with yourself and bringing more understanding to all of our relationships 3. Resilience - it's necessary to bring all of this to life and be consistent and congruent in our parenting. 

How do you work?

I'm a qualified transformational coach - if you don't know what coaching is, you can find out more HERE I also work as an 'Authentic Voice Coach.' The voice can help us to reconnect to our bodies and get out of the head but it also the way we communicate. We dive deep into the energetic integrity of the voice and how it can heal.

Do you work with whole families?

Yes I do. I feel that it can be very powerful for families to come together with the purpose to communicate and understand each other better. The vocal work is very powerful in this regard. If families are courageous to evolve and not take things personally but to understand, remain humble and grow from the insights, there is an alchemy that is pure magic in the way families connect and relate. 

My child is a teen and I feel like I can't connect - is is too late?

It's never too late (read my story above) your teen will respond well to you when you decide to commit to being more present (perhaps not in their bedroom lol) calm and congruent with how you live. Your inner strength leads to an assertive and gentle way that helps you to be an authentic leader in love -  this is what supports your kids to be emotionally intelligent adults.

I feel guilty that I don't have quality time with my kids

Any negative emotional response such as guilt is part of the problem. My 8 week programme looks closely at self-bashing because this always hinders relationships. As well as working on re-imprinting those old patterns by reconnecting to specific movements that create new more loving ones, we also look at bringing more harmony to your expression, not so much by trying to eradicate emotions, but by a gentle 'letting go' of that which feels loveless.

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