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Healthy Habit Coach and Vocal Embodiment Mentor at your service!

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I am a life coach specialising in healthy habit formation and confident expression.  I’m based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK and my aim and passion is to support people to be confident, kick the addictions and create self-caring habits that reduce anxiety. I use all my skills and experience in an original and effective way which combines life coaching, vocal coaching and naturopathy.    

For many years music has been an integral part of my life,  and my experience as a music teacher and vocal coach has shown me that everyone is born with a connection to music.  I feel that by discovering and building on the connection to ourselves, we can learn to express more authentically and confidently and discover our true, natural and beautiful voice. 

I believe that self-love has been and still is, fundamental to my own personal growth. to accept and claim the love I am, recognise it in others and discard what is not part of its expression from my life, is an unfolding journey.  It is the responsibility and integrity that underlies all of the services that Gorgeous Hearts offers.

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Vocal embodiment and Body Awareness and Expression

I grew up playing the piano, and singing has always been a natural and joyful expression for me. Singing helps you to connect more with your body and to feel the depth and beauty of your whole being. It feels vulnerable, tender, warm and yet powerful and energetic. I love to support others to realise the depth of connection they can have with their body through singing.

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Holistic Wellness Coaching - The Sword Against Anxiety

Healthy habit coaching inspires autonomous commitment to self-care.

Like Batman and Robin against the most evil Marvel villain of all times, ANXIETY, whose mission it is to stop you from enjoying a vibrant and joyful life, we don our capes and get POWING and KAPOWING! 

I am a fully qualified Life Coach (ICF accredited diploma in Transformational Life Coaching) I studied Naturopathy In Spain and have a diploma as a Naturopathic Technician. Coaching is in English or Spanish.

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Healing is an ongoing process

Sacred Female

Connecting to the body helps you to feel harmonious and stops you from spending too much time in your head. I am a level 4 SEH Practitioner and a member of the EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association)

This complimentary energy healing modality supports us to deeply relax, surrender to and reconnect to a body full of love.

Sharon Wright is the sole owner of Gorgeous Hearts and offers her services in English and Spanish, online or face to face if you are local (Sussex)