About You & About Me 

Ideally I would:

Be free to express my creativity in a way that allows me to live a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. 

Be free of the need to adhere to security and control at the price of my own passions. 

Be free from the feelings of guilt every time I consider leaving the steady, safe, 9-5 and dedicate my energy 100% on my dream business.

Be free and start spending more time with my family, travel to the places I've always wanted to, take back the space that has been squeezed out by time constraints, and stop worrying about this constant financial conundrum that actually stops me from earning way more. 

This was my mantra and I hope that it will inspire yours - here's to living your ideal life!!

But I'm curious, What would you have written under the title "Ideally I would?"

What if self-doubt rumbles away under your excitement?  - How would it feel to trust yourself implicitly? Rather than thinking in terms of 'right and wrong' you listen to the call, respond and apply yourself 100%.

What if you have the skills and knowledge, know how much you can contribute to society with your business, but you don't have the foggiest idea of how to put everything together in a way that expresses your authentic and differentiating message? - How would it feel to express confidently exactly what makes you the expert and 'go to person' in your field in a way that feels authentic and comes from your heart?

What if you worry about the financial impact of owning your own business as opposed to receiving a payslip and you fear you won't get a consistent stream of clients? - How would it feel to get too many clients and have the 'problem' of leveraging your business?

What if you are constantly saying "What if" and nothing changes? - How would it feel if you woke up tomorrow and you didn't have to commute through heavy traffic, compete with the dominant hierarchy of control, come home exhausted, wonder where you will get the energy from to cook dinner and talk with family before you start the same routine the next day!
What would your day really look like?

Might it be a day full of light and space to create, collaborate and contribute?

You are creative, sensitive, dedicated, empathetic, committed to service, consistent in positive action, influential, wise, perceptive and intelligent - well - that's the version of you that you know you can be - if only you got the space - right? So, what is the world missing out on?

Why not make this your default expression that in turn expresses into the business you dream of?  Why not make each day a day where you are free to grow and evolve in ways you've never dared to dream? 

Stop dreaming and let's do it!!!

But before we do, I have a question - one that I needed to hear back when I started out myself, and it's an important one.....

Are you brave enough to explore the depths of the relationship you have with yourself so that you can let go of what keeps you from the freedom you're dreaming of and forge your business from a respectful, honouring and self-loving space? Are you able to appreciate that the quality of your expression can create and enrich the foundation for a successful and thriving business you can feel proud of; one that will give you the confidence to change your direction and joyfully say goodbye to cell-block 9-5? 

If the answer is YES! or even a maybe, click the button below and let's have a chat so that you can go that one step further towards freedom....

The What, Who, Why and How questions you've been waiting for.....  

The What.....

What is Gorgeous Hearts all about and how did 'FFS Let's just do it!' become my core signature programme?

Gorgeous Hearts began life as a self-care blogging site. I was, and still am, passionate about personal growth and it will always be the foundation of all I express and offer.  

Gorgeous Hearts is how I see people - from the inside out. Behaviours may not be so gorgeous, but there is always the potential to let go of what causes the anxiety and the consequences of it and allow the heart to impulse all that is expressed and created.  

I believe that this foundation of expression guides me in business and puts a stamp of energetic integrity, from the heart and never from a need, on it.  First the vibrational quality - then the expression.


FFS Let's just do it' is my signature programme which is a 12 session 1:1 coaching programme tailored towards women who are working a 9-5, but have made the decision to create their own business that will eventually offer them the freedom to live the life they dream of.

From time management, client attraction and your preferred business model to expressing your value, creating compelling stories that create engagement, and a confident voice when you make that all important sales call or speaking gig, this programme explores how you will adapt these into your daily life and is underpinned by a deep inner connection to creativity and confidence that makes the process easy and authentic. 

For Whom?

"I work with Female Freedom Seekers stuck in Groundhog Day, and I help them to convert their rich creativity into the thriving business they dream of so they can confidently leave cell-block 9-5"

Let's break that down.....

Female Freedom Seekers (sorry about 'female' but it sounds good and FFS makes me laugh - used that phrase a lot when I was starting my business so hope it resonates) 

You seek freedom - what does that freedom look like to you?
For me it meant:

  • making my own decisions and being responsible for them. I was so tired of not being heard and having to compete with dominating personalities at work, often being blamed for the poor decisions of others or just ignored - now I can use my skills to make decisions that help me and my business to grow.
  • more time to enjoy what I love doing.  I am actually a workaholic, but at least the work I do now is creative, rewarding, purposeful and joyful. I get to organise my time and create more space for the meaningful things in life such as connections, relationship, community etc. 
  • separating myself from the hierarchy of my career. The ambition and drive that used to feel exciting and ended up feeling exhausting and pointless because I didn't feel that it was contributing to anything purposeful.
  • having the finances to be able to live in Spain (which is where I live now)and travel to see family as often as I wish - I can work from anywhere as my business is online)

Some more to consider....

  • Perhaps freedom comes in many guises, but what I realised is that to be free from your own expectations and to let go of conditions is fundamental. 
  • Freedom is also an expression of joy and appreciation and to express authentically without having to live up to other people's expectations and conditions. 

What is Groundhog Day?

I imagine you've seen the film (if you haven't go and watch it right now it's the best film of the 90's!) and you know that the protagonist had to wake up to the same scene and repeat the same mistakes over and over until he finally got it - he had to become a more loving person and appreciate his life. 

The film makes you laugh, but reality isn't far off and it can be far from a laughing matter. We can often feel 'stuck' in repetitive patterns and situations, feel a victim of them even, but the truth is, we always have a choice.  I support you to make the choices that feel empowering and the decisions that will create a well planned venture so you can live that freedom you're searching for.

A thriving business....

Whatever your definition of freedom, be it financial or existential, your business needs to align to first. That's why my programme covers the definition of freedom thoroughly. Your business model will need to adapt to that definition and then, every step thereafter will fall into place like a toddler jigsaw puzzle.  

Finding who your client is, crafting a message that they cannot ignore or refuse, expressing your heart with all the integrity and care that it holds, especially in sales calls, nurturing your relationships and giving unconditionally are all ingredients that make a pretty tasty business soup. A Thriving business is up to you - you are the expression, the consistent nurturer and the expert who can support your client. I will help you to uncover it and let it shine.

Leaving cell-block 9-5....

OK, this may be a slight exaggeration for some of you reading this, but for me it isn't. I felt like my life was a fog. All my money disappeared on material trappings that I didn't get time to enjoy very often. My time was never my time - it belonged to someone else. I felt like a prisoner.

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate my 9-5 years. There were good times, excitement, team work, funny banter and a common goal, but my values weren't aligning with those of the organisation I worked for so I had a choice to move somewhere else and begin a new process, or do something I'd been contemplating for some time.  As a coach, it made sense for me to create my own business and that's what I did!


Because it feels authentic and part of who I am and what I'm here to do - it feels purposeful!

I'm sure this is something that you resonate with too, but it's important that each of us discover the 'Why' behind all of our choices and decisions. That's something that I wouldn't lightly skip over, if you miss that out, it's tantamount to building a house with no damp course - something that happens a lot in Spain which is why moldy walls are common in the winter. 

Yes, figuring out your big 'Why' is part of the foundations and will also be important as you go forward  - when you need that bit of motivation to continue.


What makes working with me any different to working with any other business coach out there?

A great question and glad you've asked it!

I am what makes it different - that's what will make you're business different too. No matter how many stalls are selling fruit and veggies, I will always go to the same one because the lady who serves me is funny, kind, energetic and helpful - she has really great produce too so that's just as important.


If you're looking for something more tangible, I get it! I mean you need to know that what I offer and how I offer it is right for you, so here goes....

  • I use an effective and easy to follow structure/system that helps you build a business from the foundations up without leaving anything out that may come back later to bite you in the bum. It will be sure to save you from the mistakes that cost time and money. This system is offered to you to work through, but you get coaching at every single step of the way so that everything is built from your own creative expression. 
  • I am very particular about empowered expression. Your business has to be yours, but there are skills that take time to master such as crafting your message and writing engaging copy. I support you to access these creative skills and express yourself like never before.you use.
  • I use coaching, mentoring and teaching to support you. There is a very clear distinction between all three: Coaching is to access your brilliance, mentoring is to hone your organisation and give you structure and teaching is to learn a new skill. I offer coaching for a positive mindset, clarity of purpose, identifying challenges, setting goals and creating strategies, I offer mentoring on specific business steps to get you prepared and I teach creative copy writing skills and holistic vocal empowerment techniques that help you to feel confident when you are on a sales call, presenting a workshop or speaking gig.
The FFS let's just do it! method

"I would love to support you to convert your rich creativity into a thriving business that feels purposeful and joyful. F.F.S. Let's just do it gorgeous heart!"

  • Sharon trained with Animas Coaching and qualified in Transformational Life Coaching, an ICF accredited diploma. She has a wealth of experience in performance, and business coaching.
  • Sharon has enjoyed a career as a HR manager and became company director of a small business support company in 2017 before becoming a full time business owner.  
  • Sharon has been a music and singing teacher for most of her life. She now uses a holistic approach that encompasses the whole body instrument as a way of tapping into creativity and intuition held within each and every one of us.  She teaches how to use vocal vibrations as an anchoring method to heal buried emotions derived from thwarted expression that keep us held back in our lives and in our businesses.  
  • Sharon is passionate about self-care and feels like it's a quality that many business owners are missing.  As a qualified naturopathist, Sharon has always been fascinated by the plethora of natural, holistic ways to support the body and how vitality is dependent upon looking after yourself. She is very specific about balancing head space with the body to support the powerful expression that differentiates a business.
  • Sharon recently moved to Spain where she now also runs 'Connect & Express' wellness and expression retreats in the beautiful mountainous region of The Sierra de Aracena in Huelva and in Malaga, Spain. 

Hi, I'm Sharon Wright from Gorgeous Hearts. I'm delighted to support you as you face menopause to feel like you again!"

“Your business is an expression of yourself - it's personal and it's easy to become very attached to what you want to express, however, your expression has a purpose to serve you AND others. Don't forget that the hero of the story is the client and your business needs to solve a problem that they have. Exploring who your client is, why they might need you and how you will serve them, is a very important consideration because it is the raison d'etre of your business"  

Sharon Wright

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