About Gorgeous Hearts

In an ideal world we are:

Free to express our creativity in a way that allows us to live a life that is purposeful and fulfilling.

Free of the self-doubt that holds us back from believing in ourselves and makes us feel less of who we are. 

Free from the need to express in a way that suits others but doesn't really bring our business to life in a way that truly reflects who we are and who we serve.

Free to be the empowered women we know we can be. To feel that our voices are our own, unhindered and powerful in way that helps us and others to evolve.

Could this be your mantra? 

What would your ideal world look like if you could express your authentic voice?

When self-doubt erodes the confidence of your expression - How would it feel to trust yourself implicitly?  To feel that your voice is being heard and is communicating in a way that captures the hearts of your clients?

When you have this passion to contribute to society, but you're not sure of how to put everything together in a way that expresses your authentic and differentiating message - How might it feel to express confidently exactly what makes you the expert and 'go to person' in your field in a way that feels authentic and comes from your heart?

When you're scratching your head about what to write, what to say, how to say it and content creation is turning into a nightmare!  - How would it feel to know your client, your message and have authentic content that just flows from your heart that you've planned and is ready to go?

When you're worrying about not getting a consistent flow of clients and it's making you feel anxious and overwhelmed - How would it feel to start getting engagement and really feel like your voice is making waves and attracting a steady flow of clients who really want to work with you?

Might it be a day full of light and space to create, collaborate and contribute?

You are creative, sensitive, dedicated, empathetic, committed to service, consistent in positive action, influential, wise, perceptive and intelligent - This is the version of you that you know you can be - if only you could let go of the fear - right?

Reconnecting to your body and knowing your voice allows you to face the fear. Fear is always near, but we can choose to step forward empowered and purposeful. The business you dream of is right in front of you - walk through the fire and allow your expression to free you from its hold. 

Fabulous Female Solopreneurs let's just do it!!!

Can I ask you a question?

This is a question that I needed to ask myself and it's one that I feel we need to answer quite regularly.....

Are you brave enough to explore the depths of the relationship you have with yourself so that you can let go of what keeps you feeling less, lacking confidence and doubting your authentic expression?  Can you embrace your amazing self and forge your business from a respectful, honouring and self-loving space? Are you able to appreciate that the quality of your expression can create and enrich the foundations of a successful and thriving business you can feel proud of; one that will give you the confidence to be all of you? 

If the answer is YES! or even a maybe, click the button below and let's have a chat so that you can go that one step further towards freedom....

The What, Who, Why and How questions you're possibly asking.....  

What is Gorgeous Hearts?

Gorgeous Hearts began as a self-care blogging site. I was, and still am, passionate about personal transformation and self-love is something that I feel will change the world - love has no limits - it doesn't stop at self, rather when you embrace self-love, it expands like a sphere, encompassing everyone else in it's vibration.  

Gorgeous Hearts is how I see people - from the inside out. Behaviours may not be so gorgeous, but every person has the potential to let go of what causes the anxiety and the consequences of it and allow their heart to impulse all that is expressed and created.  

I believe that this is where authentic expression comes from - not from our heads but from within us. It guides me in my business and puts a stamp of energetic integrity on everything I do.  


Your online visibility garden path is my signature programme which is a 12 session 1:1 coaching programme For Female Solopreneurs who are struggling with online visibility and wish to capture the hearts of their clients.

Your online visibility pathway

Who do I work with and who would benefit from working with me?

"I work with Fabulous Female Solopreneurs who know they are holding their business back because they struggle with online visibility and putting themselves out there. I help them to fully claim their authentic voice so they can capture the hearts of their clients and feel totally in flow doing so."

  • You're a creative, resourceful woman who is sensitive to the needs of others but you are having trouble knowing how to get your voice heard in the noisy online community and wonder if your niche and message is having the effect that you need it to have.
  • You would love to feel free of fear when presenting, speaking, writing and delivering your  expertise. 
  • You would love to connect with this voice that you've not really thought about, that is a part of you and which expresses what you choose at any given moment - you want to choose from wisdom rather than reaction.

Perhaps you are a small business owner, a coach or a consultant and you want to do what you do best - you need the clients!

  • You will learn to fall in love with your voice and articulate your message in a way that feels totally authentic to you - this is what will turn the heads of the people who you will want to work with and who will most benefit from your expertise. 
  • You will learn how to create and plan your content so you can spend more time on what you love doing. You get to organise your time and enjoy more space for the more meaningful things in life such as relationships, activities you love, family and community etc.
  • You will be able to let go of the inner mind critics that hold your expression back and feel free to use your voice with purpose and passion.

And a couple of other points....

  • Free expression means being free of your own expectations and letting go of conditions. That's when you allow flow and abundance in your life.
  • Free expression means being free of feeling that you have to meet other people's expectations and conditions too. 

Who are you?

You are one - one expression...

Your voice, both physically and metaphorically speaking is your expression. There is only one expression - the movements you make in your day to day life, and by movements I mean everything from how you work, communicate with others, eat, exercise etc. cannot be separated from how your business expresses. You can’t be authentic in business if you’re not living true to who you are. 

Similarly, your voice is not separate from your body, so if you fear owning it and using it, you also fear your own self.  Finding your authentic voice is crucial to attracting a flow of clients who will consider you to be the perfect fit for what they are struggling with.

Claiming this authentic voice means to surrender rather than try - to get your head out of the way and start trusting the intelligence, wisdom and intuition of your whole body.

This is why I incorporate vocal work into my coaching programmes - the voice helps you to come back to the body and connect with the true energetic quality of your vibration.

Knowing your big 'Why?'

Knowing your big 'Why' is fundamental because it makes the going easier when you feel that your work is purposeful.

It's important that each of us discover the 'Why' behind all of our choices and decisions. That's something that I wouldn't lightly skip over, if you miss that out, it's tantamount to building a house with no damp course and I know all about that living in Spain. 

My big why was due to living a life with a small voice and getting small back. I never dreamed I'd sing on stage in front of people - it would have made me laugh as a child, and I missed so many opportunities because of it. My 'why' is due to my love of people and my passion to coach and be of service.  It kept me going and helped me to keep saying yes even when I lacked confidence and felt anxious and overwhelmed. 

How do I work?

What makes working with me any different to working with any other coach out there?

A great question and glad you've asked it!

I am what makes it different and that's what will make your business different too! - YOU

No matter how many stalls are selling fruit and veggies, I will always go to the same one because the lady who serves me is funny, kind, energetic and helpful - she has really great produce too so that's just as important.


If you're looking for something more tangible, I get it! So, what do I offer and how do I work?

  • Through mindset coaching we get rid of the mind monkeys first of all. As I said, what is showing up in your life is a good clue to what's going on in your business. I support you to reconnect with your intuitive voice and create a message that resonates with the people who would need you. Then it's about getting in front of those people, planning content that attracts them to you, reaching out to them in a way that is authentic and heart-led without feeling pushy. There are many strategies, but we discover the one that feels right for you so that the going gets easier. 
  • I have some powerful tools that will support you. Coaching accesses your brilliance, creativity and authentic voice but it also means that there are a couple more experienced eyes on your business. We are all blinkered in certain ways - I also work with a mentor and coach to guide me as I feel that it's fundamental to being objective.  I have been a vocal coach for over 25 years so you also get some practical voice tuition. I work holistically  - the whole body instrument (body mind and soul) so rather than working to develop your voice from the perspective of being a better performer, we look more at the energetic quality of your expression and how that will be voiced. This looks similar to vocal training but it will encompass embodiment work too. I also support your metaphorical voice when it comes to creative copywriting and presenting skills.
Sharon Wright on terrace

"I would love to support you to convert your rich creativity into a thriving business that feels purposeful and joyful. Let's just do it gorgeous hearts!"

  • Sharon trained with Animas Coaching and qualified in Transformational Life Coaching, an ICF accredited diploma. She has a wealth of experience in performance, and business coaching.
  • Sharon has enjoyed a career as a HR manager and company director of a small business support company before becoming a full time business owner.  She also works as a freelance copywriter and email marketer.
  • Sharon has been a music and singing teacher for most of her life. She now uses a holistic approach that encompasses the whole body instrument as a way of tapping into creativity and intuition held within each and every one of us.  She teaches how to use vocal vibrations as an anchoring method to heal buried emotions derived from thwarted expression that keep us held back in our lives and in our businesses.  
  • Sharon is passionate about self-love and feels like it's a quality that many people are missing out on.  As a qualified naturopathist and healer, Sharon has always been fascinated by the plethora of natural, holistic ways to support the body and how vitality is dependent upon looking after yourself. She is very specific about balancing head space with the body to support the powerful expression that differentiates a business.
  • Sharon recently moved to Spain where she now also runs 'Connect & Express' wellness and expression retreats in the beautiful mountainous region of The Sierra de Aracena in Huelva and in Malaga, Spain. 

Hi, I'm Sharon Wright from Gorgeous Hearts. I'm delighted to support you as you face menopause to feel like you again!"

“Your business is an expression of yourself - it's personal and it's easy to become very attached to what you want to express, however, your expression has a purpose to serve you AND others. Don't forget that the hero of this story is the client and your business needs to solve a problem that they have. Exploring who your client is, why they might need you and how you will serve them, is a very important consideration because it is the raison d'etre of your business"  

Sharon Wright

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