About Gorgeous Hearts 

Wouldn't you love to be able to share with others without fear of ridicule? Wouldn't it be great to feel confident when you have to present your work to a group of doubting Thomases? Wouldn't it be freeing to feel that you no longer need to control every part of your expression and that you can tap into a more authentic source that feels powerful and authentic?  

Are you feeling frustrated, undervalued and exhausted? - Then let's have a chat!

A confident and healthy body, a creative and free expression, a voice that influences with wisdom and power and a fulfilling sense of purpose don't have to be a dream - let's make it real! Just ask yourself this; are you courageous enough to explore the depths of your own being and appreciate how miraculous, creative, magnificent and powerful you really are? Are you ready to express with all of yourself in harmony and power and tap into the innate wisdom that this offers? Can you appreciate who you are and what you are able to contribute to the world around you? 

If the answer is YES! or even a maybe, jump on a free call with me and let's discover more....

How can Connect & Express help? 

By blowing this inner conversation that goes something like. "I'm not good enough, I'll never get it, I'm going to look stupid in front of everybody!"to smithereens 

How do we do that? Well, let's begin by being clear on how we don't do it. We don't make you think it's easy and then disappoint you, we don't give you a magic formula or a mantra to snap that's going to miraculously give you confidence. That wouldn't lead to transformation and it would be patronizing - I'm sure you've tried a few things already.

No, we go to the root cause and we attack the main villain where it hurts


Yes anxiety - that dark shadow that follows you around, wrapping itself around you in the most unexpected situations and leaving you feeling like a cardboard cutout of yourself. Perhaps it is an occasional visitor that pounds at the door of your solar plexus when you're just about to sing on stage or present a project you've worked hard on to a group of men, the result is the same - a shaky voice, a beating heart, a feeling you want the earth to open up right there and swallow you whole - I get it - I know the feeling too well! 

So, to answer the question more practically, Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express offers tools such as transformational confidence coaching and vocal empowerment that support you to be prepared when you are in one of those situations. The big secret to success is consistency and commitment - two very powerful allies. we also get great results by approaching this holistically which means that both body and mind become the focus:

  • It's important to adopt a self-nurturing routine.  This can be anything from a healthy diet to a tidy living space or exercise routine - there are many ways that you can do this, but the important thing is routine and consistency.
  • Practicing self-awareness and presence so that your expression takes on another quality. This may sound a little odd, but body awareness, meditation and connecting with your voice on a very profound level, will change the energy of your expression to one that is impulsed from within.

True beauty and wisdom reside within. You may sense the depth and truth of this, but are you connecting to and honouring it? Observe and let go of what doesn't serve you. Be inspired by, and committed to your true expression. This is where you will find self-confidence. 

Self-care shouldn't feel like a discipline. If it does, it will always be an uphill struggle. True self-care is a natural expression that results from the deepening relationship that you have with yourself and with life. Re-connect to you and fall in love with the unique light you are.

To be truly free of fear, you need to know yourself intimately and begin to trust that 'you've got this.' Honest observation will identify the attachment to what you feel you need to control. These pictures distract you from the awareness of something much more powerful.  

Sharon Wright Life Coach and Vocal Coach

"I would love to support you to realise your confident self, to express joyfully and purposefully and to reconnect to your true beauty. That’s what Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express is all about!"

  • Sharon has been studying, performing and teaching music most of her life. She's always loved music and has taught in various international schools in Spain. She studied singing in Madrid at a prestigious jazz academy and became a vocal coach in 1995.  

  • Sharon studied naturopathy and has always been fascinated by the plethora of natural, holistic ways to support the body. She is passionate about the body's own healing abilities and how it can support us to express powerfully.
  • Sharon trained with Animas Coaching and qualified in Transformational Life Coaching, an ICF accredited diploma. She has experience in performance, wellness and confidence coaching and has been a vocal and performance coach for over 20 years. She is a self-care enthusiast and uses her musical and singing skills to support others to free their natural expression for creative, confident and successful living.

  • Sharon is a HR consultant and was company director of a business consultancy and support company called Global FDI Ltd before changing her life and moving to Spain where she now coaches on hiking trails through the beautiful mountainous region of The Sierra de Aracena in Huelva. 

Hi, I'm Sharon Wright from Gorgeous Hearts. I'm delighted to support you as you face menopause to feel like you again!"

A song from Sharon 'The Rain' 


Who I work with

Gorgeous hearts is named after all of the Gorgeous Souls out there - yes you!!  Individual behaviours may not be so gorgeous, but these are not really the essence of a person, they are adopted or chosen depending on different circumstances such as upbringing, family, education, culture or religion etc. Genes have something to do with this too, but nurture sure beats nature when it comes to expressing more confidently, authentically and lovingly - we do have a choice. I choose to see the soul in every single individual - that is the expression that is true and this is who I meet, hear and communicate with.

I offer support to those who recognise that there is more than what we see on the surface.  We repeat our own version of 'Groundhog Day'  until we get inspired to dig a little deeper and that openness and willingness to discover more and evolve is essential for working with me. I support you to embrace your whole self and live in a balanced way that feels harmonious and powerful so you express in your fullness and the world gets all of you! 

I feel that it is important to explore and identify the cause and not the symptom, so I'm interested in what can be released or discarded and then focus on what is serving you to evolve. Qualities such as self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-acceptance naturally unfold in this way. As I said before, consistency is key here, and there are specific strategies to support you in your everyday routine, such as reconnecting to your body and bringing the mind into alignment with your intention, increasing self-awareness through meditative vocal connection, digging deep with confidence coaching and then, the big one, actually living it! 

My experience as a vocal/performance coach as well as a confidence and holistic wellness coach create the foundation of this bespoke support. We will continuously raise the bar of how wellness is measured to include vitality, focus, success, health and confident expression. 

I work with women in all types of work from employees, senior management and leaders, to entrepreneurs, performers, speakers and presenters. the connecting thread is that you are so brilliant at what you do, and yet you feel unheard and undervalued. 

who am I and what inspired me to create connect & Express?

I know what a lack of confidence feels like - the anxiety that begins like the sound of the fridge humming in the background (you only notice when it abruptly stops and there is a palpable silence.) and it suddenly arise in a cacophony of head noise that drowns out rational thought. 

Lack of confidence can also affect women at certain times of the month or during perimenopause and forms part of an overall feeling of frustration, invisibility, and overwhelm. We get used to this and think that we are only unwell when we have a specific illness, however, our expression is lacking our usual vitality - oh yeah and what about joy? But anxiety is not the cause - it is a symptom of not prioritizing self-care and embracing self-love. Yes, true wellness includes self-care and self-love as a living expression that encompasses all that we do. 

How will this transform how you express?

Expression begins with an energy, even before a thought or intention has formed. Not all energy is the same so a good question is which energy is creating the anxiety? Thoughts and intentions manifest into actions - what actions are the result of anxiety? What actions will result from an expression that is self-caring and self loving? Close your eyes and imagine how that expression may affect your life and those around you.

My story

My daughter suffers anxiety - the red alert kind that causes panic attacks. She has suffered greatly, especially during her early teens. However, one thing has always helped her - singing. She's far too anxious to sing in front of anyone, but she sings by herself and it really helps her to manage her anxiety. Today she accepts that anxiety is going to a part of her life, but she manages it much better and this gives her more confidence that I see growing each time I see her. This is what inspired me to be a coach and why I'm an anxiety slayer! 🤣 but let's not digress - back to the voice and singing because there's more.....

During all my years of singing and performing, I have realised that the intention behind what you sing makes a huge difference to how you feel. This goes back to energy and vibrations.  An intention to heal for example, doesn’t have the same vibration as an intention to harm and yet we are less than discerning about the vibrations that are continually passing through our bodies when we speak and when we listen. Just like food can have different vibrations depending on where it is grown, produced, packaged and sold, the music we listen to can vary and is influenced by the artist, the producers and intention behind it all. This is why using your voice carries a certain responsibility. When other people speak to you there is a choice to observe how this feels rather than absorb the energy/vibration that comes from their intention. 

I began presenting this in my singing classes and I noticed how much it helped these performers to feel more confident and responsible about the intention behind their delivery. Rather than concentrating on becoming a better performer, we concentrated on connecting to the true powerful voice within, using the whole body instrument in a harmonious expression. This is a bit like a tennis coach getting the player to look at the spin on the ball rather than just watching the ball, it places the focus on something that isn't directly relating to your performance. For myself, I completely cured my performance anxiety this way. I have a responsibility to sing and perform with love so that the people listening get that and not my self-doubt.

Some of my students found it easier to let go of their performance anxiety and get into the flow much more easily and others felt that letting go of 'controlling' their voice allowed them to sing much better by releasing tension in the body.  All of them felt more confident about their voices at the end of a session.

But this is not about singers and singing - it's relevant to everyone who uses their voice. We all have to express in our lives, whether that expression is how we organise our homes, present and influence at work or how we create our own businesses. Gorgeous Hearts Connect and Express supports you to be free of the anxiety that thwarts your true expression so that you can connect with who you are and feel confident at whatever you do.

“Evolving as a person isn't so much a case of developing oneself, but rather an alignment to the energy of love that already resides within you. You are magnificent just by being you!  So start believing it and all else will follow.  Discard all that stops your expression from being the love you are.  Self-doubt, lack of self-worth and self-judgement are not you - they are choices that identify you"

My soul to yours

singing to heal


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