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There is a place within you where anxiety cannot exist, your creativity is spontaneous and your expression is love - Your Gorgeous Heart! 

Well-being, self-esteem, abundance, meaningful relationships and a fulfilling sense of purpose don't have to be some unobtainable dream. Ask yourself this, are you courageous enough to explore the depths of your own being and appreciate how miraculous, creative, beautiful and powerful you really are? Are you ready to express with unconditional love and to appreciate what you bring to the world? 

If the answer is YES! or even a maybe, read on and discover what Gorgeous Hearts is all about....

What's stopping you from Living a Life That Is Joyful and Purposeful?

Our individual narratives are dangerous - they have the power to define you, and if that narrative runs along the lines of; not good enough, not deserving, there's no point, too old, too young, fat, weak, etc. you can imagine, or maybe you are already witnessing, the consequences and the anxiety it causes. Anxiety can easily become our 'normal' way of living as well as negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, worries about the future, fear, attempts to control and a body in contraction - the antithesis of joy, confidence, serenity and expansion.

What is anxiety and how does it affect you?

Anxiety can be a dark shadow that follows you around, wrapping itself around you in the most unexpected situations and leaving you feeling like a cardboard cut out of yourself.  No wonder we seek instant relief in the form of unhealthy comfort food, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes etc. and no wonder obesity related disease is so prevalent.  But aside from how it negatively affects your health, it also impacts your relationships, work and the way you express. 

Anxiety can also be an occasional visitor that pounds at the door of your solar plexus when a particular situation arises.  You feel that you don't have the answers, the skill, the knowledge or the talent to deal with what life is presenting you with. 

Anxious feelings can escalate quickly and get out of control, so Gorgeous Hearts supports you to deal with it early on.  Examples of ways that support you to be prepared and to not react to what life is presenting you with are:

  • A self-nurturing routine.  This can be anything from a healthier diet to a tidy living space or gentle exercise routine - there are many ways that you can do this, but the important thing is routine and consistency.
  • Practicing something that helps you to be present and to move and express in a different quality. This may sound a little odd, but body awareness, meditation, vocal connection along with an intention that originates from, and supports self-love, will change the energy of your expression.

Gorgeous Hearts supports you to with this and offers effective strategies to enable you to feel more confident, present and empowered to manage your anxiety in whatever area of your life it is affecting.  

Your soul is waiting! It holds you in unconditional and uncompromising love that you can connect with and express from.

Your true beauty is within. You may sense it's depths, but are you true to it? Observing what blocks your creativity and letting go of what doesn't belong to love, will all be part of discovering your true expression. Be inspired to take opportunities, be of service and discover your purpose. 

Self-care shouldn't feel like a discipline. If it does, it will always feel like an uphill struggle. True self-care is natural when you deepen the relationship with yourself, making it easy and spontaneous. Re-connect to your inner-heart and fall in love with the unique and beautiful light you are.

To be truly free of the impositions that result from your own limiting beliefs, you need to know yourself intimately. Observation and honesty lead to a process of discarding expectations, attachments, control and fear that hold you back from expressing in your power.   

Sharon Wright Life Coach and Vocal Coach

"I would love to support you to be confident, express joyfully and with purpose and to reconnect to your true beauty. That’s what Gorgeous Hearts is all about!"

  • Sharon has been studying, performing and teaching music most of her life. She's always loved music and has taught in various international schools in Spain. She studied singing in Madrid at a prestigious jazz academy and became a vocal coach in 1995.

  • Sharon is a naturopath and has always been fascinated by the plethora of natural, holistic ways to support the body. She later studied Sacred Esoteric Healing and is a member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association. "The body can heal if it is supported to do so."
  • Sharon trained with Animas Coaching and qualified in Transformational Life Coaching, an ICF accredited diploma. She has experience in business, wellness and confidence coaching and has been a vocal coach for 15 years. She is a self-care enthusiast and uses her musical and singing skills to support others to free their natural expression for creative, confident and successful living.

Hi, I'm Sharon Wright from Gorgeous Hearts. I'm delighted to support you as you face menopause to feel like you again!"

A song from Sharon 'The Rain' 


What is Gorgeous Hearts all about?

Gorgeous hearts is named after all of the Gorgeous Souls out there - yes you!!  Individual behaviours may not be so gorgeous, but these are not really the essence of a person, they are adopted or chosen and mainly dependent upon circumstances such as upbringing, family, education, culture or religion etc. You may think that genes have something to do with this too, but nurture sure beats nature when it comes to expressing more lovingly - we do have a choice. The soul in every single individual is the expression that is true and who we can choose to meet within ourselves and every one else.

I offer support to those who recognise that there is more than what we see on the surface. More than what society leads us to believe there is.  We repeat our own flavour of 'Groundhog Day' with all of the ups and downs that it entails, but if we dig a little deeper, we can find a universe that is eternal and full of love. Gorgeous Hearts endeavours to support you to embrace your whole self and live in a way that is harmonious. 

We can accept that anxiety exists, but not the choice to react to it or the behaviours that arise from it. We explore and identify what needs to be released - all that is not expressing with love, and focus on what is serving your true expression and evolving living way. Qualities such as self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-mastery naturally unfold when you practice self-care consistently.  The consistency is key here, and there are specific strategies to support that in every day life, one of which is the vocal embodiment work, meditation, conscious presence and connective rhythms.  These are particularly effective for re-connecting to the body and the space that it provides whilst getting out of the mental energy that keeps churning up the limiting beliefs that cause you to react negatively. 

My experience and skills in music, vocal and holistic wellness coaching come together in a program called 'Connect & Express.'  I am passionate about supporting people to reduce anxiety naturally by reconnecting to their own inner wisdom, intuition and truth. It's a whole new way of expressing that comes from the harmony and abundance of love within you.  I work with teens, men, women, singers, public speakers, women in menopause and just about anyone who this resonates with.

What does anxiety have to do with expression and how does the voice support this?

I’m 52 years old as I write this and like most people, I know how anxiety feels and how it can completely wreck relationships, health and opportunities that life presents us with.  I often feel a low hum of anxiety that is palpable when I slow down and observe my rhythm. Considering that expression is our communication with the outside world, if anxiety is felt, it will taint all areas of your life, beginning with your thought right through to actions.  Could it be that choosing to connect to a part of you that feels no anxiety, will affect your expression and therefore everything else in your life? I believe so - but it must begin with the energy that creates the expression.......

I have a daughter who suffers anxiety disorder and panic attacks, and we have witnessed the devastating effects that it can cause.

She has suffered greatly, especially during her early teens. However, one thing has always helped her - singing.  She sings all the time and it really helps her to release that anxiety. Singing has some amazing health benefits all by itself, however, it doesn’t end there, otherwise we could all go to our bedrooms or showers and belt out our angst. Of course, this helps tremendously, but there is more.....

Back to the energy behind expression - not all music, and not all expression is the same because not all energy is the same.  Energy takes different forms depending on a because, or an intention if you like.  An intention to heal doesn’t have the same vibration as an intention to harm and yet we are less than discerning about the vibrations that are continually passing through our bodies. Different foods have different vibrations depending on where it is grown, produced, packaged and sold. Music varies and is influenced by the artist, the producers etc. Using your own voice therefore is an excellent way to be assured that you are receiving the intention of healing and love that you choose as long as you are connecting to and trusting the love within you. 

When I started to use this in my singing classes, I received some amazing results.  Performers were able to let go of their performance anxiety and get into the flow much more easily, however, the best results were with total beginners who hadn’t learned about controlling the voice yet. They were able to let go and not tense any muscles in the singing channel (from breathing to throat, larynx, tongue and jaw)

So, I began witnessing the success of this simple combination of wellness coaching and vocal coaching which was helping my clients to let go of the tension surrounding their expression and be more 'in the zone' when performing. I then began using the vocal coaching on my life coaching clients which helped them to connect to their bodies and feel their true essence - a great foundation for observation and expansion.

“Evolving isn't self-development or personal growth. You don't have to work on yourself do anything, nor try. You already are amazing - just by being you!  You need to believe it and then you will realise your grandness. Reconnect to that person and ditch all that stops your expression.  Self-doubt, lack of self-worth and self-judgement is not who you are - you just choose to express them"

Sharon Wright

singing to heal


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