About Gorgeous Hearts 

Ideally we express truthfully what we feel, share with others without judgement or conditions, stand up and respond without fear of ridicule. 

Ideally we feel confident about ourselves, appreciate our worth and claim our space. 

Ideally we also feel free to express who we really are without feeling the need to be in control, prove something or give our power away. We are aware that self-doubt sabotages our expression and keeps us expressing a smaller version of ourselves.

In an ideal world we are heard and our expression is authentic and powerful.  

What gap is there between your reality and the ideals? Is the above something that you aspire to and yet the reality looks quite different?  

If your expression is held back due to a lack of confidence, self-doubt or feeling undervalued by yourself and others, you may feel frustrated that your voice is not being heard, you are constantly getting overshadowed by more dominant personalities and your boundaries are looking like voile curtains!

The result is different for every individual, and yet there is common ground in that there are missed opportunities, resentment, comparison and a lack of self-esteem that keeps you in a cycle that constantly confirms that you are not heard - and yet you have so much to contribute! You are creative, you have ideas, you work hard and you're a good listener - what is the world missing out on?

A confident, creative and free expression, a voice that influences with wisdom and power and a fulfilling sense of purpose can be your default - you have the power to make that real and I would like to support you to do just that!

But first ask yourself; are you courageous enough to explore the depths of your inner being and appreciate how miraculous, creative, magnificent and powerful you really are? Are you ready to discover your expression and the innate wisdom that is within you and ready for you to reconnect to it? Are you intrigued about what your own voice can be capable of? Can you appreciate who you are and what you are able to contribute to the world around you? 

If the answer is YES! or even a maybe, why not try it out? Click the button below and get a free session so that you can discover more....

How can Connect & Express help? 

Does your inner voice repeat phrases such as: "I'm not good enough, I'll never get it, I'm going to look stupid in front of everybody!" Well - you are not alone!

I'm not going to lie and say it's easy to fix this problem or that there's a magic formula to miraculously give you confidence (you may have tried a few things already and realised that quick fixes don't last very long.) But what I will say is that it is simple! 

It's about reconnecting to the whole of you (body, mind, spirit and soul) and expressing from the energy of love therein and you can do that by observing honestly, courageously nominating what games are played in your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) and choosing to be aware and connected to your body through working on a very deep level with your voice.

What is involved?

Connect & Express is a way to address the core of the problem and deal with your anxiety.  

Perhaps anxiety is an occasional visitor pounding at the door of your solar plexus when you're just about to speak, present something at work or sing to an audience, or perhaps it is a constant shadow that affects your relationships, the result is the same - a shaky voice, a beating heart, a feeling that you want the earth to open up right there and swallow you whole - I know that feeling only too well!

I support you with Transformational Life Coaching and Somatic Vocal Awareness that empowers you to reconnect to that which you already know. Rather than developing yourself, you are discovering what you already are, or more correctly stated, a return to that which you already know.

Observing, identifying, discovering your natural voice, feeling confident to use it and beginning to trust that you have always had the skills to respond to the challenges that life presents free's your natural powerful expression. That is what the Connect & Express programme supports you with. 

  • Reconnecting with your body with somatic vocal training, helps you to be more self-loving.  Self-love inspires self-care and that is true the other way around too! So, all that honours your body such as a healthy diet, healthy sleeping habits, preparation and order, a tidy living space and gentle exercise routine, are part of how you can support your body to be more confident.
  • Self-awareness and conscious presence (mind and body alignment) enable you to realise a certain quality or essence that can be expressed. Meditation and reconnecting to your voice on a very profound level, helps you to deepen your relationship with yourself to one that is trusting and that inspires confidence.
From Anxiety to Harmony

"I would love to support you to realise your confident self, to express joyfully and purposefully and to reconnect to your true beauty & wisdom. That’s what Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express is all about!"

  • Sharon has been a music and singing teacher for most of her life. She has now adopted a more holistic approach to teaching, feeling that the true purpose of music as a vibration, is to reconnect to the healing energy impulsed from within every one of us. 

  • Sharon is passionate about self-care. She studied naturopathy and has always been fascinated by the plethora of natural, holistic ways to support the body and how food can heal or harm. She is trusting of the body's own healing abilities and how it can support us to express powerfully.
  • Sharon trained with Animas Coaching and qualified in Transformational Life Coaching, an ICF accredited diploma. She has experience in performance, wellness and confidence coaching.

  • Sharon is a HR consultant and has coached managers and staff to realise confidence and holistic wellness in the workplace. She recently moved to Spain where she now coaches online and also offers 'Honour Your Body Instrument' nurturing retreats in the beautiful mountainous region of The Sierra de Aracena in Huelva. 

Hi, I'm Sharon Wright from Gorgeous Hearts. I'm delighted to support you as you face menopause to feel like you again!"

A song from Sharon 'The Rain' 


Who do I work with and who works with me?

I work mainly, but not exclusively, with professional women in all types of work from employees, senior management and leaders, to entrepreneurs, performers, speakers and presenters. the connecting thread is that you are great at what you do, but you have trouble believing it and you can feel unheard and undervalued. 

Many of us repeat our own version of 'Groundhog Day' until perhaps something inspires us to look a little deeper. The repetitious nature of cycles brilliantly and miraculously enables us to fall down the same holes until we get it - that's when we decide to make a change  - to transcend the old cycle and begin a new one. This is evolution!

An openness and willingness to discover more about what, and subsequently, who you are, is an essential quality to possess and a requirement when working with me. I support you to embrace your whole self and live in a balanced way that feels harmonious and powerful, so you can express in your fullness and the world gets all of you! 

I feel that it is important to explore and identify the causes and not the symptoms. For this reason I'm interested in honest observation and a committed and courageous surrender to a far greater intelligence and creativity that resides within us all. There is a process of exploring and identifying what is serving you to evolve and a letting go of what definitely isn't. Qualities such as self-confidence, self-esteem, or self-acceptance naturally unfold in this way. Consistency is the key to success with any learning and as you increase self-awareness, because as you become aware of one thing, another door of awareness opens up and leads you deeper and deeper towards your truth - so it's important to not be scared off by any apparent hurdles.

We look at specific strategies to support you in your everyday routine, such as reconnecting to your body and bringing the mind into alignment, increasing self-awareness through meditative reconnection to your voice and body, digging deep with confidence coaching and then, the big one, actually taking that expression out into your world!

And who likes to work with me?

Those who want to raise the bar of how true wellness, in all areas of life, is measured, so that it includes vitality, focus, success, health and a confident expression in life. 

My vast experience as a vocal and performance coach as well as a life coach form the foundation of how I support you.

 - I know what it's like to stand in front of a crowded place, rehearsed and ready, only to have self-doubt rise up within me like the grim reaper! 😩

 - I have fallen for the games such as competing and manipulating to get my ideas heard 😟

 - I know the voice - the voice that tries too hard and becomes exhausted and fearful - the voice that comes from the head and has no connection to the rest of the body!

Not anymore. During all these years, I've come to trust my voice as a tool to express from my whole body and it works like a slick extraordinary biological machine. It's an ally and it can help you to reconnect to your confident self. The confident self that feels joyous, humorous, creative and playful when you are with somebody who never judges and allows you to be you.


What inspired me to create Connect & Express?

A lack of confidence make everybody feel anxious. Anxiety can be a low hum like the sound of a fridge that you only notice when it abruptly stops and there is a palpable silence, but it can swiftly escalate into a cacophony of head noise that drowns out rational thought telling you that you're out of your depth, that you can never compete with your male colleagues or that your ideas will be laughed at or questioned beyond your capacity to reply articulately. 

This can worsen at certain times of the month or during perimenopause, causing frustration, a sense of being unheard or invisible, self-bashing and withdrawal from the otherwise joyful expression that we could be appreciating.

But I'm not talking about a cause, these are all symptoms.

The real cause is not claiming yourself as the amazing woman you really are, nor embracing the love that you could be connecting to. 

Before expression there is energy (as we know, everything is energy) Not all energy produces the same expression, so an interesting question to ask is, 'which energy creates anxiety?'

Energy precedes thoughts and intention that then manifest into actions, so another question to ask is, 'What energy are you aligning to that then manifests as anxious thoughts, frustration or resentment?

Where can we access and align to the energy that manifests in a self-caring self-loving, confident expression? Close your eyes and imagine how that expression might affect your life and those around you.

The answer within you is waiting (yes I know that it sounds a bit Yodarish but it's a playful path to take and it's true)

My Inspiration

My daughter suffers anxiety and panic attacks.  She is very expressive, creative and talented and yet she is horrified by the thought of going into a room where people have already taken their seats. She may never speak publicly and always fear talking to a stranger, but singing has always helped her to feel joyful.  She accepts that anxiety is going to be a part of her life and in a way that helps her to manage it. 

I've witnessed some horrifying consequences of this anxiety that I wouldn't wish on any parent, but with patience and support I've seen her grow from a self-harming teenager into a sensitive and empathetic young woman who feels the fear, but bravely embraces herself more and more. This is what inspired me to be a coach and why I'm an anxiety slayer! 🤣 but let's not digress - back to the voice and singing because that's the real point of this story.....

During all my years of singing and performing, I have realised that the intention behind what you sing makes a huge difference to how you feel. This goes back to energy and vibration.  An intention to heal for example, doesn’t have the same vibration as an intention to harm and yet we are less than discerning about the vibrations that are continually passing through our bodies when we speak and when we listen. Just like food can have different vibrations depending on where it is grown, produced, packaged and sold, the music we listen to can vary and is influenced by the artist, the producers and intention behind it all. This is why using your voice carries a certain responsibility. When other people speak to you there is a choice to observe how this feels rather than absorb the energy/vibration that comes from their intention. 

I began presenting this in my singing classes and I noticed how much it helped my students to feel more confident and responsible about the intention behind their delivery. Rather than concentrating on becoming a better performer, we concentrated on connecting to the true powerful voice within, connecting to the whole body instrument and feeling the harmony of voice, body and mind as one expression.

As for my own performance, well, better late than never, it got rid of my performance anxiety. I feel more purpose and a responsibility to sing and perform with love so that the people listening get that rather than self-doubt.

Some of my students found it easier to let go of their performance anxiety and get into the flow much more easily while others felt that letting go of 'controlling' their voice allowed them to sing much better by releasing tension in the body.  All of them felt more confident about their voices. So I began working with people who weren't necessarily interested in being a singer and realised how incredibly healing it is for anyone who lacks confidence.

We all express in so many individual ways, whether it's how we speak, move, love, organise, create, present, perform, inspire and influence, in our relationships, at home or at work, what is that expression and how can you claim it in everything you do?  Gorgeous Hearts Connect and Express supports you to discover that true, authentic and powerful expression and be free of the anxiety that holds you back. Recconnect with who you are and feel the confidence that your beautiful and unique self can express!

“Evolving as a person isn't so much a case of developing oneself, but rather an alignment to the energy of love that already resides within you. You are magnificent just by being you!  So start believing it and all else will follow.  Discard all that stops your expression from being the love you are.  Self-doubt, lack of self-worth and self-judgement are not you - they are choices that identify you"

My soul to yours

singing to heal


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