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Singing Techniques for Inner Connection

Singing techniques for inner connection is the most practical page on the site. Here you can find several videos and audios to support you with Connect & Express coaching and programs. If you are just visiting I invite you to try out the videos and to keep a journal on how the exercises feel in the body, during and after the exercises. You can use this for future reference when advancing to future exercises.  

Singing Techniques - Videos lessons 


These singing techniques are not to teach you to sing, to be a better performer or necessarily to acquire better vocal technique, they are specific to the Connect & Express program which supports you to connect to the energy impulsed from your soul and express from there.  Tuning into your body and choosing a quality of gentleness that your voice can express feels liberating and empowering as well as joyful. Feel how your whole body instrument vibrates to the one song of love that is the vibration of the whole universe. Surrender to this purpose as you practice the exercises and feel the deep healing that it brings.

This singing technique is called 'The Siren.' Feel how the sound can begin in your feet and the vibrations can be felt throughout the body....

'Call & Response' 

You will hear a phrase followed by a four beat bar and then a space for you to replicate the phrase. Bring your consciousness into your body and feel how your voice flows gently and evenly in your phrases. You don't need to concentrate on breath or any other singing technique, just focus on bringing your voice from your whole body and surrendering to the process. 

This is a live Call and Response exercise that is a little more difficult over a harmonic minor scale.


Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Facebook group invites you to join in with some great vocal connection exercises, meditations and connective rhythmic exercises. All have the specific purpose of supporting you to connect to the harmony and joy of your true, natural expression. The voice from your soul vibrates with love and allows love to flow in your expression - all you need to do is choose to connect!

What thwarts your expression

Your Healthy Voice & You

Your healthy voice and you will look at the health benefits of using your own voice as a healing tool.  Our expression is everything, but watch out - that means your voice has the power to harm too.  Read on to learn how to discern the energetic quality of your voice and  the power it has to heal...... 

Your healthy voice and you - how can it improve your well-being holistically? 

What thwarts your expression

Singing is a very healthy activity Look at all of these health benefits:

  • Singing lowers your levels of stress and anxiety and increases your sense of joy. The release of endorphins when you sing, make you feel great! In fact singing is a natural anti-depressant.
  • Singing improves your posture and reduces muscle tension - if you practice correctly.
  • Singing improves your circulation when you breathe correctly.  It increases aerobic capacity and stamina as more oxygen reaches the brain.
  • Singing has been shown to strengthen the immune system and improve mental alertness.  The Alzheimer Society have a singing for the brain service for dementia and Alzheimer sufferers
But there's more.....

The voice expresses all of who we are and how we are living.  It can carry different aromas, some light and floral, others heavy and obnoxious.  Are we able to change that aroma? The way we live has a certain energetic quality that will definitely be part of our expression.  This is why your healthy voice and you are intrinsic to each other - your voice is you - what quality are you expressing?

The voice produces vibrations that affect us and everyone else - they have the power to heal or to harm.  Maybe we would do well to be more discerning about how we use our voices, but lets begin by looking at why we sing and how singing can heal not only our own bodies, but those who listen to us as well.

Why do we sing?

Does singing have a purpose? It seems that humanity has been singing and creating music for a very long time.  The invention of musical instruments is thought to be relatively recent (around 40,000 years ago) but music has been around longer. It is now known that 530,000 years ago, the full vocal range was available to humans due to the discovery of the hyoid, a small bone in our neck that changed shape when our voice box moved further down allowing us to speak and sing.  This means that earlier species of man, including neanderthals, had the potential to sing.

singing may have developed in monogamous species

The why of singing is something that is debatable.  It was theorized by Thomas Geissmann at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, that the development of singing had something to do with the evolution of monogamy as only monogamous species have developed the skill, however, it is also thought to have evolved with language.  Singing and music communicates different emotions and is thought to have evolved as a way to express those emotions. 

As a vocal coach, I'm always interested in the various reasons that people give as to why they would like to learn how to sing correctly.  From improving their confidence to controlling their voices and being able to sing professionally, all seem to have an underlying purpose - to perform.

We are often judged on our abilities, our appearance, our talents etc. and the idea of being accomplished in something gives us a way of standing out from the crowd.  We live in a society that praises winners and makes fools out of so called losers.  Those born with a natural musical talent can spend their lives trying to be the best at what they do, sometimes at the expense of their own joy.  Singing competitions are on the TV every Saturday evening. It seems that there is a bottomless pit of talented people who go in search of their dream. Great for the lucky one - but many don't make it and face rejection - turned away because there is only one winner.  Of course this happens in other professions too, but the glamour surrounding the music industry seems to be taking us away from the true purpose of this beautiful expression.

Could we consider another purpose to singing?

Rather than looking at singing in a competitive way, we could go back to how it actually makes us feel. Rather than celebrating talent, we could celebrate expression and make it all about love. Rather than getting it right and controlling the voice, we could deepen our connection to our whole body instrument and use our voices to align our expression to the vibration of our soul.  

When I was young I loved to sing to a little robbin that visited our garden. It made me feel happy and it was an expression of love towards that bird and how I lived. It seemed to just emerge from me like a bubble of joy Just like skipping in the sunshine on a spring afternoon after school or lying down and rolling in the grass - it was joyful for now reason. There was no control, no trying to get it right or wondering if I was a good singer. That way of singing is freeing and healing.

Your healthy voice and you - The joy of singing

I love to sing from my whole body and to feel the vibrations from the different parts of it.  The only way to be aware of those vibrations is to increase body awareness, to relax and surrender the muscles of your body and communicate with the involuntary muscles where the sound is vibrating. You get a sense that the vibrations are communicating to the different organs and energy centres of your body.  

Bringing a new energetic quality into your voice by re-connecting to your soul is only  a choice away.  All it takes is to be consciously present in your body and for your mind to be at it's command rather than the other way around. Then you can choose to sing with the energy that this communicates.  You will feel a new gentleness in your voice, but not a lack of power. If this becomes your default expression, it will change the way you use your voice, not only for singing, but when speaking to people. It will bring healing to you and to all who listen. Your expression will feel more confident and you won't be lost for words!

  • Feel your body in harmony with your voice and perceive the vibrations as you sing. The more awareness you have of the vibrations, the more joy you feel and the deeper the healing
  • Be honest about your needs.  If you want to be a successful performer or develop your ability to sing or speak, that's great. Be aware of how you can choose to express authentically without giving your power away to the competitive energy that can dominate.
  • Make it all about energy first. How you use your voice and the quality that you express in, will make a huge difference to your well-being. Work on the relationship with yourself, re-connect to your body and express from there.  This will be freeing your natural voice from all the programming that is attached to expression, such as what you and other people expect, your own limiting beliefs and ideals and all that has thwarted your expression in the past. 

Enjoy the beauty of your true voice & authentic expression and reduce anxiety naturally

Connect & Express is a way of singing that is all about healing and connecting to your whole body instrument for a harmonious, soulful expression.  You will be encouraged to explore many aspects of your expression, increase awareness through specific meditative exercises that access your voice from deeper within your body. Build confidence, find the power and love of your own voice and express joyfully with musical exercises and bespoke affirming songs that support you to let go of anxiety and to access your innate wisdom. 

Is Singing Really Good For You?

Is Singing Really Good For You?

I think I can safely say that most people enjoy singing.  It is as natural to us as breathing, in fact children tend to sing before they can even speak, so music is an innate part of the human experience.  Let's face it, if we do something that makes us feel good, it has an effect on our physical and mental well-being and consequently, emanates into all areas of our life. So let's explore more about this phenomenon of singing and look at how it can be beneficial for your health and well-being.  

The joyful benefits of singing - Gorgeous Hearts

Rather than listening to the critical voice of your own mind that compares, judges and seeks to destroy your confidence, or echoes from comments made by parents or teachers who may have made you feel small or fearful to express, appreciate that there is a good reason to open your mouth and sing!  Your voice is as unique as your fingerprints and it's an integral part of who you are. Make singing all about that authentic, joyful expression and it will be the most healing activity you can do for free.

What's the science behind singing, and does it support the supposed benefits of singing?

Professor Graham Welch is the Chair of Music Education at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London.  He has studied the medical and developmental benefits that singing has on a varied cross section of ages.  He has this to say, “Singing with other people brings a wide range of benefits, especially physical, psychological, including emotional, and social.” Welch, G. (2015)

He mentions that the posture adopted in singing i.e straight back and expanded chest, is beneficial, that exercising the vocal chords keeps our voices sounding young, even when we get older, helping us to feel and sound younger.  He also says that singing helps us to feel happier because of the release of endorphins when we sing. This all contributes to helping to take our minds off the day to day stresses of life. He adds that there is an improvement in circulation providing more oxygen to cells thus helping to boost our immune system and, in that vein, (pardon the pun) he suggests that it is a good exercise for the elderly and disabled as it provides aerobic exercise. (read more here)

Researchers at the Institute of Musical Education at Frankfurt University investigated the effect of singing on the immune system by testing the blood of singers who belonged to a professional choir before and after singing a 60 minute rendition of Mozart´s Requiem.  The results showed that there was an increase in immunoglobin A, which are proteins that function as antibodies found in the blood stream, and hydrocortisone, a hormone that helps to combat stress. (read more here)

Researchers at Manchester University have been studying the response of a tiny organ that is found in the inner ear called the sacculus.  The sacculus responds to the sound frequencies of music and is connected to the part of our brain that registers pleasure.  It only responds to low frequency, high intensity sounds such as the sounds produced when singing and responds almost immediately by giving the singer an immediate feeling of pleasure (as long as there are not critics in the room)

Fire of the soul

But could there be something else? Something that underlies the physical or mental benefits that singing delivers? Could we go further down the rabbit hole and look at the energy behind singing? Could singing heal on a deeper level where vibrations sing one harmonious song to each cell of your body? 

I believe that the answer to these questions is a resounding yes! I believe that when singing comes from the heart, each note vibrates with the same quality, however, that quality must be known and felt. Singing without connection is just like speaking without connection, it will vary upon the emotions that are passing through the body at that time. They may anger, excite, sadden, calm or make joyful - just like any expression. Singing from the heart is not emotional, it is a connection that you make with your body and the stillness and beauty that resides within you. That is quality that heals , and if you sing from there it feels very healing.  The Ancient Egyptians supposedly used these techniques to cure and you can discover more about that on the Netflix series 'The Pyramid Code' 

The Healthy Techniques That Make Singing a Joy

 Correct posture and a good breathing technique, that is not dependent on tensing muscles, helps you to feel confident when using your voice. Learning lyrics, especially those that are affirming and supportive can help you to focus and feel purposeful.

So you can see that singing is beneficial in many ways and has a positive effect on physical, mental and spiritual health.  It is also a great practice to connect more deeply with yourself and with others.

Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Supports You to Discover Your Natural Voice

Singing can become a daily practice that brings harmony to your body. Your voice vibrates with the quality of your essence when you reconnect to your inner heart centre and you become one whole body instrument. The internal orchestra of your circulatory and lymphatic system, your organs, cells, molecules etc. all vibrate sympathetically which is why it is so beautiful to embody your voice and be focuse and self-aware. Discover more and join the Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Facebook Group - there are weekly lessons that you will love to tune into!