Coaching 4 Confidence 

Self-confidence arises naturally from the fearless discovery of your powerful expression

Confidence Coaching

You are amazing so let's start from that foundation! 

But are you having trouble believing it?

If you were in a romantic relationship with yourself, what would it look like? Would it be one that reflects equality, compassion, support and tenderness or one that lacks trust and respect? It could be time to break free of an abusive relationship with yourself and that will lead to a confident expression... 

One to one coaching retreat in the beautiful Aracena Hills, Western Andalusia 

Imagine a three hour break-through coaching session whilst hiking along old mule tracks through cork oaks, holm oaks and chestnut trees, reaching a destination, both physically and mentally and then returning and consolidating your strategy, resolve and commitment after enjoying tapas and refreshments in any one of the beautiful white mountain villages of the 'Sierra of Aracena.' 

The stunning mule track hikes in Aracena - Gorgeous Hearts
Gorgeous Hearts Retreats in Aracena - accomodation

Imagine returning to a rustic mountain village house where you will enjoy true wellness modalities including somatic voice and rhythmic awareness, Esoteric Healing, vegan food and meditation to nurture your true essence and let go of anxiety. Don't imagine it any further - click below and find out how you can enjoy a wellness coaching retreat with Gorgeous Hearts

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