Empowered Expression Coaching

Empower your expression and take your business to the next level!

What is Empowered Expression Coaching?

Are your thoughts and intentions empowering your expression in business or are they sabotaging it? You are the expression of your business so what is that expression?

  • Do you feel that there is something holding you back and keeping you stuck and shtum? 
  • Does your sensitivity stop you from expressing confidently and authentically in a sales call?
  • Do you have trouble expressing your creativity into tangible business results?
  • Are you going around in circles wondering what to do next and not getting the clients you need to make your business profitable?
  • Are you worried about what to say to attract the right client, of who that client really is and what they need?
  • Are you worried about FB live's and podcasts but you'd love to be able to express articulately and get your message across? 


Empowered Expression Coaching helps you to discover a new dimension to your consciousness that uncovers a confident, authentic and expansive version of you. Your expression is who you are, and that's what your business is all about. If you're expression is held back in any area, so is your business. It's time to start trusting, organising and communicating your unique voice in a very dense market place - and no, it's not about shouting, it's about energetic attraction.

Ever wondered how coaching works & how it can support you to succeed?

Here are some descriptions of what coaching is and the amazing benefits that it can have for you and your business.


Coaching is non directive. That means that a coach will not tell you what to do because she trusts that you have the solutions within you. The solutions that are within you are the ones that you can trust because they are from you - they are your expression. Other people may offer solutions that work for you too, but when your own awareness isn't at the same level as the advice you receive, there is a mismatch that usually leads to no action being taken. This is rather like reading a self-help book and two weeks later you've completely forgotten about it - you may pick up the book a couple of years later and it all makes sense - that's because you are ready to receive that information. The opposite is also true - advice can fall short with regards to your own creative flow and possibilities. Coaching provides a safe space where curiosity can flourish and true understanding has the freedom to create new solutions.


Coaching encourages you and holds you accountable.  After exploring and identifying new perspectives, there is a very important step to take, the one that leads to action! But even more important is the commitment and consistency of your movements that create a new pattern or cycle that catapults you up and out of the existing repetitive one that was originally holding you back.  This is where coaching comes into it's own. Unlike therapy, coaching is all about the present and the future and has an arsenal of tools and strategies to help you keep to your unique path to success, whatever your goal may be. 


A coaching session is like a massage, you don't know how good it feels and how beneficial it is until you have a session. Coaching is definitely one of those subjects that raises eyebrows, and draws invisible question marks above peoples heads! However, I've yet to meet anybody who hasn't only enjoyed a session, but who has also learned a great deal about themselves during one.  It's not just about reaching personal goals. Goals are just mile stones that signpost a bigger purpose, it's more about self-mastery through a process of questioning, curiosity, observation, honesty, connection and the space to realise who you really are. That's transformational for you and for your business success. 

One to one coaching & holistic wellness in the beautiful Aracena Hills of Western Andalusia 

And if you're looking for something deeper......

Imagine a three hour break-through coaching session whilst hiking along old mule tracks through cork oaks, holm oaks and chestnut trees, reaching a destination, both physically and mentally and then returning and consolidating your strategy, resolve and commitment after enjoying tapas and refreshments in any one of the beautiful white mountain villages of the 'Sierra of Aracena.' 

The stunning mule track hikes in Aracena - Gorgeous Hearts
Gorgeous Hearts Retreats in Aracena - accomodation

Imagine returning to a rustic mountain village house or a farm cottage where you will enjoy true wellness modalities including walking, horse riding, holistic voice therapy, energy healing, yoga and meditation along with plant-based food taken from the farm. This will really put you on the front foot with anxiety! Don't imagine it any further - click below and find out how you can enjoy a wellness coaching retreat with Gorgeous Hearts

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