What is the True Voice of a Soulful Business?

What is the true voice of a soulful business?

What is a soulful business?

What makes a voice true?


How do they come together to create a soulful expression that feels purposeful and that you feel passionate about?

Girl with butterflies in her hands - transformational coaching

Running your own business is freeing, fulfilling and bloody hard work but it’s worth every moment. It’s part of your expression and evolves as you evolve. It reflects your values and is the propeller of purpose.

But - this is only the case if it feels authentic to you, because;

your true voice = your authentic self = your soul!

What is a soulful business then? It's a business that not only fills you with joy and defines your purpose, it also attracts the right clients to you because they feel the truth and power of that energy and they trust your true voice and resonate with it!

If you feel like you're struggling uphill with a yoke around your neck pulling a cart full of dead wood, it may mean that you're missing that soulful element - I empathise, it's what made me so close to giving it all up...

I felt a great excitement when I decided to start my own business.

I was working a 40 hour week job as a HR consultant and director of a business development and support company at that time. That job taught me loads and gave me the experience and confidence I needed to do what I do today, but I did feel like a fish out of water and quite unfulfilled. 

I wanted to use my creativity and contribute in a way that meant something to me and really served others. I needed purpose and my soul was pounding at the walls of my heart to get me to listen.

Sharon Wright

A creative dream...

I’ve always been creative. The first time I sat at a piano I was 6 years old and I already knew how to plonk out a melody. I loved to sing too and by the age of 20 I was teaching others and soon began to write songs, poems and tour with bands. 

When I began my business, I wrote blogs and enjoyed the design and content creation. I was in my element with all of the creative tasks I had. But when it came to knowing what I was really offering, who I was supporting and what purpose my business had, I was lost - I did everything the wrong way around.


And that’s when things got difficult, over complicated, overwhelming and messy.
a mule under the yoke depicting the struggling in life

As well as juggling a full time job with building my own website, setting myself up on social media platforms and training to be a transformational coach, which was my chosen online business, I was raising two teenage daughters and had the responsibility of being the breadwinner due to my husband having been made redundant - Now that’s what I call my yoke! 

But, the reason I called it a yoke is because I couldn’t see the purpose. I couldn’t see the symphony behind the chaos. I had blocked out my connection to soul because I was trying to create things on my terms and for my own gratification.

Soul doesn't work like that...
Sacred Female

You have to listen to connect with soul. You have to be still to hear, still to connect and still to receive. 

I wasn’t allowing any space for that. I was time bound and chained. Everything was about getting things done and being driven to finish some imaginary goal line which would be this successful business and me being able to break free of that yoke.

Where was the purpose?

What I learned

It’s no mystery to me why things weren’t working out the way I’d planned, because behind that plan was a Dr. Evil and mini-me sitting in my head creating intricate strategies for self-entertainment and fulfillment.   

My passion for coaching and the whole reason that I wanted the business in the first place (remember that interaction and wanting to serve others?) had faded and been replaced with a race to a 6 figure finish line and escaping a 9-5. I wasn’t even really motivated by money! Had I sold my soul to some diabolic craving for success? 

I knew I had to reconnect and start again. The choice was there - that simple choice red pill - blue pill...

I chose to be real - I chose to wake up - I chose to reconnect to me.


What is a soulful business?  Well it's the business that is another soulful expression of your life. 

I now help other women to come back to their true selves so that they can claim their soulful business and feel passionate about it

A final note. Escaping is never a good plan. There are too many guards, the fence is often difficult to clamber over and the other side is fraught with problems - you’ll still be in hiding and be on the run for your whole life. If you find yourself in a situation that feels inhibitive, stop - go within - reconnect to you - await the voice of your own soul and make love with every movement and every expression. That is the true voice that will always, always be the  successful alchemy of your reality - that is where abundance lies.

a metal fence keeping you from freedom

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