Reveal The Confident You & Re-Connect To Your Authentic Expression!  

This video takes a look at some practical vocal exercises that help you to start using your voice correctly. This is just a small part of Connect & Express however, as sessions, either individually or in small groups, will include transformational coaching as well as body awareness exercises and self-care support. This combination guarantees that you are developing a connection to the whole body instrument that will give you the confidence to express in your power.

What Is The Difference Betwe​en Ordinary Vocal Training And Connect & Express?

There is push or drive to get it right in a Connect & Express session - you have enough of that in life! This is about balancing the doing with the being.  Connect & Express is all about freeing your natural voice so that you can express authentically and let go of fear and inhibitions.  Some of the exercises are typical of vocal training because mastering your voice and feeling confident about your voice are important, but the preparation in the body is totally different as is the quality of vibration that is released.  

Who is Connect & Express For?

It works for everybody because our expression is often thwarted during our infancy, but I tend to work more often with women who feel that they are not heard for whatever reason. This could be because she is working in a male dominated organisation, because she is an entrepreneur that knows her stuff, but has trouble communicating it well or perhaps because she is tired of trying to please and feeling undervalued. The common thread is a lack of confidence and anxiety due to feeling that you are giving your power away. You feel that you need to 'rehearse' in order to 'get things right.'  No musical knowledge is needed for this, just an openness to explore and discover your true powerful expression.

What Does a Session of Connect & Express Look Like?

The session lasts for 90 minutes.  The first 40 minutes will be exploring and identifying the issues, how they affect you and discovering other ways of expressing that come from within you rather than being imposed by advice. The second part of the session, which is also approximately 20 minutes, will be all reconnecting to your whole body. These body awareness techniques will help you to connect with your voice from deep within your body and to feel the vibrations and observe the way the body communicates with you without this getting drowned out in the usual business of everyday life. The Third part of the session is a combination of practical, somatic and cognitive.  You can get a sense of how using your voice brings power to your expression and how your whole body expresses harmoniously.  Its also fun and great to learn a new skill with no pressure to get it right.  

I'm Offering a Free Trial of Connect & Express To All Gorgeous Heart's Subscribers

Feel for yourself how this activity reduces anxiety and boosts your confidence.  Feel how healing and balancing it is to reconnect to your whole body instrument and tune in to the vibrations of your own voice.  Feel how empowering it is to improvise without worrying about getting it wrong or attaching to any expectations of how your voice should sound or feel.  Enjoy the freedom of connecting and knowing your authentic voice and turn it into the expression that leads the way. Click the button below and sign up and I will contact you with a link to book your free trial!

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