Reveal The Confident You & Re-Connect To Your Authentic Expression!  

This video takes a look at some of the practical exercises in Connect and Express, however, the sessions include life coaching and many body awareness exercises. These develop a connection to the whole body instrument and a way of relaxing muscles that usually dominate vocal coaching whilst activating those which are often forgotten.

What Is The Difference Betwe​en Ordinary Vocal Training And Connect & Express?

There is no trying in Connect & Express.  Connect & Express is all about freeing your natural voice so that you can express authentically and let go of fear and inhibitions.  Some of the exercises are typical of vocal training, but the preparation in the body is totally different as is the quality of vibration that is released.  

Who is Connect & Express For?

It is for everybody because we all express and we have all had our expression thwarted to varying degrees.  It will be particularly beneficial to anyone who feels lacking in confidence, anyone who has trouble communicating, anyone who feels that they are giving their power away or anyone who needs to 'rehearse' in order to 'get things right.'  Connect & Express enables you to let go of inhibitions and release all that holds you back from being the absolute light that you are.  No musical knowledge is needed, just an openness to explore and discover your true expression.

What Does a Session of Connect & Express Look Like?

The session is for 90 minutes.  The first 30 minutes you will be encouraged to explore many aspects of your expression with a qualified transformational life coach.  The second part of the session, which is also approximately 30 minutes, will be all about preparing the body.  For example, we connect with body awareness techniques so that you can bring your voice from deeper within your body.  This supports you to re-connect to your whole body instrument.  The Third part of the session is practical.  We will be using your voice and feeling the vibrations in different parts of the body.  We will also have fun with musical exercises like the ones above that are typical in my classes.  They are tailored to the level of musicianship (from 0 to 100) that each person can express at any time.  As this can evolve, so do the sessions.

I'm Offering a Free Trial of Connect & Express To All Gorgeous Heart's Subscribers

Feel for yourself how this activity reduces anxiety and any fear of expression.  Feel how healing it is to reconnect to your whole body instrument and tune in to the healing vibrations of your own voice.  Feel how empowering it is to improvise without worrying about getting it wrong or attaching to any pictures of how the voice must sound or be.  Feel how liberating it is to truly know your own voice and to transform the quality of your own expression.  You can feel all of this absolutely free!  What are you waiting for?

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