Re-Connect To Your Authentic & Confident Expression!  

The video above gives you a taste of what somatic voice training looks like. Combined with transformational coaching, this becomes a powerful, holistic way to discover your authentic voice

What Is The Difference Between Ordinary Vocal Training And Connect & Express?

You won't find any reference to projecting or controlling the voice in a Connect & Express session and the emphasis is not on performance but on reconnecting with you. It's about balancing your inner stillness with your expression and feeling more connected to your body so you're less likely to get carried away by what's going on in your head. Connect & Express helps you to explore ways to free your natural voice and let go of fear and inhibitions.  There is often a disconnect between one's voice and body so it can be very joyful to discover what your voice is capable of. There is also a focus on the quality of vibration that can feel very healing and evolving.  

Who is Connect & Express For?

I mainly work with women who are creative and feel deeply what's going on around them. This is a blessing and sometimes a curse, as the heightened sensitivity can cause overwhelm and more anxiety than usual. If this is you, Connect & Express supports you to feel more connected to yourself, more self-aware and and more self-confident. Being more confident in your expression means that you will feel heard and valued without having to justify your sensitivity or needing to compete with others. It's easy to end up giving your power away if you fear conflict, rejection, judgment or any other of those poisonous energetic vibrations we find ourselves dealing with on a daily basis.

Anybody who feels the painful consequences of a thwarted expression will feel the benefits of this programme; for example trying to please everyone and becoming frustrated, resentful and exhausted in the process, knowing that you have a lot to share and contribute to the world but feeling inhibited or scared of getting things wrong and the overthinking and procrastination that this can cause. 

What Does a Session of Connect & Express Look Like?

A session lasts for 60 or 90 minutes depending on your chosen programme. There is a twelve week programme (recommended as this is how long it takes to embody this work) or I do mini programmes of 6 weeks as a taster programme to suit different budgets. There is an even distribution of mindset coaching and practical vocal embodiment work. 

Any negative inner voices are explored, identified and evicted from their place of residence - your head, by reconnecting to your body through this work. The aim is to reestablish harmony as your expression and explore a deeper dimension within you as well as focusing on the vibrational quality of self-love. This means that the work is meditative, transformational and healing/evolving in nature. There is no emphasis on ability or talent with regards to how you use your voice, but there are creative exercises that are fun and support you to expand and express with confidence. There is no pressure to 'get things right,'  but rather a focus on improvisation to encourage you to be less rehearsed and more spontaneous and free in your expression. 

I'm Offering a Free Taster of Connect & Express To All Gorgeous Heart's Subscribers

Feel for yourself how this activity reduces anxiety and boosts your confidence.  Feel how healing and balancing it is to reconnect to your whole body instrument and tune in to the vibrations of your own voice.  Feel how empowering it is to improvise without worrying about getting it wrong and let go of any expectations around how you feel your voice should sound.  Enjoy the freedom of an expression that inspires.


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