Discover a natural and holistic way to reduce symptoms and anxiety during menopause!

For the price of a coffee but so much healthier!

What's in the book?

This eBook is dedicated to all women who have to go through this major change in their lives. If you are a woman facing, during or post menopause, and you favour a holistic approach that not only deals with symptoms and anxiety, but delves into the bigger picture of the purpose of our lives going forward, you will get a lot of value from this book. 

The book contains self-care routines, self-coaching and self-awareness exercises that use your own voice as a way to come back to your body and to honour it more. The aim is to restore harmony and reconnect you to your natural intuition and the wisdom within that can contribute so much to the world around you.

Connecting to that wisdom empowers you to be all of you in a society that maybe isn't recognising your contribution.  Rather than being invisible at this time of your life, you can influence and inspire. 

ebook about self-care and singing therapy for menopause

'The Free From Menopause Blues In A Minor Inconvenience' encourages you to use menopause as way to evolve and connect more deeply to the wise and intuitive woman that you are. It inspires healing through self-loving choices that completely change your experience of menopause and beyond. Get it for only £2.95. 

Anita Rowe


I loved the personal and original way in which this book has been written. Whilst reading it... I felt as though I was having a chat with a friend. The obvious yet very rarely felt "we are not a lone going through this change" was both comforting and heartwarming ...
The simple effective breathing and vocal exercises are great. While using easy-to- do meditation the chapters on awareness, (body, food etc) and how to deal with the stresses of life and the change felt relaxing and rewarding. Generating more self love and welcoming the new me.
Looking forward to the next book. Also, I love the title of the book!

Anita Rowe - Professional Singer/songwriter of Hermanas Sister