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Discover holistic, natural & musical ways to reduce symptoms and anxiety during menopause, for the price of a coffee, but much healthier ;)

What's in the book?

This eBook for menopause explores self-care routines, self-coaching and specific vocal exercises that help you to reconnect to your whole body. Discover how music, rhythm and singing exercises can restore harmony in the body and reveal your natural intuition and wisdom.

Be courageous to go deep, to identify what inspires your goals and dreams and the energy behind your purpose. It looks at how the dangers of identifying with imposed roles and expectations that aren't reflecting the truth of who we are. Be clear about what you want and who you are so that you can express with the power of a woman who understands her wisdom and worth.

ebook about self-care and singing therapy for menopause

'The Free From Menopause Blues In A Minor Inconvenience' encourages you to shine a spotlight on your choices, default patterns of behaviour and habits, so that you can observe the consequences of these, and how they impact your experience of menopause. Being honest and observant around your current lifestyle choices make it clear what is supporting you and what isn'tGet it for only £2.95. 

Anita Rowe


I loved the personal and original way in which this book has been written. Whilst reading it... I felt as though I was having a chat with a friend. The obvious yet very rarely felt "we are not a lone going through this change" was both comforting and heartwarming ...
The simple effective breathing and vocal exercises are great. While using easy-to- do meditation the chapters on awareness, (body, food etc) and how to deal with the stresses of life and the change felt relaxing and rewarding. Generating more self love and welcoming the new me.
Looking forward to the next book. Also, I love the title of the book!

Anita Rowe - Professional Singer/songwriter of Hermanas Sister