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Good Habit Formation

The Method

Holistic health is to enjoy good health in all aspects of your life. It means to honour your body, mind, and soul by making choices that are healthy and loving. The consequences of making healthy choices are vitality and joy!

From autopilot behaviour that creates choices made from a body that is not held in love, to conscious presence and loving choices that form habits that support you. Healthy habits become your default for lasting changes

Turning unconscious habits into  conscious choices gives you a sense of autonomous freedom and power. Gorgeous Hearts will support you through this process with an easy formula: Recharge, Reconnect and Re-imprint. 

Put them all together and what do you get?

MASSIVE CHANGE - The acronym that describes my healthy habit coaching & mentoring framework. It enables a systematic and engaging approach to wellness with long lasting results. Rather than wasting time and effort on quick fixes and short term relief, my methods create lasting lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Self-love is an antidote for anxiety but it requires courage to live in a way that honours your whole self (body and mind) It needs to be lived and expressed in day to day life. So whether you want a healthier lifestyle, need to lose weight and keep it off, or you struggle with addictions, take back your power and embrace MASSIVE CHANGE for the vibrant and joyful life you deserve!