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Weight gain

Hot flashes

Menopause & ageing

Hormones and moods

Due to hormonal changes that occur during menopause and the aging process itself, it is common for women to gain some weight at this time.  Weight gain is a frequent complaint and can cause body image anxiety.

Holistic menopause Coaching supports you to develop healthy habits and be accountable for effective and sustainable self-caring lifestyle changes.  

Hot flushes or flashes are disruptive and interfere with the flow of daily life.  As well as being uncomfortable, they can cause embarrassment.  Night sweats disrupt your quality of sleep leading to further health problems. 

Vocal embodiment and self-care mentoring is very effective in managing the symptoms of menopause and allows you to  connect deeper to yourself.

There’s nothing we can do about the ageing process, but the lowering levels of estrogen during perimenopause can make you feel like you’re getting old very quickly especially with symptoms such as dry skin, low libido and brain fog.

Self-care and self-love mentoring is a deeply nurturing modality. It’s not about pampering, but caring deeply for, and honouring your body

Hormonal changes cause a host of uncomfortable and sometimes severe life changing symptoms. Mood swings can affect your relationships and cause anxiety and depression.

Increasing self-awareness using vocal embodiment and meditation creates more presence. Letting go of the thoughts and emotions that keep you from living a joyful life is liberating.

The In-Tune With Menopause Programme

Holistic menopause solutions

Who this programme supports

Revealing the wisdom within

This programme aims to reduce menopause anxiety by supporting women to choose a healthier life style, to connect within and to self-nurture so they can discover their innate beauty and purpose. 

It is a holistic and self-loving approach to menopause using unique, effective and engaging techniques. Combining coaching, self-care support and vocal embodiment techniques, it provides the self-loving strategies that you need for a natural and holistic approach to menopause. (no musical or singing ability required)

At a time when you may feel anxious about the changes in your body and regarding your future role in society, it’s beautiful to rediscover the depths of your being, your authentic voice and powerful expression.

Creating lasting and positive transformation during menopause is the result of a relationship with yourself that is built on confidence and self-love. All that’s needed is an openness to explore the inner depths of your being in an engaging and creative way.

Live with joy in menopause

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Hot flushes during menopause

Don’t you wish you could cool off and stop time for just one moment? Unplug anxiety and change your momentum? Ask yourself the following…..

Am I ready to commit to my well-being and face anxiety head on? Can I let go of old hurts, future worries and current lifestyle choices that hold me prisoner in a painful body and mind? Can I be courageous and discover more of me, so that I can explore the depths of my being and express freely from that wisdom as the woman who inspires future generations. Can I walk in my grace and authority during menopause and discover my light and purpose? If the answer is YES, then menopause is your catalyst for discovering real harmony within – go ahead and claim it!