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How To Be In Tune With Menopause

In Tune With Menopause is a coaching and mentoring programme that supports health conscious, pioneering women to adopt a holistic and self-loving approach to menopause so that they can live the vibrant life they deserve and be free from menopause anxiety.

Your rhythm & the music within

Menopause Wellness & Self-care

Reconnecting to You

Gentle vocal embodiment exercises bring awareness to your body and break the habit of being stuck in your head. Being aware of your whole-body instrument helps you to be open and honest about your current choices. It supports you to be present and connected to you in your full truth and wisdom. Vocal work also facilitates the body’s natural healing ability and helps to balance hormones.

A healthy habit coach will greatly support you to achieve the level of self-care that you need during perimenopause and menopause. When self-care is inspired by autonomous motivation, it’s easier to obtain long lasting and positive results which decrease the severity of symptoms. This programme supports you to choose healthily and to let go of unhealthy habits which tend to intensify symptoms.¬†

Observation leads to an increase in self-awareness inspiring self-discovery and boosting self-confidence. Meditation to reconnect shifts the focus onto the body and within, where expectations and impositions cease and true expression and vitality is rediscovered. Menopause is an opportunity to reconnect to you and a catalyst for positive personal growth.

Look at all you get on this programme!

  • A choice of 1 to 1 Coaching and Connect & Express music/rhythmic and vocal lessons
  • Access to the private membership group where you can share and benefit from the support of other members.
  • Access to video lessons, audio exercises and useful worksheets and templates
  • Self-care support and advice plus an accountability strategy
  • Regular updates of new material
  • Discounts on all workshops for members¬†
Wellness and Menopause
Get rid of menopause anxiety

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