Performance Coaching 4 Success!

a Coaching CULTURE FOR wellness, ENGAGEment, connection and growth

Everybody can self-realise their unbridled potential in the right environment! 

Are you tired of exit interviews, absenteeism, recruitment costs and impulsive decisions that get you over the line but aren't making sustainable changes that can lead to expansion? Ask yourself the following and see how a coaching culture can help:

  • Are managers overwhelmed and overworked and not able to support employees? 
  • Are employees unclear of what is expected of them? Are they expected to 'just get on with things?'
  • Does the company have a high turnover?
  • Is there a blame culture that suppresses creativity and encourages unhealthy competitiveness?
  • Is absenteeism out of control with stress, anxiety and mental health problems taking their toll?
  • Are relationships strained between employees and teams?
  • Is your business just surviving when it could be thriving?
  • A coaching culture supports managers to support others.  
  • A coaching culture supports employees to feel confident, realise their potential and take ownership.
  • A coaching culture helps teams to embrace diversity, express creatively and connect with effective communication.
  • A coaching culture helps leaders to be more self-aware, plan effectively for long term success.
  • A coaching culture encourages holistic wellness and self-development that positively impacts on the success of the whole organisation. 
  • A coaching culture supports businesses to evolve.

Performance Coaching for Success offers affordable coaching packages to smart SME's who wish to inspire, motivate and evolve by adopting a coaching culture that encourages holistic wellness, emotional intelligence, congruent and coherent working relationships and exponential performance. 


Performance Coaching 4 Success!

There was a time when work would have tied you to one of these old beauties! Beauties they are indeed, but technology has evolved and so must businesses.  In an ever increasingly competitive world, businesses cannot afford to cling to old ways of authoritarian and dictatorial management styles that sap the vitality and motivation out of employees, or impulsive short-termism that confuses and leads to stress and its devastating consequences. In a world full of distractions and ever increasing cases of anxiety, mental health issues and eventual burnout, there exists a choice to promote holistic wellness, to encourage diversity, to let go of fear induced controlling behaviours and instead, foment a culture that everyone will trust. This helps everybody to realise their full potential and  increase their level of motivation and performance. This is what the true evolution of business looks like - this is what performance coaching for success is all about!

“Traditional silo or linear thinking is no longer sufficient to cope with unpredictable emergencies. We need the capacity to take a whole-system approach that is a product of personal development, of moving from the old fear paradigm to one of trust and of recognizing that humankind is evolving both socially and spiritually. Individuals can evolve far faster than the collective if they decide to embark on a personal developmental journey. Given the leadership failures that are so apparent today, a little compulsory evolution would do our leaders no harm at all. In practice the coaching process fosters evolution at every stage, for evolution emerges from within and can never be taught in prescriptive ways..”

Sir John Whitmore

Nurturing a culture that fosters self-development and promotes holistic wellness 

Performance Coaching for Success offers a coaching package for employees, teams, managers and leaders that will put the whole business on the path towards an interdependent culture. Holistic wellness (body and mind) is the foundation from where free, creative and authentic communication and collaborative, trusting and empowering relationships begin to flourish. Holistic wellness in this context is not just the absence of physical or mental illness, but includes in its definition, vitality, creativity, energy, self-confidence and positivity.  Recognising the potential of individuals rather than focusing on behavioural traits, moves the whole company towards adopting a no blame, no shame environment of trust that encourages ownership, responsibility and appreciation, but this can only go so far unless the bar is raised and holistic wellness is defined in this way to set the standards that form the basis of the company culture.  

The best piece of advice is don't advise!

Coaching can be defined as being a collaborative partnership between the coach and the coachee that fosters self-development and self-realisation unlocking the potential of an individual. It is underpinned by holding a non judgmental space and future focused strategy that is non directive but supporting and stimulating. This non advisory partnership encourages responsibility, accountability and commitment that are natural and spontaneous responses when an individual feels confident to take ownership of their work. 

Performance Coaching 4 Success Packages 

Performance Coaching 4 Success has two pricing structures depending on the needs of your company.  The starter package is perhaps for the smaller business or for startups who want to start on the front foot and create a coaching culture to support their employees and managers from the offset. This package can also be a way of dipping a toe in the water, so to speak, and to measure the effectiveness in small sections of a larger organisation. The Premium package is for larger companies who require support to shift to a more interdependent culture. 

PC4Success Pricing 

Performance Coaching

Culture Change Consultancy


£295 for 4 sessions of 60 minutes per person. In person quoted separately 


£780 for small teams of up to 5 people. 4 sessions x 60 minute team integration coaching. Meetings via zoom. In person quoted separately 


£450 for 4 x 60 minute sessions. Meetings via zoom. In person quoted separately


up to 10 people £1,950 for 4 x 60 minute interdependent team strategy sessions. Meetings via zoom. In person quoted separately


£1,800 for 4 x 90 minute strategy and culture change sessions. Meetings via zoom. In person quoted separately

  • Performance focused solutions GROW model and EXACT goals to hone in on a specific focus area. 
  • Maximising effective communication for integrated teams inspiring ownership and fostering respect and understanding for optimised performance.
  • Building blocks for an interdependent culture for leaders with vision and a management style that inspires unity and cohesion.

Want Your Business To Be More Profitable This Year?

To start you off in the right direction, I am offering a free copy of this practical and valuable questionnaire 'Leading The Unified Way To Success' which allows you to zoom out and see the bigger picture regarding your current company/organisation culture right now and how you can implement changes to dramatically increase profitability.  I thoroughly recommend you give it a read to help you to identify your position and inspire positive action. It's free, so click below and I'll send it straight to you.

About me 

singing to heal

I have been coaching performers for over 20 years in vocal technique, musical expression and confidence and continue to do so, however, I also have a corporate hat and during the last 10 years my roles have included client support, HR management and consultancy and company director of a business support & consultancy company. My varied experience is due to the range of clients, from restaurant owners to large construction and fintech companies. During this time I have witnessed first hand the devastating results of uncaring cultures and the effect on overall wellness levels, poor communication that often stems from impulsive leadership and lack of employee engagement due to dependency on a micro-management style that leaves no room for creativity and growth. I have also witnessed companies evolve due to adopting a coaching management style that fosters engagement and interdependency.

Want to discover if this really works?

Sir John Whitmore author of 'Coaching for Performance' writes "Estimating the ROI is an art not a science" which must be stressed for those who are very precise about data, however, it is possible to gather qualitative data that can lead to some pretty convincing results. There is nothing like communication to clarify the goals of your company, the strategies to achieve them and the way forward, so give me a call - there's no cost and no salesy script, just transparent honest questions and answers to help discover the best way forward for you as an employer.

From time management, organisation and presenting skills to self-care in the workplace, coaching can open new perspectives and encourage self-development by honing in on what stops the flow, exploring the stories, beliefs and behaviours that aren't serving the big picture, identifying the options and supporting accountability and encouraging confidence for responsible actions. Imagine a workplace with a culture like that! Imagine what such a business is capable of! OK stop imagining it - let's get it done.....