Sierra Love! Confidence Coaching, holistic voice therapy and other wellness modalities in Aracena, the unspoiled secret of Andalusia

Reflecting the beauty of who you are!

Is the noise drowning you out?

  • Want the space to deepen your awareness for the major changes you're facing? 
  • Want to breathe your own breath away from the influences and impositions that cause stress?
  • Want to treat yourself and walk through stunning scenery in a beautiful part of Spain? 

Gorgeous Hearts presents Sierra Love; Confidence coaching and supporting wellness modalities whilst walking in the Sierra of Aracena, a green, peaceful and unspoiled corner of Andalusia. Aracena is a town nestled in the mountains of south western Andalusia. We invite you to step away from the doing, the drive and the stresses of life and allow clarity by reconnecting to the stillness within you for a complete recharge. Explore the depths of your inner world, supported by the beautiful surroundings, the peace and tranquility and the support of a deeply nurturing retreat. 

Transformational Confidence Coaching whilst walking in Aracena - the beautiful sierra of Huelva 

Whether you are a serious hiking pro or you just like a short jaunt, there are routes for you and beautiful places to discover during your stay.

Transformational confidence coaching whilst walking in Aracena can be offered from 90 minutes to three hour sessions for deep exploration into challenges, identifying options and actions and clearing the way to successfully achieve your goals and dreams. The coaching experience, coupled with the action of walking, reflecting your own journey, supports a confident mindset so you can discover new ways to apply yourself going forward. 

Walking along mule tracks from one picturesque mountain village to another, gives us the time and space to explore and of course, the opportunity to rest and take in the stunning scenery as well.  The route can have its challenges, like life itself, but it is also exciting and purposeful with the hiking destination, as well as a coaching one, on the horizon.

Autumn and Spring are the best seasons to book, however, if you enjoy the sun, summer offers the added bonus of swimming pools and trips to the beach. Seville is just over an hour away and so is the beautiful Costa de la Luz for the beautiful golden beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Self-loving Retreats in Aracena - Connect & Express  

Connect & Express is a retreat that combines a few modalities for a real self-loving treat. Transformational coaching for whatever is holding you back, be it your health, relationships or career, as well as creative vocal empowerment workshops, creative songwriting, yoga, meditations and plant-based meals to bring a complete holistic wellness experience.  Here is a break-down of the Connect & Express retreat experience:

  • Transformational Coaching identifies your wellness life goals, explores the obstacles, challenges your perceptions and defines which actions you will take. It's about building a respectful, harmonious and self-loving relationship with your body, mind and soul.
  • Holistic vocal empowerment workshops increase self-awareness and conscious presence through specific gentle vocal exercises which raise the vibrations of your body. It helps you to express confidently and authenticallywith the love that you are. Working with others is rewarding and effective.
  • Meditation/yoga and songwriting therapy for quieting the mind, re-connecting to the body and expressing spontaneousy and freely. This increases presence and body connection whilst improving focus and memory as well as opeining the door to your innate creative expression.
  • Walking, horse riding and health food! discovers this beautiful area on foot or on horseback and give your body what it truly deserves.
Connective rhythm workshops - Gorgeous Hearts

Connect & Express is suitable for all ages. No musical or singing ability is required.  It's effective for anybody who struggles with expressing their true selves, lacks confidence or struggles with self-esteem.

La Sierra de Aracena - The most beautiful and unspoiled part of Andalusia

The stunning mule track hikes in Aracena - Gorgeous Hearts

"If you're looking for Bob n Brenda's Chippie or British Breakfast and curry on the coast go take a hike!! 🤣this really isn't the place for you!"

Sierra Love transformational coaching and Connect & Express retreats take place on a large farm near to the village of Los Marines which is very close to Aracena in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, Huelva, South Western Spain. Aracena is the main town of this region and is about a 5 minute drive from Los Marines.  There is a theatre, a castle and caves to visit, and if you are visiting in the summer months, a wonderful outdoor pool that you can enjoy. We are a little over an hours drive to the beautiful city of Seville and about the same distance from the Costa de la Luz. Portugal is also about an hours drive.  

La Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche is famous for the black pigs that roam the fields eating acorns among elms, cork oaks and sweet smelling fig trees.  If you love nature, clean air, beautiful scenery, serenity and Spanish culture, you will love this fairly unknown jewel of Andalusía. 

Accommodation Options

Stay with your hosts in their lovely rustic home in the picturesque village of Los Marines near Aracena, Huelva or in farm cottages in the amazing 'Finca el Moro' which is where the retreat takes place (cost of accomodation varies depending on your choice)

los marines - Connect & Express
Gorgeous Hearts Retreats - accomodation
Gorgeous Hearts Retreats in Aracena - accomodation

We offer one rustic style room with two single beds that can convert into a large double. The room has a large private roof terrace overlooking the Sierra where you can sun yourself, and a large private bathroom. 

For larger group retreats and Gorgeous Heart's workshops, the accomodation can be found here

There are many choices from rooms to rural houses with private swimming pools if you prefer. We will be happy to recommend a place to stay and take care of the booking arrangements on your behalf.

For more information or questions regarding availability, bookings etc. please fill in the form below and we will get straight back to you

Your Hosts and practitioners in Aracena

Sharon Wright is a life coach, naturopath, music teacher, vocal coach and Esoteric Healing practitioner.  She is a wellness enthusiast who recognises that the joy within each and everyone of us can only be expressed when harmony and love is felt in the body and lived each day.

Alvaro Hurtado has been married to Sharon for 26 years and is a drummer and teacher.  He studied at the prestigious Berklee College of music in Boston and is now dedicated to supporting people to reconnect to themselves and to one another through rhythmic connection work.