Deep Energetic Healing

Sacred Esoteric Healing - a healing modality for the whole body that goes deep!

The fundamental principle of Sacred Esoteric Healing is that every-body is love.  This complimentary hands-on healing modality facilitates the process of healing by releasing all that is not love in the body so that the body can express truth.

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What does Sacred mean?

What does Esoteric Mean?

What does Healing mean?

Sacredness is the connection to the divine aspect of your being – your soul. When we surrender the resistance and allow the body to surrender and realign with the soul, healing can occur. Separation from this divine connection causes tension and subsequent illness in the body.  Healing facilitates this surrender by allowing emotional energy trapped in the body to release.

The word ‘Esoteric’ is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. The origin of this word is from the Greek word ‘Esoterikos’ which means connection within. Sacred Esoteric Healing is a modality that supports a connection to the inner-heart which is the energetic centre of the heart.  This is the gateway to the soul, our love and light.

Healing means becoming whole in one harmonious expression. To become whole again, it is necessary to let go of what is not loving in expression. This healing enables a reconnection to the wisdom within and realignment of the mind with the whole body. Sacred Esoteric Healing facilitates the release of all that is not love in the body so that we can feel the harmony within. 

What does a session look like?

You will remain fully clothed whilst the practitioner gently places her hands on different parts of your fully clothed body.  It is non-intrusive and non-invasive and supports you to rest deeply and surrender to the healing. The session lasts for approximately 45 minutes, however, allow for more time as the practitioner will ask questions regarding your health and any other relevant issues.  I recommend that you drink plenty of water after the session and be gentle with yourself for the rest of the day.

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Does Sacred Esoteric Healing cure illnesses?

We all have emotional hurts buried within the body which can cause illness.  The healing facilitates an energetic clearing in the body, releasing emotional blockages so it can be a very effective modality, however, healing can only work if there is a commitment and responsibility to live in a way that honours the body.  Sometimes this release can cause body clearing symptoms such as a runny nose, slight nausea or mild dizziness. 


Energy healing

This healing modality is complementary to conventional medicine.  It should never be used as an alternative to professional medical advice.  It works harmoniously with conventional medicine to provide support and deep nurturing to the body which enables healing.  It is a powerful combination that brings true well-being and vitality back to the body.