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Feeling Invisible? How Self-Care During Menopause can help

Soulful Expression Coaching & Vocal Healing For Self-Care During Menopausal

Self-care During Menopause

A Guide To Self-Care

From Invisible to Invincible....Feeling invisible during menopause is quite common, but could it be that you are not expressing from a body that is in harmony?Self-care during menopause is fundamental to being In-tune with yourself and claiming the light that you are responsible for expressing in the world. Being self-loving, making life more about true purpose and reconnecting with your innate intuition and wisdom are only possible if we are self-caring during menopause. Click below to get some great self-care strategies.

Self-Care During Menopause

A Book To Tune Into 

If menopause is sapping your vitality, why not try an ancient healing practice that has no side effects, is joyful to practice and which is an effective strategy for self-care during menopause? If you want to try this out at your own pace, I recommend that you read my book Free From The Menopause Blues in A Minor Inconvenience.  Discover how self-care during menopause can lead to a healthy body and mind, and how using your voice as a powerful healing tool can support you. 

Self-Care During Menopause

The rest is easy

Feeling exhausted? Struggling to focus on anything or organise yourself? Feeling irritable and moody? Is your creativity feeling a bit grey? Are you comfort eating or finding it difficult to make healthy lifestyle choices? Sounds like the consequences of peri/menopausal symptoms, but if you aren't sleeping well, these symptoms become more difficult to manage. It's a common complaint for menopausal women, so let's discover how you can get some quality rest with this free Sleeping Beauty video/audio collection.

In Tune With Menopause

If you're struggling with symptoms, and you love a natural and holistic approach to menopause, this is for you!

Menopause is a stop moment, a time to reflect on the psycho-physical changes that it presents. Your life is a reflection of the present moment, a culmination of your past choices and how your body is responding to them, so it can be a time of great revelation albeit an uncomfortable one, so it's the perfect environment for self-discovery.  This coaching programme explores self-awareness within your rhythm, your relationships, your expression, your choices and your body, and uncovers new purpose going forward for a harmonious expression that will completely transform how you experience menopause.

Holistic menopause solutions


If you want to take action and do something about the way you feel and how you want to go forward in life, Gorgeous Hearts can support you and show you some creative, engaging and effective ways to reduce your symptoms that result in menopause anxiety. The Ancient Egyptians used the power of vocal vibrations to heal and the truth of their wisdom is  evident when you practice this powerful and joyful modality. You can read more about how sound can heal here. Experience how your voice can re-connect you to the stillness and wisdom within your body.  From helping you to sleep better, to transforming the way you express and move, if you want to change the way you experience menopause and reclaim your vitality and joy, Gorgeous Hearts will support you to all the way!