Self-Care is just the beginning! Reconnect to Your Magnificence!

Self-care for juggling mama bears!

Live your soul-full life and lead with love!

You need a whole lot of vitality to juggle all you do - Self-care is about supporting yourself so that vitality is on tap!

Self-care is often just another 'to do' on an already long 'to do for everyone else' list or something to practice every now and again when we feel we've pushed ourselves a bit too much.

But if self-care becomes a way of living your every day, it can transform your life!

The more self-caring you are, the more connected and confident you feel with yourself which also increases your sense of self-worth.

Are you ready to celebrate your magnificence and make self-love your default expression?

Why is it important?

Because when we are taking care of ourselves, apart from feeling great, having more vitality and being more present and focused, we're reflecting that sense of connection to our daughters so they get a compass of what self-love means too. This will help them to feel more empowered and choose wisely. They will trust their intuition and blossom into authentic, confident and balanced women - that's my definition of empowerment!

And our sons will learn that they are precious without needing to be anything other than their true whole selves. They will know and respect the power of a woman who fully claims her true self so that future generations will be able to evolve together rather than compete, judge, project onto each other or be needy. Now that's a vision!

This little eBook gives you 10 self-care steps that go a bit deeper than the usual ideas around self-care. It's a guide to living in a way in which self-care is as natural as breathing and can be adopted into anybody's life with little effort but with much repetition.

Being a mom who juggles so many roles within the family and in your own job or business, it's easy to feel 'frazzled.' 

Then it becomes so hard to be 100% present for your family! If you're exhausted, it leads to irritability, impatience, overwhelm, poor habits, a feeling of unfulfillment or a sense of losing yourself and wondering what happened to you. Then there's the guilt about all those thoughts in your head that just don't feel like you at all and the reactions that cause strained relationships. 

It can't fail to have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing when you don't take care of yourself - but it also affects everyone around you. Your family need you to be 100% present for them and give them the love that feeds their souls. 

Self-neglect is often passed down many generations. Isn't it time we took responsibility to break that chain and create a new legacy of love that begins with ourselves? 

Let's start creating a new legacy of love and show everyone what it looks and feels like to walk and talk the confidence and joy of your whole body and mind in harmony. That's what I call magnificence! 


Be the compass that points to the true north of wisdom, love and authentic expression so that this becomes your new family legacy 

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I'd love to help you to organise a self-care routine so that you can juggle like a pro and be the best version of yourself with your family.

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