Reduce Menopause Anxiety With These Self-Care Tips

Watch this video and discover some effective self-care ideas to reduce menopause anxiety.  Your body needs more support during the hormonal changes that occur at this time of your life. This clip is from my online programme 'In Tune With Menopause.'  You will hear some references to other parts of the programme, but don't let this distract you from the importance of self-care as a way to reduce the severity of peri/menopausal symptoms and anxiety.

The Self-Love in Self-care

Self-care is not a battle

It needn't be an imposition!

If it feels like an uphill battle to make healthier and more self-caring lifestyle choices, it may be because you are using discipline alone. Discipline alone won't necessarily change the energy or intention of the changes you would like to see in your life. Changing your diet, meditating and exercising, are all fabulous when they come from a deep connection to yourself that inspires self-love. 

Coaching for transformational changes

Quick change not quick fix

Relief strategies just don't work

We live in a society that is accustomed to quick fixes and relief strategies, but real change needs a shift in your mindset.  To reduce menopause anxiety and feel better within your body, there needs to be consistency and commitment in your choices. It helps to develop self-awareness because when you are honest and observant, you can make the changes to support yourself. 

Self-care not self-centered

There's no selfishness in self-care

The old adage of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first is so, so true! Especially when the kids are having problems, your partner is ill or you're running a business, or thinking about a career move!! Self-care is not self-centered because the love you show yourself will expand around you like love always does - the more you focus on self-love, the more there is to go around.

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