How to Sleep Better During Menopause & Reclaim Your Vitality With These Easy Awareness Exercises!

If menopause is keeping you awake, don't despair. I have something that may help...... 

Being irritable, moody, exhausted or depressed is no way to start the day! You need your energy, intuition, creativity and 'joie de vivre' so you can bring all of you to all you do. Focus, vitality and creativity are necessary for all kinds of work and lifestyle, but lack of sleep can make us feel a little grey to say the least. Let's face it, you need your sleep, and menopause symptoms can make getting to sleep, and staying asleep a real challenge.

These exercises calm the mind and deeply relax the body.  They support you to reconnect to your inner heart where harmony and presence  is found.  Try them for quality sleep and a day full of vitality. 

  • Learn how to relax deeply by surrendering to the body through connective, natural breathing.
  • Learn how surrendering to gravity eases tension and how vibrations expand in a relaxed body
  • Learn how to use your natural voice and feel it from within. 
  • learn how to use your voice to reconnect to the stillness and wisdom within.
  • Learn some great routines to do just before you go to bed so you sleep with a different quality.

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