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Redefine your true marker of physical, mental and spiritual health for vitality, joy and successful & purposeful living

Gorgeous Hearts is so called because we are all gorgeous at our core.  You would think it logical that we would automatically take care of such a miraculous being, but the sad reality is that TLC is often last on the list of priorities. With obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, mental health issues and exhaustion becoming the normal standard to which we compare wellness, it's worth stopping to ponder on what our own marker of true wellness is. All resources here are to promote holistic wellness so that there is harmony in your expression and in every area of your life. 

Wellness For Your Body

Ways to support your body to be healthy and full of vitality...  

From gut friendly foods that reduce inflammation, self-care tips and how to sleep better, to vocal healing exercises and body-awareness meditations. For a resilient and harmonious body.

Wellness For Your Mind

Focusing on reducing anxiety and increasing conscious presence...

Discover ways to be present, to let go of past patterns and limiting beliefs and to find ways of not projecting into a future that you cannot control. Discover flow in your expression. 

Wellness and Your Soul

Your soul awaits your return to a relationship of trust and self-love...

Discover ways and reasons to connect to your innate intuition - the soul that awaits your return. Expressing from the stillness and beauty within will fill you with joy and purpose.

Below are some articles that will support you in your choice to make health and well-being a priority


Anxiety is a problem that affects most of us. Worrying about past experiences, feeling like we have no control over the future, it all contributes and creates illness. Let's find some peace of mind.... 


A healthy expression means healthy relationships. Feeling confident, joyful and full of vitality builds trust in yourself and inspires those around you leading to more purposeful relationships.​​​​


This section is about wellness for the physical body, however, the body is one holistic expression, so prioritising a self-caring wellness routine, will have an impact on how you think, express and live. 


Hormonal changes that occur in perimenopause not only affect you physically, they can cause anxiety and emotional disharmony too. Wellness is a must to manage symptoms naturally and effectively


Hello Gorgeous Heart! I would love to support you to enjoy well-being in all areas of your life. I am a qualified life coach, naturopath, healing practitioner and vocal/music coach. I have used these skills and my years of experience to create a program that is deeply healing and transformative. It's called 'Connect & Express' which is Holistic Vocal Embodiment Coaching. It's what it says on the tin! I support you to connect to your body through your voice and bespoke coaching and that's when the magic happens! Your body holds an intelligence far beyond that which your mind likes to think it possesses, so it's all about surrendering, releasing all that holds you back or keeps you small, allowing yourself access to your innate wisdom/intuition and trusting the flow of abundance that is yours to claim.  Connecting to your true magnificence reduces anxiety, puts an end to creative inhibition, frees your spontaneity, boosts your self-confidence and fills you with joy. Let's witness the alchemy!

I offer a 30 minute free trial - get in touch!