Wellness For Confident Expression

Supporting responsible & professional women to redefine the standard of wellness to one of vitality, harmony and success!

Wellness For Vitality

Connect & Express supports your whole body to be (and remain) healthy and full of vitality.... 

Supporting and encouraging you to adopt self-caring routines that help you to sleep, eat and live with more connection. For a resilient and harmonious body and mind that serves you and everybody else. 


Wellness in the Workplace

Holistic wellness & confidence coaching to support you in your work and/or your business...

Supporting you as a professional or your business to thrive by inspiring and championing a culture of wellbeing and emotional intelligence to boost engagement, flow and creativity. The result? Quality, joy and success!  

Where are the goal posts for true wellness?

"Self-care is often last on the list of priorities in a life that has so many other demands. With obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease becoming the norm by which we measure our own level of wellness, not to mention the exhaustion and mental health issues that affect the individual, their families, their workplace and society as a whole, we may consider redefining what true wellness looks like to include an expression that is confident, joyful and full of vitality."

Sharon Wright/Gorgeous Hearts

Below are some articles that will support you in your choice to make health and well-being a priority


Hello Gorgeous Heart! I would love to support you to feel more vitality and joy in all areas of your life! I have a few skills and tools to help you achieve this level of wellness and invite you to have a chat about what challenges you are facing with regards to your overall wellness, whether it relates to your health, your relationships, your work or your finances. I support professional women to express powerfully and authentically so they can be confident influencers. Holistic wellness is a big part of that, and my coaching programme a'Connect & Express.' enables more connection to oneself, increased self-awareness and a more intuitive and confident expression. Your confident expression inspires others and supports more respectful and purposeful relationships. So, are you ready to reconnect to a body that holds an intelligence far beyond what you can perceive? Are you able to embrace harmony and trust your intuition so that you can discard all that holds you back and keeps you small? I'm excited for you to witness this transformation of true holistic wellness!

I offer a 30 minute free discovery session. It would be a joy to have a conversation with you!