Anxiety – The Dragon Within

Is Anxiety Making You a Frightened Little Hobbit?

Everywhere I look there are anxious people.  I see it reflected in the posts on social media, in my relationships and on the faces of the people I meet and coach - I feel it in my body too like a lurking shadow. Some may call it out, some may silently get on with life whilst slowly becoming a stranger of a simple smile, but however it manifests, anxiety is a cruel dragon that is running our world. 

You cannot discover treasure by hiding in your hobbit house away from anxiety

You cannot hide away from anxiety in your safe little hobbit house and  find the gold!

It is close to me in the shadows of my mind, I hear the low throbbing of it as it seeps into the cracks of my own self-doubt, and I feel its presence at every blind corner.  It’s heavy, powerful and sinister. I feel it has a personality, sometimes raging and sometimes cunning, sometimes slow like tar and sometimes hot as fire. This dragon laughs at how we live and at our own stubbornness to accept that we have got things very wrong.

Anxiety is a dragon in the shadows

Anxiety laughs at our attempts to escape from it. It waits patiently as we try to ignore it or take something to blot it out of our consciousness.  We may think that we have won for a little while, but we soon realise that it has been taking a short nap, like Smaug the dragon, one eye open, lazily watching and waiting. 


One thing that a dragon hates, is being faced.  You see It relies on avoidance and escape so it can play a game that it knows it can win.  It’s not ready for your power – And you have more of that than you are willing to acknowledge. But beware, because sometimes when you face this dragon called anxiety, it sees the weakness in your fear, lack of trust and self-doubt. It knows deep down that you are trying to escape it.  You must face it with all of your power.  You need to look at it without judgement, without desire to be somewhere else, without a need to be free, without the fear that you won’t succeed and without doubt that you are less than it.  You are much more than it is, and it knows this. 

Back to reality...

OK,  let’s get out of the fairy tale come 'Hobbit' scenario and get back to the so-called realities of life.  What does this all mean and how can it help you to be confident, to trust and to live your life courageously so you can succeed in whatever it is you want to succeed at?

The simple answer is this:

By not trying to be free of anxiety!

Anxiety will always be there waiting so don’t waste effort trying to fight it or escape it.  When you are anxious, accept it, feel it, be still with it.  Observe everything you feel in your body and every thought that led to your feeling of anxiety and just accept it.  By accepting it, you are in a position to observe it and detach from it – it has a harder time to define you that way as you get space between it and yourself.

Prepare yourself with armor and courage

Another way to be free of anxiety is preparation.  I mean if you know this demon dragon is in a particular cave, it’s not wise to go empty handed picking up the gold you find lying around – be sure to be prepared and take your sword of courage and shield of awareness.

It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him" 

JRR Tolkien

Increasing self-awareness for the brave and Gorgeous Heart

Gorgeous Hearts confidence coaching supports you to lift the veil of illusion and be more self-aware. Body and voice connection and awareness also supports you to reconnect to your intuition, the language of your soul. This is where you will find your courage, your power, your wisdom and all the other magical extras that are yours by right as an aware and awakened human being.

For example.  We can explore and identify what it is that creates the anxiety.  This could be:

  • A place that always makes you feel anxious - crowded places, shopping centres or heights for example.
  • An unhealthy relationship - maybe a bullying manager, a family member who judges you or maybe the relationship you have with yourself
  • Something that you have to do - you feel it's too huge, difficult or complicated for example.
  • Something intrinsic to your body and mind - hormone imbalance, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, mental health problems or lack of self-esteem or self-confidence

Once you have identified where it comes from, you can then work on observing and measuring the stages that you go through, from feeling slightly niggled to full blown melt down. With practice you can use a very simple strategy to know immediately when you are out of your centre and to nip anxiety in the bud before the dragon really wakes up.

Transformational Coaching 

Supports you to explore and identify the route and the goal. It is your map for the journey.

Vocal Embodiment 

Supports you to reconnect to the power and confidence within you - it is your magic ring, but rather than making you invisible, it makes you invincible. 

The wisdom is within you

The thing is you actually have a Gandalf just waiting for your attention and your orders – the great thing is, he doesn’t go missing, never gets taken prisoner or dies – But know this, you need to be the one who calls on those powers, you need to realise that you are worthy and that help is there.

Being able to see the anxiety, know why it is there and how to face it helps you to detach from it's imposing power. Don the armor of your full power and roar back at that shrunken little shadow of a dragon as it coughs up pathetic little clouds of smoke.

“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”

JRR Tolkien

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