Massive Change During Menopause

Menopause presents some pretty challenging changes, both physically and mentally.  To be courageous and embrace this opportunity, is to deepen the connection you have with you; your innate wisdom, your strength and your purpose in life.  Are you ready to be a super hero of your own life? Read on to find out about MASSIVE CHANGE during menopause.......

Are You Ready For MASSIVE CHANGE? 

Before I begin to talk about transformation, I will quickly add here that you don't need to change - NO -  you are amazing, unique, lovable, worthy, creative, innovative and many more wonderful things.  What I will say, is that accessing those qualities (which you know you are) requires getting rid of what stops you from expressing them.  Anxiety is just one of a bunch of super villains that zap your joy, but it cannot win against the forces of your super hero powers if you are wearing your cape of awareness.  Now, this is the interesting bit, if you take off your cape, you can get suckered, powed and whammed in all directions. It's like holding up a block of Kryptonite in front of Superman's face!  So, to make it clear, this blog isn't about changing you, it's about using a framework so that you can don your cape against adversity at all times.

“Anxiety is a mean super villain, but it cannot win against the forces of your super hero powers if you are wearing your cape of  awareness"

Separating the doing from the being

Self-awareness allows you to observe what it is that causes this attack from anxiety. Anxiety is the result of not feeling that you have mastered a particular part of life that is presenting itself to you.  This could be a situation, something that you have to do in the future, your relationships, or whatever is going on in your body and mind.  During menopause we always have that extra layer of anxiety to contend with due to the changes in our body, both physically and psychologically.  There are peri/menopausal symptoms that can affect how we live from day to day, and then we also have mood swings, brain fog, and a whole host of other debilitating thought patterns such as judgmental comparative thoughts, limiting beliefs and imposing ideals of what a woman should  be, should  look like or should  do at a 'certain age' 

When you are more aware, you can feel the tension in this because it's a lie, and with this understanding comes freedom. You can let go of these restrictions, impositions and definitions and step into the grandness of yourself.

You are amazing!

The truth is, you are an amazing woman! You just need to observe the moments when you stop believing it and question what really happens.  You can then begin to appreciate the grandness of who you are.  When you begin focusing on that, MASSIVE CHANGE becomes a reality.  So, let's look a bit closer at what MASSIVE CHANGE during menopause is:

  • M is for meditation but not the retreating kind.  To be a superhero of your own purpose, you need to bring meditation into your daily expression. This means walking, working, eating and communicating with others for example,  from a connection to the stillness within you before you express.  There are many ways to meditate, but keeping it simple and focusing on the quality of your breath is a great way to reconnect to you.
  • A is for appreciation.  The only way to change something , is to see the opportunity that it offers.  If we shy away from discomfort, we miss the lesson that it presents, and it tends to follow us around like a dark shadow.  Appreciating is the best way to realise this. Whatever is going on, appreciate what it is offering.  Appreciate each step that you make towards self-love and appreciate who you are.
  • S is for Self.  Not self-centered or selfish, but self-confidence, self-awareness, self-worth, self-love and self-care.  This follows on from appreciation really, but it is more pertinent to the relationship that you have with yourself and true intimacy.
  • S - This second S is for singing.  It is very specific to Gorgeous Hearts and the methods that I use to aid self-awareness and self-discovery.  Singing has some fabulous health benefits all by itself, but when you learn to use your voice as a healing tool, your confidence will soar!
  • I is for Intimacy.  What does the relationship that you have with yourself look like? Is it like a newly wed couple or is it like a team of micro managers in a blame culture  organisation?  How can you feel harmony in your life, if you don't enjoy intimacy with you? How can your relationships with others be joyful if you are not joyful in yourself?  
  • V is for Volition. Your will is  your command. You choose, so it would be wise to dig deep and understand where your choices come from.  What energy is at their source and how can you choose more wisely? What are you attracting in your life and what are you constellating?   
  • E is for Expression.  Your movements perpetuate what is going on within.  Your expression is an indication of how you are living.  reconnecting to your body and expressing from that connection will change your world and everyone else's! 
  • C is for Commitment & Courage.  Commitment to see this through, commitment to your own life and commitment to be and express love. Courage to be honest, to accept truth and to discard what is not love.   
  • H is for Harmony.  All working as one expression in a symphony of beauty and purpose.  This begins with you, but it can change the world. 
  • A is for Action.  Getting past theories and turning them into a living way.  Stop talking about it and BE it.   
  • N is for Nurture.  When you forget your cape of awareness,  you can say whoops, recognise it, appreciate that you have clocked it,  and nurturing yourself back to the connection that was making life more joyful - that is truly honouring you!
  • G is fora  goalless purpose.  Rather than chasing dreams, why not allow the wisdom within you to truly express what you are here to express?  When we desire something, it invariably comes with and energy of lacking.  You send that message out into the universe and it comes back with a regurgitated version of what has been repeating all your life.  True purpose is found through reconnecting to your inner heart.  
  • E is for Evolution.  Evolve, expand your world and communicate that expansion.  It brings more love and joy to the world. Your world is not defined by menopause - it is defined by you.  Make it a joyful one that everyone is inspired by.

If you resonate, reciprocate!

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