Massive Change During Menopause

  • Are you suffering with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause? 
  • Are you feeling small and insignificant - a victim of menopause?
  • Are you looking for your own super hero to come back?


Menopause presents some pretty challenging changes, both physically and mentally.  It can be so hard to think positively at this time, let alone actually thrive, but what if there was a way to embrace this time of your life? A way to turn the tables and give the finger to the usual imposing ideals and beliefs about women at this time of their lives?  Are you ready to be a super hero of your own life?  Read on to find out how to embrace MASSIVE CHANGE during menopause.......

Are You Ready For MASSIVE CHANGE during menopause? 

Before I begin to talk about transformation, I want to make it clear that you don't need to change - NO -  you are amazing, unique, lovable, worthy, creative, innovative and many more wonderful things - you know this - even if menopause has put a dampener on them.  What I will say, is that accessing those qualities requires getting through what stops their expression. The anxiety that results from the plethora of symptoms that affect body and mind, is like  a super villain that zaps your joy and vitality,  but it cannot win against the forces of your super hero powers when you are wearing your cape of awareness.  Now, this is the interesting bit, your cape is not something that you can take off or put on - it is part of you and when you forget about it you end up getting suckered, powed and whammed in all directions. So, to make it clear, this blog isn't about changing you, it's about knowing you, trusting you and realising the power that you have within you. Massive Change during menopause is a tool to support you to remember this and to help you to thrive rather than just survive.

“Anxiety is a mean super villain, but it cannot win against the forces of your super hero powers if you are wearing your cape of  awareness"

Separating the doing from the being

Self-awareness is needed so that you can observe what is going on in your body and feel where the anxiety comes from.  Anxiety can come from the body as it adjusts to the hormonal changes, it can come from lack of sleep or from difficult relationships, from feeling invisible or unattractive. It can become huge during menopause, as we have to contend with restless nights, hot flushes and brain fog and carry on our lives - busy as they may be. We still need to organise, have the energy to work and care for those we love. Then we still have to deal with the ideals of what a woman should  be, should  look like or should  do at a 'certain age' and the uncertainty and general lack of information that is available on this topic can leave you feeling alone - it may be difficult to pinpoint what is causing your anxiety, but there will be one area that affects you more than others - and that is the starting point.

You are amazing!

The truth is, we are all amazing women - just by being who we are.  Yes we have the issues, the discomfort, the symptoms and life sometimes feels impossible,  but if you really believe this statement, you will be on the front foot.  Here lies the foundation of appreciation for who you are - not what you do or what is happening to you, just the appreciation of who you are as a point of reference - a place to begin and to offset the anxiety.  When you begin focusing on that reference, MASSIVE CHANGE then supports you to start living that amazingness with the vitality and joy that comes with it.  So, let's look a bit closer at what the MASSIVE CHANGE during menopause tool  is:

  • M (from mind fog to mindfulness) is for meditation but not the retreating kind. This kind of meditation reconnects you to the wisdom and intuition that is the expression of your soul. It gives you purpose and inspires you to be self-caring and self-loving. Meditation can be part of your day - when you walk, work, eat, communicate with others. It means having one eye on the stillness and steadiness within you before you express.  There are many ways to meditate, but keeping it simple and focusing on the quality of your breath is a great way to reconnect to you and to maintain this in your daily expression.
  • A is for appreciation.  The only way to change something , is to appreciate the opportunity that it offers.  Discomfort is horrible, but it does offer us an opportunity to learn.  Appreciating what is around you is secondary to appreciating what is within you.  What you express is what you will manifest so the more you express appreciation, the more you will find to appreciate.
  • S is for Self - the self that you can love and trust. The focus on the quality of tenderness in how you express yourself supports self-confidence, self-awareness, self-worth, self-love and self-care.  The relationship you have with yourself must be true, loving and consistent. 
  • S - this S is for space. Deepening your presence and the quality of your relationship with self, allows you to create more space within and around you. It is always about going deeper within that space rather than looking for answers outside or being dominated by time.  
  • I is for Intimacy.  Intimacy begins with the relationship that you have with yourself and then expands to include your other relationships. If you were in a romantic relationship with you, what would it look like? Would you be avoiding things, or would there be a nurturing and harmonious connection - that is how your relationships will be. If you don't enjoy intimacy with yourself, how can you be intimate with another?  
  • V is for Vocal connection. This is very specific to my coaching package Connect & Express which includes vocal techniques to  aid self-awareness and self-discovery.  Singing from your whole body instrument has some fabulous health benefits and is a great self-care and healing tool that can specifically help with sleep - great during menopause. We communicate with our voice to the world around us so it is important to bring forth a voice that is authentic, confident, powerful and which carries your innate wisdom.  
  • E is for Energy.  Your energy can feel rather lacking during menopause but focusing on what energy you are expressing in, will help you to feel more energy and align to the energy that comes from within, from your soul.  If your energy is dissipating in many directions, bringing your focus back to one thing will stop you getting so exhausted. 
  • C is for Commitment & Courage.  Commitment to see things through, commitment to your own life and commitment to be self-caring during menopause. Courage to be honest, to accept truth and to discard what is not serving you during this transformation.   
  • H is for Harmony.  Menopause can feel anything but harmonious, but it is a natural cycle of your life. Looking for harmony and focusing on how that shows up in your life helps you to see life holistically as a symphony of beauty and purpose. This begins with you, but it can change your world. 
  • A is for Action.  Action here is not about doing, drive or push - it just means turning the theory into a living way.  It means to start being the amazing woman you are.    
  • N is for Nurture.  A nurturing attitude towards yourself is possibly the most important point on this list. Nurture yourself instead of being self-critical or self-doubting. Nurture your body and take care of it as you would a child. Just how you put your hand or face cream on (tenderly and mindfully) to understanding your actions even when they didn't have the outcome you expected. Nurture stops reactions. When you feel like reacting to a perimenopausal symptom for example, be self-nurturing instead!
  • G is for a  Gravitas - this was one of the roman virtues and I use it in the sense of discipline,  dignity and depth.  Discipline in your self-care, dignity as woman who is not defined by menopause and the depth of wisdom that can be expressed and what the world needs from you as you mature.
  • E is for Evolution.  Menopause is a gateway to evolve. You have a choice now to focus on yourself and journey through this storm. You bring your own personal love and joy to the world which is not defined by menopause - it is defined by you.  Make it a joyful one that everyone, including you, is inspired by.

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