A Relationship with Your Soul First!

How to build a relationship with your soul that will change all of your relationships.....

What would a conversation with your soul look like? Might you hear some things you'd prefer not to? Who would be in charge and would there be discrepancies and arguments or respect and appreciation?  The only way to find out is to start communicating right now with a part of you that is neglected but forever awaiting your return.  Let's look at some to achieve this....

How to have a relationship with your soul
  • You will not be able to hear anything if there is too much noise. Your head is in constant motion with ideas, deadlines, organisation, replaying events, creating, moaning, assessing, calculating, planning and plotting.  Give it a break and take time to come back to your body, because you're not going to be successful in building a relationship with your soul if you believe that your mind is only in your head. The intelligence in your body is far superior to what you could ever dream up in your head - I mean just how the cell membranes communicate is a fascinating journey to discover - where does that intelligence come from? And what of the intuition that reminds you from time to time that you already know? Coming back to your body offers space and serenity and stops the constant chatter.  In that silence you can begin to listen.  All great relationships thrive when there is a willingness to listen and share. Start with the relationship with your soul and get some practice!st Element
  • Adopt the practices that feel right for you. We have a few pointers that have been passed down the ages from the wise who walked the earth before us and who enjoyed a relationship with their soul, but it is as simple as choosing to listen.  Yes, the choice to reconnect to the space within you, your soul,  your sacredness, is just that - a choice.  You can choose that connection at any moment and feel your relationship with something that feels greater, more purposeful and loving.  Some of the ways that you can support yourself to connect to you, are meditation - no need for long, mind emptying meditations, just connecting to your breath for 10 minutes a day is a great tool to re-connect - movements - be conscious of how you move. Do you move gently and with tenderness or brusquely and rushed? Slow down and create space so that you can become more conscious of the way you move, touch, walk, etc. This is your expression and it will have a new quality when you connect within you - awareness - bringing your consciousness to the body really supports you to feel that connection and to leave the noise of the head behind. Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express supports you to do just that.
  • Don't assume that you have to work on yourself to attain communication with your soul, that you have to work things out, try, be better, or reach a level of perfection. Start from the foundation that you are magnificent and divine, even if you don't always choose to be so.  Of course, if you take drugs, drink a lot of alcohol, eat poorly, fill all your space with entertainment, look for the answers outside of yourself or go into overdrive to the detriment of your health, it will be more difficult to build that relationship, however, it doesn't mean that you can't. You are always connected - you are one body - one instrument or one vehicle of expression and you can always choose to align to the light and love of your soul.  Here's a hint too - if you are aligned with that light and love - how on earth would you be able to abuse your body via drugs, alcohol, processed food, driving yourself to exhaustion etc? Would it even be possible? Rome wasn't built in a day and if you lose your awareness, just press the reset button and reconnect again - you will soon begin to feel that the lack of awareness just isn't worth it.

How does your relationship with your soul affect the other relationships in your life?

If you feel stressed, anxious, emotional or chaotic, to name a few of the distractions that hold you back from the joy that you would naturally express, you may resonate with the word 'disconnected,' as it is in fact true that there is no harmony or flow when these contracting feelings invade your life.  The consequences are far reaching but include physical and mental health problems, stressful relationships and perhaps a block in the flow of abundance on offer, whether that be in the form of dating, money, clients or other opportunities.  

What kind of relationship are we looking at here? It is certainly true, that old adage, that you cannot love another until love yourself, but before there is love, there needs to be respect and before respect, decency - how much decency do you show yourself? Let's just go with the physical body as way of an example: 

  1. 1
    Do you get a decent night's sleep? 
  2. 2
     Do you eat a decent amount of healthy food?
  3. 3
    Do you spend a decent amount of quality time with yourself without distractions and entertainment?

And what about respect?

  1. 1
    Do you respect the need to rest at the times your body asks for it? 
  2. 2
     Do you respect your body enough to stop stuffing it with junk?
  3. 3
    Do you respect the need for inner contemplation and self-awareness?

You can appreciate that it seems that the majority of humanity have a long way to go in order to reach 'love.' It  highlights or rather exposes the problems that we can have relating to others if these basic tenets are not met. Our relationships may be based on needs, expectations, attachment to comfort, attachment to drama or stimulation, for example, if we are not choosing a foundation of at least decency when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves.  

But what if your soul said you have nothing to work at, nothing to perfect, no 'long way to go'? Imagine you could hear your soul speak and it said: "hey I'm here, I've always been here and I will be here long after you have finished your jaunt on earth - I am the love you desire, the light in the dark and the wisdom and grace in within the void you feel - just choose to connect within and you will hear me and feel me" what do you think your relationship with yourself may look like in this scenario? Would you be able to look at another and see the same potential of love in there eyes whether they were choosing to notice it or not?

a relationship with soul - Gorgeous Hearts

Maybe all we need to do is surrender to the fact that we are much more than we believe ourselves to be. Maybe we can stop all of the trying, the control, the need to work things out, the self-development, the journeys and the constant seeking. Could it be that all we need to do is listen in to the silence within our inner-hearts and begin to allow a relationship that begins with being decent and respectful to ourselves so that we can begin to feel the fire of love that awaits us? And could this be the answer to all the problems that beset our relationships? Could we choose to see the love in another - whatever hurts their behaviour is stirring in us?  If we choose to be love, we will be love - it's as simple as! 


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