Singing Techniques for self-confidence

Are you a little shy with your voice? Is singing only for performers? Are you feeling disconnected from your body and a bit too much in your head? Read on and discover some practical ways of being more connected to your expression and to begin to use your voice with confidence and power.

Singing Techniques for Inner Connection and vitality

Singing techniques for inner connection is a practical post because you will find several videos and audios to support you to connect more deeply to your body instrument that will help you to express with confidence and power. I hope you enjoy these videos, but I will also point out that the exercises here are just a taster and the art of mastering your voice, increasing self-awareness and expressing from the whole of your body instrument with confidence and power, is a process that takes time.

I encourage you to keep a journal so that you can jot down how the exercises feel in your body. This is very important as the exercises are part of your self-care routine and are meditative in nature. If you keep checking in with your body and writing down you experience, it will lead to further awareness and connection so that you can use this for future reference when advancing. Singing in this way can manifest as feeling more vitality and joy and can be part of a self-care routine for holistic wellness. 

Singing Techniques - Videos lessons 


These singing techniques are not to teach you to sing, to be a better performer or necessarily to acquire better vocal technique, they are specific to the Connect & Express program which supports you to connect to the energy impulsed from your soul and express from there.  Tuning into your body and choosing a quality of gentleness that your voice can express feels liberating and empowering as well as joyful. Feel how your whole body instrument vibrates to the one song of love that is the vibration of the whole universe. Surrender to this purpose as you practice the exercises and feel the deep healing that it brings.

This singing technique is called 'The Siren.' Feel how the sound can begin in your feet and the vibrations can be felt throughout the body....

'Call & Response' 

You will hear a phrase followed by a four beat bar and then a space for you to replicate the phrase. Bring your consciousness into your body and feel how your voice flows gently and evenly in your phrases. You don't need to concentrate on breath or any other singing technique, just focus on bringing your voice from your whole body and surrendering to the process. 

This is a live Call and Response exercise that is a little more difficult over a harmonic minor scale.


Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Facebook group invites you to join in with some great vocal connection exercises, meditations and connective rhythmic exercises. All have the specific purpose of supporting you to connect to the harmony and joy of your true, natural expression. The voice from your soul vibrates with love and allows love to flow in your expression - all you need to do is choose to connect!

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