The Lockdown Blues

Lockdown 2 is upon us!

Hang on in there again, but while you do, take the weight off, the frustration out and bring the light in and free up your lockdown blues!

The sighs were palpable when a new lockdown was announced last week...

The last lockdown had an air of camaraderie as we applauded the health professionals and the kids painted their rainbows from behind closed doors. We were the other side of Christmas and the hope of a summer and a decline in cases was enough to keep us motivated. 

I imagine that there will continue to be solidarity during lockdown 2, but maybe the lap blankets will feel a little heavier and the loneliness that little bit more suffocating as we pine for our ‘normal’ Christmas festivities that have created the rhythm of our yearly cycles since we were born. The hope of being able to control the rise of cases before Christmas is getting everybody singing from the same hymn sheet.

blue music background to depict freeing the lockdown blues

Yes, the lockdown blues could definitely become the genre of music that defines these times, but we don’t need to be dominated by this particular 12 bar repetitive structure. We are able to break free of the sultry dominant seventh blues notes and lighten the way by changing our rhythm!

  • The lockdown blues has a trance like rhythm - Rather than searching for entertaining distractions, balance things by being in the present moment and check in with your day to day routines and movements. Can you lighten the way you move around the house, be more gentle with how you place things, organize space and prepare your meals or your own self-care activities? Movement of the body helps the mind to feel more in harmony and supports you to manage anxiety.

  • The lockdown blues is a simple repetitive call and response type theme. Rather than circulating the ‘bad news’ the worries, the overwhelming and disheartening stories that we hear on the news and social media, can we observe from presence and communicate with others on our devices with optimism and love so that we inspire a more loving connection between us? A beautiful thought even  though we cannot connect physically. 
  • The lockdown blues has a particular scale that expresses raw emotional weight. Rather than focusing on the fear, overwhelm, anxiety and loneliness, Can we lighten that weight? Can we perhaps let go of the ideals and expectations that we impose, not only on one another, but also on society and the way we’ve ‘always’ done things? Relationships, work and family can all be under extreme pressure so breaking free of ‘shoulds’ for example can be very liberating.

Freeing-up the lockdown blues means being responsive to change. It means saying yes to what isn’t ‘normal’ and stepping into a new rhythm as a pioneer of commitment and courage. It means being humble enough to know that you’re not in control of everything and feeling the liberation of surrendering to what is playing out whilst keeping connection with yourself. 

Freeing up the lockdown blues means freeing-up yourself from the so called 'normal' that we think is the only way and realizing that there is something deeper within you that can never be locked down. Understanding that there is a source of energy that has nothing to do with ideals such as Christmas, which is continuously communicating when we are still, present and open to the rhythm and song that is offered. 

What do we take as normal?

  • Normal is drinking alcohol and overeating processed foods, excess sugar, and caffeine rich drinks.
  • Normal is stressing about all the presents, extra food, party bookings and chaotic social life that occurs this time of year.
  • Normal is allowing the bullying and manipulation of family members who are supposed to be the people we love.
  • Normal is repetitive bell chiming effects in monotonous and meaningless songs that invade our ears and minds in every supermarket, shop, TV and radio show keeping us from any possibility of self-awareness or balance.

Is this the only 'normal' we really want?

lockdown Christmas

You may think I’m being a killjoy, but I’ll let you into a secret...

I love Christmas. I love the Christmas lunch that I share with my gorgeous family and I know that I probably won’t be doing that this year as I live in another country. 

But I also want to be free from the expectations, the attachment to that particular day or time of year. Instead I'm emphasizing the love I have in my heart for them and for others at any time of year. 

Love cannot be bound up or locked down inside one family - it can be concentrated or emphasized on certain people who you have a purpose to be with, but it doesn’t mean your love is contained to those people. 
Your love is the observation and not the judgement, it's the all encompassing expression of who you are in a present moment that is constantly changing..


Let’s change the rhythm of the lockdown blues and get celebrating! 

  • Free-up the rhythm - walk your walk with the sassy gorgeousness of your whole being in presence.
  • Free-up the response - hear the call of your heart and trust it.
  • Free-up the emotional weight - use your voice to bring you back to your body and out of your headspace - use your voice to feel the vibrations of love that are embedded in every cell of your whole body instrument!

Want to know how to change your rhythm and free-up lockdown blues? 

I am helping big-hearted 'Lockdowners' to be joyfully resilient so they can come out the other side, having danced in the face of adversity, with vitality and vigour

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Sharon is a transformational expression coach. Her work focuses on supporting the process of letting go of the blocks that hold back authentic expression and using the voice as a way to balance body, mind, spirit and soul. She works with business owners to help their visibility online and volunteers with young adults to develop confidence



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