Reconnect to your Authentic Voice & feel Your Magnificence!

Discover the healing qualities of your own Voice

The video above gives you a little taste of what holistic voice training looks like and how it differs from performance based singing. Building a relationship with your voice helps you to feel more confident, but it's also a very effective way to strike a balance between your head and your body.  The mind is not just in the head, you can reconnect to a wisdom that is far more empowering when you use your whole body/mind instrument

What are the benefits of Connect & Express?

The difference between ordinary singing and holistic voice training, who it's for, what benefits it has for our physical and mental health and more...

  • What differentiates holistic voice work from ordinary vocal coaching?
    The emphasis is not on controlling the voice for optimum performance and quality, instead, the only quality we're interested in is the energetic kind. Energetic quality is your choice and it can be a very healing and empowering experience. It's about harmonizing your inner stillness with your expression and feeling more connected to your body so you're less likely to be distracted by what's going on in your head. Connect & Express helps you to explore ways to free your natural voice and let go of fear and inhibitions.  There is often a disconnection between your voice and body so it can be very joyful to discover what your voice is capable of. 
  • Who does it help?
    Anybody who feels the painful results of anxiety, held back expression, not feeling heard, fear of expressing their truth, feeling worried about being wrong, needing to be right, feeling frustrated by trying to please everybody, or insecure about presenting or communicating in any way, will benefit from these techniques. 
  • Physical and emotional benefits
    An instant calming and balance between the head and the body which supports a better quality of sleep and therefore more vitality. It's great for your circulation and posture, lowers your blood pressure and you get a boost to your immune system. You enjoy a feeling of connection much like meditation, but by embodying your connection through the vibrations felt in your body, you become more grounded and present in your daily life.

What can I Expect?

A session of Connect & Express will last for 60 minutes, but may go over, as some exercises take longer.

You will need a journal. Your observations are the most important part of the process.

Make sure you have plenty of water. It's really important to be sufficiently hydrated.

have cushions, a yoga mat and a blanket to hand as some of the work is laying down.

No need for any singing ability or any musical knowledge at all. This is never about performance or a 'better' voice.

The more honest you are in your observation the better - communicate your feelings.

There is a focus on natural and spontaneous expression. I help you to feel confident with Improvisation.

Be observant of all areas of your body and your self-awareness will quickly increase.

The only way to know if something works is to have a go...Would you like to try it?

I offer a 30 minute vocal connection session to everyone who signs up to Gorgeous Hearts. Click below and book your taster session

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