Discover how to connect with your voice & express from the whole of you with power, confidence and ease    

The voice from your soul
  • Discover how your voice can support you to feel more self-confident 
  • Discover techniques to improve your speaking/presenting or singing with ease.
  •  Discover how to let go of control and connect with your body 
  • Discover your confident and powerful voice! 


Videos and exercises to give you a head start!

Get started and enjoy your voice. This library of videos and audios will give you a routine to practice so start tuning in to your soul-full voice. 


Embody your voice and connect to the power within...

Here you will find blogs relating to your expression, your voice, your rhythm, and your body. For a holistic approach to using your voice.

Performance 4 Confidence

A dedicated programme for performers of all kinds.

Learning how to use or improve your voice is one half of this programme, the other half is getting you ready to perform with confidence!

Find the resources that interest you the most below, and discover your natural, powerful voice!

Your Voice - The blogs 

Your Voice - The blogs 

Vocal Masterclasses

Your voice can express what you react to from the outside or it can express from a deep connection to your body and soul with an energetic quality that brings all of you into powerful connection. The voice can deliver emotion, but it can also heal and deliver love - it is a vibration of sound that can support you to be more connected, authentic and confident. Just as a mother's voice calms her distressed child, if love is the foundation of your expression, it will alter the quality and intention of your voice, and with it, the quality of how you live. 

Gorgeous Hearts focuses on two aspects of vocal mastery. On is focused on the vocal exercises that teach breathing techniques, dexterity, agility and resonance, and the other is coaching so that you can share what you need to express, whether that be in a classroom, a stage or on the TV.  The difference will be the emphasis on nurturing a harmonious connection with the whole body instrument and allowing the natural vibrations of the voice to be felt and appreciated. They are just as effective for people who have no musical or singing experience as for performers or speakers who ar anxious about their delivery. 

Are You Ready To Give it Your All?

Whether you are a complete beginner who needs to develop your technique, a pro looking to improve stamina or a talented performer who suffers performance anxiety, The Gorgeous Hearts Performance 4 Confidence Master Class Programme will blow you away. You will get expert vocal coaching from professionals who not only have the experience and qualifications, but who have performed on TV and  on stage for large audiences, who have felt the fear and conquered the anxiety and who have dedicated years to music and performance.

Gorgeous Hearts supports you to not only increase self-confidence but to fall in love with your gorgeous self, by re-connecting to your whole body instrument, letting go of what holds you back and freeing your natural expression.

Discover the magic in your voice and express the love within you.  
I will support you to explore, observe, question and build on the relationship that you have with yourself so that you can release the hurts by healing from your core. Start witnessing the miraculous transformation that unfolds when you express first from your soul.