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Discover how to connect within to your innate wisdom, rekindle your natural intuition and free your powerful and creative expression!    

  • Discover how your voice can nurture self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Discover how your voice can express the love that is innate within you
  • Discover how your voice can heal by creating harmony from your true expression


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Your Voice - The blogs 

Your Voice - The blogs 

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Your voice can be the expression of your emotions and what you react to from the outside or it can by the voice of your soul  which refers to the energetic quality that is expressed when there is a connection with your soul before you express, speak or sing. The healing qualities of your own voice are apparent when this connection is established, not only for you, but for others. Just as a mother's voice calms her distressed child, love is the foundation for your expression and will alter the quality and intention of your voice, and with it, the quality of your living way. 

Rather than vocal exercises that teach dexterity, breath control and other vocal techniques, these exercises focus more on nurturing harmony in the whole body instrument and allowing the natural vibrations of the voice to be felt and appreciated. They are just as effective for people who have no musical or singing experience as for performers or speakers who suffer anxiety. 


Hello Gorgeous Heart! I would love to support you to explore and release whatever holds you back from expressing the abundance of love that flows through you, discover the magic and healing of your own natural voice and tap into the creativity that results from the harmony of holistic wellness in all areas of your life. 'Connect & Express' which I describe as Holistic Vocal Embodiment Coaching, is what it says on the tin! It supports you to re-connect to your innate wisdom and intuition and to express with the harmony of your true and powerful expression. Let go of anxiety, free your creativity and express with confidence, renewed self-esteem and joy!

I offer a 30 minute free trial, so let's get started!

Gorgeous Hearts supports you to increase self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love by re-connecting to your whole body instrument, letting go of what holds you back and freeing your natural expression.

Discover the magic and wisdom within you.  
I will support you to explore, observe, question and build on the relationship that you have with yourself so that you can release the hurts and heal from your core. Start witnessing the miraculous transformation that unfolds when you express first from your soul.