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How to Claim Your Full Voice - From Mumbles To Clarity!

A woman cupping her hand to her ear showing that she finds it hard to understand.

Ignoring the power of your expression? Here's how to claim your full voice...

Ignoring the power of your voice is like being on a tug boat in a cargo shipping lane and using your arms to signal your existence and all the time you have a perfectly functioning fog horn!!

The thing is, many people tell me that they don't have confidence in their voice, but the thing is, your voice holds the key to a confident expression and more enriching interactions with others. 

What then is the criteria for a confident voice and how can you change how you claim your full voice?

Let me introduce you to Jose (not his real name, but a real case nonetheless).

Jose is a D-level executive of the UK subsidiary of a well-known Spanish construction company. He is fluent in English at a C1+ level, yet his strong Spanish accent and baritone pitch often leave him feeling unheard. It's like he's constantly auditioning for a sequel to "Lost in Translation." He often feels like he’s speaking into a void, only to be met with blank stares or requests to repeat himself!

Apart from often feeling frustrated, Jose doubted himself and withdrew from social interactions. He also found it hard to gain respect in his workplace in Manchester.

Now, we all know about self-doubt - it affects all of us in certain areas of our lives, and Jose is no exception. Yes, doubt, that sneaky little devil, creeps in, infecting every aspect of our lives like a relentless cancer robbing us of our agency. It affects our decision-making, clouds our judgement and more importantly, it imprisons us in our own insecurity and has us striving for perfection as well as beating ourselves up when we don't achieve it.

It turned Jose into an apologetic shadow of himself, hindering both his professional and social life.

Jose experienced a temporary reprieve in the bottom of a wine glass at the local pub. After a few drinks, his words seemed to flow more freely, and people actually seemed to understand him. But there was a price to pay for depending on this fickle friend called alcohol. It left him exhausted and disheartened, and he still had the same problem in the light of the day.

Jose's plight may seem like a bit of a vicious circle - he certainly felt very stuck and somewhat resigned to the fact that things were not going to change. He wondered whether it might be better to move back to his home country and look for another job, but it wasn’t really an appealing option for him either as his family had relocated with him - it would certainly be a big upheaval. 

Jose had a particular situation with his voice and pronunciation, but many people are not heard either in their professional or personal lives. It can be that our voices are very soft, lack authority, have a tone that doesn’t resonate or we mumble rather than speak clearly...

Well, what if I told you there's a light at the end of the tunnel of not being heard - a way to move from mumbling to clarity?

Enter: Presence

A man looking confident at work

Picture this - a workplace where awkward apologies are replaced with confident and respectful assertions, where our voice holds the authority of our true essence and where our contribution is expressed, understood and valued. That choice exists, and it's called presence. Whether you're struggling to make yourself understood or grappling with the frustration of not understanding others, the solution lies in being present.

In today's multicultural workplaces, clear communication is paramount. English proficiency aside, some voices simply don't carry well. So, let's delve more deeply into what we can do about this.

  • Firstly, observe the situation. Is being misunderstood serving a purpose? Perhaps it shields you from unwanted attention or absolves you of responsibility. But at what cost? The choice to reclaim your voice starts with a flicker of awareness, a decision to step out of the shadows and claim your voice in full.

  • Assuming responsibility for your voice is a game-changer. It's not just about tone and pronunciation; it's about energy—your authentic essence. Embrace that authentic voice, and watch as your words resonate with newfound clarity.

  • Now, for the nitty-gritty: technique. Ever tried speaking into the roof of your mouth? It's like yawning without the yawn—trust me, it works wonders. Try repeating byu a few times and notice how your mouth feels - you may feel a lift in the roof of your mouth - that's where you can find more resonance. Combine this with heartful enunciation and diaphragmatic breathing i.e. bringing your breath from the centre of your body and allowing your lungs all the space they need to support your voice, and you're on your way to sonic success. But remember, technique pales in comparison to the power of presence.

And what about those on the receiving end of garbled messages? Fear not, for understanding is a two-way street.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for clarification—humor can be your ally here. A shared chuckle can dissolve tension faster than you can say, "Babel Fish."

  • Embarrassment is just judgment in disguise. Release your expectations, and watch as understanding blooms in its absence. Speak with authority, sans apology. Authenticity trumps niceties any day of the week.

So, here's the bottom line: Build fitness around being present. Cultivate awareness in every interaction, be ON when you are talking or listening and watch as communication transforms from a tangled web to a clear path forward.

In conclusion,

Communication doesn't have to be complicated. It's time to reclaim your voice and simplify the dialogue.

If you are inspired to look more closely at the relationship you have with your voice. and you're ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery, sign up for a free consultation today—no sales pitch, just solutions. Let's get your voice heard, loud and clear.


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