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Holistic Vocal Coaching

What is holistic vocal coaching and
how is it different from traditional singing classes?

Traditional singing classes usually have one objective; to teach you to sing and perform. You would probably go to singing classes to learn specific techniques on how to control your voice, sing more powerfully, discover more resonance, or increase your range so that you can perform professionally or join a choir, for example. You will learn to use your voice as you would learn to use any instrument.

I have been a traditional vocal coach for over 20 years and have supported many people to discover and perfect their singing voice, however, the voice is more than a performance instrument. Rather than just a lineal A to B trajectory of improvement, A (from not having a clue how to sing) to B (perfecting your voice within the parameters of your ability), and treating the voice as a muscle to strengthen improve, perfect and control, I prefer to look at the voice as part of a whole body instrument that expresses itself in all areas of life. I feel that the voice offers us something much more profound.

But what does that really mean?.....

Holistic vocal coaching approaches singing and any other way that you use your voice, as an expression that is both joyful and healing in all areas of your life. For example, it can help an insecure singer to feel confident on stage but also a parent who is finding it difficult to communicate with his or her teenage child.
It encompasses vocal techniques that help you to enjoy your voice but also to reconnect to your WHOLE body instrument in a healing way; focusing not only on the physical sound but on the vibrational quality of your authentic voice.


Therefore, holistic vocal coaching takes into account the healing factor of the physical voice and its vibrational quality which has an impact on your own well-being and your relationships. This adds another dimension to expression as we become more aware of the energetic integrity of how we use our voices. 


In a nutshell, rather than a specific goal to enhance performance, holistic vocal coaching is a continually expanding opportunity for self-realisation through learning to reconnect to the whole body instrument using your voice to express your true self, improving your health and vitality, your relationships AND your performance. 

What is it?

What does a holistic vocal coaching session
look like and what would I be doing?

Here’s what a holistic vocal coaching session might look like (they can be quite unpredictable and respond to personal issues, but just as an example):

  1. We gently explore any issues that are affecting you right now and how this may affect your body, voice and the way you express yourself.  

  2. We create a space of clarity so that you can easily recognise what’s holding you back and what feels out of alignment with you. Once you are aware, it's easier to let go of what is interfering with your authentic voice.

  3. I will take you through a meditation to reconnect to the steady space within you from where you will bring your true voice. 

  4. We will explore diaphragmatic and pelvic breathing to connect to these areas and bring more power to your voice. 

  5. We will address posture and move the body to support you to sing or speak free of tension.

  6. All the vocal warm-ups and strengthening exercises will be from the whole body instrument and with much awareness of the vibrations of sound and their quality.

  7. We will explore Improvisation and what it feels like to surrender from needing to know what to sing, say or do. 

  8. We can agree on daily rhythms and routines to maintain consistency and I will support you via messenger between sessions.


How much does
a session cost ?

I offer a 6 week package so you can feel the benefits of holistic singing lessons. If, after 6 weeks you wish to continue, you may do so, session by session, at the rhythm that you feel is convenient and beneficial to you. The price of the 6-week programme is 340€ which includes 6 x 1 hour practical classes with Messenger support during the programme, as well as feedback on your voice and a practice plan.

I also offer a two hour voice healing session to get clear on what is holding your voice back, discover some exercises that will help you to feel confident and have more power and resonance in your voice, and enjoy a vibrational healing attunement to reconnect you to your body and voice. This session lasts for approximately two hours and costs 130€.

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