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Meet Sharon Wright
– The Voice Whisperer

Since the year dot, I sang (so my mum tells me).

I remember singing to the birds in our garden and my pet rabbit as a teenager - It was a natural expression that felt very joyful to me.

When I was 7 years old I began to learn the piano and went through classical grades which didn’t feel quite as joyful. I remember never feeling quite good enough and comparing myself with how others played. The same happened when I learned to sing, in fact, it showed up in many areas of my life....

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I never dreamed I'd be a professional singer (I thought I had a ‘horrible’ voice), until I joined a band after leaving school and started touring Europe. I began writing songs and started to take singing classes, mainly because I was constantly having to find singers to help me record songs.

I loved learning to use my voice and I carried on and on, until after years of practicing and performing, I could finally listen to myself without grimacing. It was a long process due to the conditions I had on my own voice and how I compared myself to others.   

Now I love my voice. It's a unique voice that allows me to express myself as only I can. It can enrich others and bring me back to myself again and again. My voice feels spacious and loving within me and I feel that it expresses with gentleness but with authority. At least this is true when I am totally present and not swept off my feet by life's distractions 
Loving your voice leads you to love yourself. When you stop putting conditions on your voice and expression, you stop putting those same conditions on yourself so judgement, critique and self-bashing just get exposed as expressions that are not true. It makes me wonder how I could ever have hated or held back on a part of myself that expresses what I’m here to express.

What might you be holding back on, and what’s your voice got to do with it?

I love teaching people of all ages to sing. My approach has naturally evolved over the years and is now holistic in that it’s not solely focused on one specific goal, i.e. to use your voice for a particular outcome, but rather helps you to awaken your true soul voice and express yourself powerfully, authentically and confidently in all areas of life. It focuses on reconnecting to your whole body instrument harmoniously so that singing is not just a mere performance based activity but a healing modality too.


As a trained naturopath, life coach and esoteric healing facilitator, I like to encompass all of these, along with the musical and teaching experience, into my Soul Voice Programme - a holistic vocal coaching programme to support everyone who is open to discover their true soul voice, connect with it, heal with it, fall in love with it and express it to the world!

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Why the Voice Whisperer?

When I was a child I was passionate about horses and I loved the gentler training methods that horse whisperer’s use.
A horse already knows its own power, but when it is triggered to be fearful, it loses confidence and bolts, becomes aggressive or withdrawing from its true nature. The horse whisperer reminds the horse of its gentle and noble nature by simulating the movements of the lead mare of the herd.

So, what can we learn with regard to connection and movement from a horse whisperer?

By reconnecting to your true essence through specific movements (in this case gentle and tension free voice techniques) you become the voice whisperer of your own expression.

When vocal coaching, I use gentle training methods that don’t force the voice because any tension, strain, pushing or forcing the voice is counterproductive and has you fighting against your own body instrument. Your voice won't sound authentic, free and beautiful if it is being pushed.

Instead we work on gently coaxing your voice back out of the swamp of insecurity and bringing it into its beautiful strength and purpose. You will feel a connection with it that not only helps you to sing and express yourself confidently and powerfully, it will resonate with the beauty of your heart and have an impact on all areas of life such as your work, relationships and your health

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