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Meet Sharon Wright
– The Voice Whisperer

I was always singing as a child (so my mum tells me).

I remember singing to birds in our garden and my pet rabbit - singing was a natural expression that felt very joyful to me.

Singing helped me to be free with my voice and it has always helped me to express myself authentically. If I'd believed in myself more, it would have been a fantastic way to evolve with how I expressed myself, however, I always felt censored in so many other ways.


Does it sound familiar to you? 


Growing up, we are told to apologise, to say things to adults that we don't want to say, to be polite to get what we want, to recall information in a bid to be considered intelligent or successful, whether that information is true or not, and to lie when the truth is not convenient.

As an adolescent, I tried to make my voice fit in with everyone else, and if it didn't, I would be either aloof or withdrawn in my expression. Authenticity would have been like a foreign word to me!

During my life, I've often compared myself with others and I've fought hard to be a better vocalist so as to prove myself, however, the self-critique and the trying just made it all extremely hard work. My throat was always sore and I had tonsilitis and laryngitis regularly.


I missed many opportunities as I sought perfection.
My relationships were often a case of me fitting in with others and oscillating between keeping quiet so as to not 'rock the boat' or trying to prove myself by being knowledgeable or 'good' at singing.  

Thank goodness I found my voice!

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I have always loved teaching, however, life has presented other opportunities that have given me some skills that help me to support people to express themselves confidently and authentically in different contexts.

Performing as a singer made me aware of my hang-ups and forced me to reconnect to an innate confidence within me.

Teaching music and singing helped me to organise and sequence all the tools and techniques that helped me to discover my voice and support others in their discovery.

Working as an HR advisor helped me to say the truth even when it was difficult.

Working as a transformational coach helped me to listen and not use my voice to impose MY opinion.

Directing a company taught me leadership and how to empower others.

Creating my own company brought my voice to a new purpose that I feel passionate about.

It took me a long time to love my voice, but once I discovered its uniqueness and purpose, it changed how I saw myself, how I related with others and how I could use this powerful tool to enrich and inspire others rather than to regurgitate useless information for the sake of fitting in, being good, right or proving myself in any way.

Loving your voice means loving yourself. When you stop putting conditions on your voice (self) and how you should express yourself, not only self-critique and self-bashing get exposed as expressions that are not true, but any expression that is not of enrichment to oneself and other people, stands out as an abomination.

What might you be holding back on, and what’s your voice got to do with it?

My approach to voice coaching has naturally evolved over the years. I'm holistic in my approach, that is to say, I am not goal-orientated in a rectilineal way, but I look at the voice as a whole and the discovery of your voice as an all-encompassing of every area of life in which one uses their voice i.e. in EVERY area.


My clients may have one particular issue with their voice and desire a particular outcome, but I've found that when you discover your voice, it affects so many other areas of your life that you didn't even imagine.

As my coaching focuses on the whole body instrument and bringing all areas of your expression into harmony, you'll discover that each movement, however small, can be a clue to where your voice is held back or where it is in its purpose, authority, truth and joy. For that reason, I feel that my sessions aren't just about performance (whether you sing or manage staff), they are more about discovering the true power of your unique voice and how learning to express yourself in a more empowered way will transform many, if not all areas of your life.

Whether you want more confidence as a singer, more clarity in your written content, how to make your brand stand out, how to present in public, or how to speak your truth in difficult situations and become the leader you desire to be, voice coaching leads you to the heart of your unique expression and helps you to confidently face and inspire the audience.


 A little bit about my relevant training...

->COACHING - I'm a qualified transformational coach currently working towards my PCC coaching credential.

->TEACHING - I have been teaching music, specifically piano and singing for over 20 years. I currently teach singing and English to Spanish business professionals.

->WRITTEN EXPRESSION - I have worked for several companies as a copywriter and content creator.

->LEADERSHIP - I worked for 10 years as an HR advisor and finally as Company Director 

->HEALING - I am a trained naturopath and voice healing facilitator currently studying sleep consultancy.

But most of all I've discovered my heart-led, purposeful and unique voice and I can help you to connect to yours - I promise that you'll fall in love with it!

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Why the Voice Whisperer?

When I was a child I was passionate about horses and I loved the gentler training methods that horse whisperer’s use.
A horse already knows its own power, but when it is triggered to be fearful, it loses confidence and bolts, becomes aggressive or withdraws from its true nature. The horse whisperer reminds the horse of its gentle and noble nature by simulating the movements of the lead mare of the herd.

So, what can we learn with regard to connection and movement from a horse whisperer?

By reconnecting to your true essence through specific movements (in this case gentle and tension-free voice techniques) you become the voice whisperer of your own expression.

When vocal coaching, I use gentle training methods that don’t force the voice because any tension, strain, pushing or forcing of the voice is counterproductive. You end up fighting against your own body instrument. Your voice won't sound authentic, free and beautiful if it is being pushed.

Instead, we work on gently coaxing your voice back out of the swamp of insecurity and bringing it into its beautiful strength and purpose. You will feel a connection with it that not only helps you to sing and express yourself confidently and powerfully, but it will resonate with the beauty of your heart and have an impact on all areas of life such as your work, your relationships and your health

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