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 Your authentic voice is uniquely empowering! Want to discover it and impact your audience as only you can? Find out more...

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Welcome, I imagine that you’re here because…


You love singing but you want to enjoy more range and power in your voice without the wobbles so you feel confident to perform free of anxiety.

You want to discover your authentic unique voice and use it to make a difference! 

You are tired of your bouncy mind taking you off course. You want to focus and get clear on the soul-aligned voice of your business that will attract the people who will give you a resounding YES!


You’d like more harmony in your life and intuitively feel that your voice is the way to deepen in your relationships (not forgetting the one you have with yourself).


Do you sometimes feel tense, anxious or stressed when you use your voice professionally, sing to an audience, present yourself on or off-line or even when you simply relate with others socially? It can leave you in a perpetual loop of self-doubting frustration - lack of confidence and more stress! Voice coaching will give you the confidence and centredness that you are looking for so that you can communicate effectively without the worry of failure choking your expression. 

If your voice feels 'small' and you worry about not being heard or missing out on opportunities, rest assured that voice coaching will give you the techniques that will power up your voice so you can feel confident to use it in whichever way you feel the impulse to. We learn to use the whole body instrument to support the voice to express more powerfully. The techniques you will learn will also help you to focus more on your body instrument and quiet the mind which can get quite rowdy before performances, presentations or conflictive communication.

Do you feel curious to know more about your authentic, unique and soul-aligned voice?
A soul-aligned voice eloquently communicates the outcome/results that your clients need.

Discover how to express your value and skills, your uniqueness and how you get those results so that you can effortlessly create client-attracting content that will take your business to new heights.

Do you feel tired of holding back in relationships because you worry about other people’s reactions. You want to speak with more authority but you don't like the hardness that doesn't feel true. Sometimes your voice feels lost and unheard due to a lack of focus and the many distractions pulling you this way and that. Your head feels like it's being bounced around like a tennis ball and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Voice coaching helps you gain clarity, focus and harmony within yourself so you can enjoy deeper connections with others and even with yourself. 


Let me ask you a question:

If I could demonstrate to you that your own voice can help you to:

Reconnect to the infinite wisdom and intelligence of your soul where there is no space for self-doubt, anxiety, stress, or overwhelm; OR, that learning to use your voice and discover its true magical expression will improve your physical and mental health (including your circulation, posture, emotional intelligence and vitality) and give you the confidence and energy to use your voice purposefully...

would you let a bouncy mind, stress, anxiety, worry or fear of failure get the better of you?...

Will you let anxiety or fear or holding back get  the better of you?

If your answer is NO, then get ready to open ‘Pandora’s Box’ YOUR VOICE!

However you use your voice, I will help you to discover the authentic and powerful voice that is waiting to be unleashed so you can use it with confidence. No comparing, criticising, holding back, fear of failure or self-doubting will stop you from expressing your soul-aligned voice!

Watch this short video and learn how your voice is a portal to unlock the joyful potential of your true powerful self.


Energy Healing Voice Power
in all areas of life

Did you know that your voice has the power to heal?

Gorgeous Hearts Voice Coaching is very respectful of the science of vibrational intention.

Sound is a vibration and your voice is creating sound most of the day. However, the kind of vibration that you speak in can have an effect on you and others.

For example, if you speak from a place of reaction, i.e. someone triggers you and you react in a negative way, you may slip down a rabbit hole of frustration, anger, guilt and remorse - all of which can make you feel pretty exhausted.

If you speak from a distracted way or in a way that feels inauthentic to you, the vibrational quality or energy or what you say, can affect both you and the person you are speaking with. 

This is why we need to be super clear about what a soul-aligned expression is. Imagine what impact this can have in your own business or in your personal relationships!

It's a sobering thought that our voices have the power to both heal and harm. The sound of your voice is heard by the ears but also felt in the body. 


Observing the emotional energy at play when we use our voice, gives us a true sense of how they affect our energy levels and those around us.


Never underestimate this energetic dimension to how we use our voices because if we want to use our voice wisely and powerfully, it's imperative that we tune in to the integrity of our soul so that our beautiful, powerful and authentic voice carries that energy.

Let's explore the effects of your voice, For example...

When you are feeling anxious, what does your voice deliver to your audience?
When you are triggered and react (and a reaction can just be a thought) what energy comes from you? 

When you feel insecure what are you communicating?
OR when you feel empowered, confident and joyful - how do those around you feel? 

It doesn't mean that we need to hold back or swallow the poison of surging emotions. That's detrimental to our own health and it wouldn't be authentic at all. Instead, you can connect more to your body (yes there is a lot of somatic coaching in my programme) and observe reactions. You can learn from them and you will begin to respond from the whole body instrument with a voice that comes from a more settled place.


Letting go of knee-jerk reactions leads to an authentic voice that is both steady and powerful.


Allow the true delicate power of your authentic voice to express itself fully!

Image by Julia Wallin

Delicate & powerful?

Your voice is like a rose - your vocal cords, delicate petals with a vibrant and powerful sensorial expression!

When we talk about discovering your authentic and confident voice, we must first focus on reconnecting to the body. I always add a reconnection meditation to my sessions so that you can connect with the delicate rose of your voice. 

Click here to get the free video series "Discovering your True Voice ."

Enjoy these 3 videos;

Video #1 inspires COURAGE - Be brave and take the first step to claiming your true voice, Video#2 Tap into your innate CONFIDENCE by letting go of self-critique

Video#3 Finally, we look at CONNECTION and how your voice can heal and enrich all of your relationships, as well as the one you have with yourself!


Discover your true soul voice - Be brave and release your inner lion(ess)



How to feel confident about your voice and free it from the clutches of the 3 C’s - conditions, critique and control



Holistic wellness, authentic relationships, commitment to yourself, presence and focus - Connection to the whole body instrument is a healing attunement that becomes a way of living!

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