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 Authentic Voice Coaching For Mums Who Want To Get Through To Their Teens The Gentle Way.

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Reconnect to your whole body instrument by using your own voice so that you can enjoy a calmer, deeper & more authentic relationship with your teens!
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For mums who want to best support their teens by being the best of themselves...

This 6 part video course is a gift from me to you.💞

Because I want to help you with something that’s so simple, and yet so profound that it can literally change your life and really help you to support your teens to grow into emotionally intelligent young adults.

It's transformational!
Any transformation in life begins with just one simple decision or choice that takes you away from something that you no longer want to continue to express, nor live the consequences of, to a new way of expressing that will change the outcomes and, in this case, give your family a new, positive and more harmonious way of living together that feels more balanced and joyful.

But although great changes are a simple ‘choice’ in a moment in time, they are, nevertheless, not as easy to apply in a consistent way and therefore the difficulty is never the change you want to see, but rather living it so that it becomes your default.

With that said, I'd like to share some strategies that can help you if you’ve already made a choice to do something about:

The family relationship - to work on more effective communication and deeper understanding
Holding back expressions of true love behind the guise of ‘well we’re family, this is the way we do or say things’ and finding a more enriching and authentic loving way to relate.
Claiming your own responsibility to lead with love

Enjoy amazing transformation by reconnecting to yourself and how it enriches all of your relationships...


I would love to share this original self-care strategy that helps you to feel balanced, calm and clear by shifting your focus onto your body so you can take a break from the distractions that plague the head.  When you shift your focus to the body, the way you communicate will change and your voice will carry the energetic integrity that comes from your whole body instrument.

Your mind is in every cell of your body, but if you’re just focussing on what’s in your head, you’re not getting the full download.  The authentic voice is the voice of self-discovery that will reconnect you with your body, where you will once again express from your inner-heart (the energetic heart and not the organ).

"How does this help me to be calm and support my son who is suffering anxiety?"

When you spend much time using mental energy at the expense of your body's natural vitality and wisdom, you can find yourself getting exhausted, irritable, anxious and stressed - as you can imagine, this doesn't support you, nor does it support your children.

Parents of teens who are living busy and often anxious lives, and teens who are also trying to make sense of their own emotions, can easily find themselves in a rather nuclear environment with both parents and teens vying for the rights to express their own emotional breakdowns!!


It’s designed with mums of teens in mind, but it is relevant for both parents and can also help your teens if you decide to work on this together. So, if you:

Worry about your teens and find it difficult to let go
Find it hard to get through to your children
Feel anxious about difficult conversations
Find yourself shouting and reacting to them much of the time
Feel like you’re treading on eggshells to avoid confrontations
Feel like you're being ignored and disrespected, or...
 your teen is anxious and depressed and you want to support them as best you can,

This is a great place to start!


More confidence in how you speak by learning to use your voice more effectively
Conscious Presence in expression so that you can be more authentic and focused more of the time and show up for your teens in a way they can relate to.
More in-tune with your body, its rhythm and it's way of communicating wisdom to you
A calm, serene mind and, with practice, more intuitive and creative expression that will help your teens to grow into emotionally intelligent young adults.
An easy and fun strategy that helps both yourself and your kids to ease anxiety.

And it doesn’t cost anything!

Big pharma - eat your heart out!! You cannot patent breath, vocal vibrations or inner wisdom - but my oh my I bet you wish you could!

And here are some more resources for you.....

Soul-full Mamas FB Group

Join The Soul-Full Mama's FB Group 

Interviews, free training, networking and much more. The Soul-full Mamas FB group is a growing group of mums, many of whom are business owners or professionals and raising a family.  It's a space to deepen connections, share and learn. I encourage you to join - it's free and if you're a business owner you can share you links every Wedensday.

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An Invitation to Work with me 1:1 

If you're serious about improving your relationship with your teenage son or daughter, this 8 week intensive is for you - I work with mums who are committed to their own self-development and passionate about helping their children to be confident and emotionally intelligent beings who are prepared and ready to face the anxiety of the teen years as well as enjoying a deep and UNSHAKEABLE relationship with them.️

Your Deep-Dive True Voice Session

Re-connect and learn the secrets of your powerfully healing voice  - This deep dive session is a profound journey of re-connection to your heart centre through the vibrations of your voice.  Understand what conscious presence feels like as you express in a way that needs no effort but that has a powerful effect on you and those you communicate with. This is a one off 90 minute session that gives you a taste of how your voice can transform relationships.

celebrating magnificence

Access Your Magnificence

Feel more creativity, vitality, harmony and abundant joy by balancing the head and the body. The only barrier to the magnificent mom you really want to be is your own head! Let's get back to the body's wisdom and intuition - you and your family will benefit immensely. 

Are you ready to let go of self-doubt, guilt and fear and create a steady foundation of love for your family? Are you open to reconnecting to the magnificence of your whole self? 

Sharon Wright & Family - 3 generations

The voice that empowers the whole family...

Confident, empowered and successful people have at least one role model who has reflected the confirming power of self-love to them. Knowing your true voice and expressing it with confidence and love is only possible if self-love is expressed first. Your own voice can support this. Want to find out more?....


Self-care enables you to fully claim your love

The stillness of your inner heart can be felt when you become present & reconnect to your body. There is access to a source of intelligence and love within you that is truly magnificent. It can be chosen at any moment, but all of life's distractions tend to numb that level of awareness. This is why self-care is an important ritual to adopt. Find out more about how you can support yourself in a consistent and loving way. 

What Others Say


Working with Sharon has been immensely beneficial to my personal growth, and her ability to help me look at my challenges in a new light - truly enlightening!

Her style is one of great connection and true understanding at a deeper level, and this has helped me to gain a different perspective of self. She has a very unique approach to coaching, one which really opens up your mind, and I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is ready to begin transforming their life into one of true appreciation and love. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.

Lynell Grainger 

 / Executive Assistant


Susanna Edwards 

/ Experience Administrator, Body Image Coach & mum.


Sharon is wonderful to work with. I gained so much from my coaching sessions with her. She provided a beautiful space for me to explore my voice and after all the exercises we have done I really do feel much more connected to my body at a soul level. What we did was practical and I can incorporate breathing and vocal exercises into my daily routine in order to really feel what's going on inside me. I wanted to feel more connected to my body and soul, so thank you so much Sharon!!! xx

Zainab Mohiuddin

Transformational Coach

Sharon Wright
Sharon Wright

I help mums of teenagers to be role models of self-love and inspire their teens so they can enjoy an anxious-free harmonious household and an unshakeable connection.
I'm a mum of two daughters who have taught me much about myself and relationships!
Having worked for many years as a teacher, HR Manager, and Transformational Coach, I know how important it is to communicate effectively in order to enjoy deep and enriching relationships that inspire autonomy and emotional intelligence in others.  I'm a firm believer in empowering others in creative ways rather than directing or advising.

I have come to realise that the relationship that we have with ourselves is first and foremost if we want to enjoy a deeper connection & a more harmonious household! 

Coaching is a collaborative in both responsibility and accountability. Working with me is a commitment and  consistency is always achieved if this is your will. I help you to break the patterns of undesired behaviours that no longer serve that 'loving leadership role' and replace them with that which will bring joy and harmony to your life and the lives of those who you most cherish.

Holistic vocal healing is a soulful practice to come back to the body and express with more harmony. The benefits are many including the ability to de-stress, feel more vitality, presence and focus as well as feeling more confident and trusting of your own expression. 

I am a trained and qualified coach, vocal coach, naturopath, and esoteric healing facilitator and a mum of two wonderful daughters and wife to my life partner. I've been a teacher, HR manager and directed a business support company (I know about juggling!)  My long soul searching journey included self-enquiry and Buddhism, but I now prefer the inclusivity of one truth -  no division - just one unified love. I am humbly at service to all in light and love.


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