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Let Your Confident Voice Be Heard! 

Discover Your Confident Voice with Soulful Expression Coaching

"Expose & discard whatever's holding you back from your true, powerful expression!"

Sharon Wright
  • Is your expression lacking confidence and power? Do you feel 'unheard' and 'invisible' 
  • Do you feel anxious when you have to speak up, perform, network or socialise?
  • What is in the way of liberating your true, confident voice?
  • What is soulful expression coaching and how can it help you?

As a music teacher and vocal coach, I help you to discover and free-up your authentic and confident voice. We focus on presence and reconnecting to yourself, so that you bring sound from your whole body instrument. As a soulful expression coach, I support you to dig deep, to catch hold of all of the perceptions and stories that keep you small and 'not enough,' to understand where they came from, why they exist and how you can release them from your energetic body.

Evolution is not about perfecting or improving - it is about returning to the expression of your soul, and to do that, you need to discard all that hinders your return.

Watch the video below, and find out how soulful expression coaching supports you in feeling confident about how you express and live.  

Expression is all of who you are, manifested when you speak, when you move and when you make choices and decisions, so you can appreciate that a confident voice that expresses authentically and powerfully, can make a huge difference to your life. Find out how Gorgeous Hearts can support you to discover your confident voice.... 

Connect & Express - From Anxiety to Harmony

Do you lack confidence in certain social situations? Does public speaking or singing cause you unnecessary anxiety?  

The consequences of not accessing your confident voice when you express, are, among others, missed opportunities, relationship problems, negative self-image and physical and mental health issues. Connect and Express is a deep and yet fun and effective way to reconnect to your whole body instrument and get out of your head! It combines body awareness techniques, vocal vibration healing, connective rhythmic exercises and life coaching in a unique and effective self-care modality that will reconnect you to the confidence and power that is waiting to be expressed. No musical or singing ability is required, just an openness to deeply connect with yourself and let go of the perceptions that keep you small.

Menopause Care

 From Hell to Heaven

Do you suffer with menopausal anxiety? How you express has a major impact on how you experience menopause...

The discomfort that can persist during years of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms can cause anxiety, a dis-empowerment in self-expression and a feeling of isolation that leaves many women feeling invisible and purposeless. Gorgeous Hearts offers support to a growing community of women who see menopause as an opportunity to be more self-caring and to reconnect more deeply within themselves. Access the treasure of your innate intuition and wisdom, and watch as it lights up the world! In Tune With Menopause is an online and/or live group coaching programme that is dedicated to promoting self-care and self-love during menopause. Discover your innate intuition and wisdom  

The Rambling Coach.

From Spain with Love!

Soulful expression coaching whilst hiking in the Sierra of Huelva, Andalusia, and other self-nurturing retreats.

Whatever challenges you face, they have the power to either imprison you, or to help you evolve in ways that you couldn't begin to imagine. The Rambling Coach takes you hiking through the most stunning scenery in Andalusia, Spain, whilst offering 'on the move' soulful expression coaching. We walk and explore from village to village whatever it is you need to discard, in order to allow whoever you are to truly be. Take a well deserved rest with a local tapa or bespoke picnic* (*food allergy or vegan diets). Its all about nurture and nature, and your accommodation is no exception. Enjoy superb hospitality in a typical village house where you can enjoy energy healing, vocal coaching, Connect & Express and Spanish lessons 


Connect more deeply with your soul

"Breaking free of limiting self-beliefs and the consequent unloving patterns of behaviour can be arduous because we tend to fight them with all of our mental energy. The mind knows what needs to change, but it's also programmed to receive and express in those very same patterns.  Reconnecting to your soul, where no patterns are held, is to know yourself intimately and to be able to access wisdom that is forever offering love and connection.  We begin by re-connecting with the whole body instrument through vocal vibrations to increase body awareness and then we work on your bringing through your confident voice.  If you're struggling to let go of what holds you back, change habits or free yourself from the grip of anxiety, why not start expressing a different way?

singing to heal

Sharon Wright

Gorgeous Hearts

About Gorgeous Hearts 

My passion for soulful expression spans many years. It began as a desire to communicate without fear and continues to evolve in the way I sing and write music. I was unable to express my own truth, in fact I didn't even know what that truth was until I began to look for the answers within myself. Everything is energy, including intentions and the way we express, so I knew I had to go to the core of my being and question where my expression was coming from energetically. I am fascinated by how our own voices manifest the energy that we align to, and how music and singing have the potential to deeply heal and help us to express the love that we can choose to be. The confident voice is the gateway to re-connect to the deepest levels of your own being - Your Gorgeous Heart - your Soul.

Gorgeous Hearts supports you to increase self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love by re-connecting to your whole body instrument, letting go of what holds you back and freeing your natural expression.

Discover the magic and wisdom within you.  
Through soulful expression coaching, I will support you to explore, observe, question and build on the relationship that you have with yourself. You can deeply heal and start witnessing the miraculous transformation that unfolds when you express first from your soul.

Sharon Wright Coaching Testimonial - Sue Frampton

Thank you Sharon for dedicating the time each week for the last 7 weeks to support me through a life coaching journey. I found the sessions with you invaluable in preparing myself with a toolkit to face challenges and through gentle and supportive coaching to focus on moving forward and find direction. I would recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking for some support in getting where they would like to be, or even understanding where that place might be. Thank you Gorgeous Hearts.

Sue Frampton


Sharon is wonderful to work with. I gained so much from my coaching sessions with her. She provided a beautiful space for me to explore my voice and after all the exercises we have done I really do feel much more connected to my body at a soul level. What we did was practical and I can incorporate breathing and vocal exercises into my daily routine in order to really feel what's going on inside me. I wanted to feel more connected to my body and soul, so thank you so much Sharon!!! xx

Zainab Mohiuddin


I loved having Sharon as my coach. Together, we worked to unravel all of the topics that I brought to our sessions.
In just a few sessions with Sharon I have had tangible shifts in the thoughts and behaviours that were driving and feeding in to my negative patterns. 
Sharon’s coaching style is kind and calm and she gave me plenty of time to think and explore with her and also by myself. 
Working with Sharon has been life changing, I can not recommend her enough. Thank you!

Carla Onugha

Gorgeous Hearts Testimonials

Transformational, thank you.

Mark Collins