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However you express yourself in life; your voice is uniquely purposeful. Say goodbye to insecurity & reconnect to your confident voice!

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Learn more about how Holistic Vocal Coaching can help you to feel confident about your voice.

Welcome, I imagine that you’re here because…

You’d love to be able to enjoy more range and power in your voice so you can express yourself more confidently in any way you use it.

You want to feel good about your voice and express yourself authentically both in your personal and professional relationships. 

You’re curious about the holistic element of vocal coaching and would like to know the difference between this and conventional vocal coaching.


You’d like more harmony in your life and intuitively feel that expression is the key to a better relationship with yourself and others.


If you feel tense and hold back when using your voice professionally or in your relationships, holistic vocal coaching will help free your authentic voice and ditch the comparison and self-critique that causes anxiousness.


If you are fearful and your voice feels 'small' when you sing or speak in front of an audience, whatever its size, holistic vocal coaching can help you to reconnect to your inner stillness and bring your voice from your whole body instrument for a more powerful and confident expression. 

If you feel disharmony in your life; holding back in relationships because you worry about other people’s reactions, lack of focus when communicating due to the many distractions around you and in your own head, or feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and your voice feels lost and unheard, holistic vocal coaching can be a deeply healing modality enabling more vitality and flow in your day to day so that you can hear yourself again. 


Let me ask you a question:


 If I could show you that your own voice can help you to:

 reconnect to the infinite wisdom of your intuitive body, thereby reducing self-doubt, anxiety, stress, overwhelm and ‘overthinking’ things,

that singing is super healthy, improving circulation, posture and reducing tension so you can feel your natural vitality return, and that bringing your voice from your whole body instrument magically helps you to feel confident and free to express your authentic self.

Would you let worry, fear or holding back get  the better of you?

Then get ready to open the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of your own body - YOUR VOICE!

Whatever you feel about your own voice, you’ve landed in a space of love where comparison, judgement and expectations can no longer throttle your expression and where together we can discover the voice of your soul! (Oh yes - and we will ditch the insecurity, shame and comparison while we’re at it!)

Watch this short video and learn how your voice is a portal to unlock the joyful potential of your true powerful self.


Energy Healing Voice Power
in all areas of life

Did you know that your voice has the power to heal?

Gorgeous Hearts Holistic Vocal Coaching is very respectful of the science of vibrational quality that all voices deliver at any moment.

It's a sobering fact that every voice has the power to both heal and harm. Sound carries a certain vibration that is not just heard but felt through the body and bodies of those around you. As such, it's super important to observe the energy that we are aligned to when we use our voices. Taking responsibility to embrace your beautiful, powerful and authentic voice, ensures integrity and is healing in itself.

So ask yourself...

When you are feeling anxious, what does your voice deliver?
When you have your buttons pushed and you react in anger, or you feel guilty or frustrated - what energy are you adding to and how is that affecting your body and those around you? 
And when you are tender, caring and loving? What does your voice feel like then?

This doesn't mean you need to ‘hold back’ your voice and swallow the poison of surging emotions. That would be unhealthy and inauthentic. But when you observe how your voice expresses what you are living, and how this affects you and others, you get a sense of how those knee-jerk reactions are really not necessary and you can let them go more easily. Learning to bring your voice from a space of steadiness within you helps you to raise the vibrations of your body. Your voice, therefore, will express from that same space and in that same steadiness. Rather than being grabbed by the emotional whirlwinds of life that tend to throttle your expression, you will feel like you are expressing the true delicate power of your authentic self.

Image by Julia Wallin

Delicate & powerful?

Yes - your soul voice is like a rose - your vocal cords like delicate petals with a vibrant and powerful sensorial expression!

When practicing any vocal exercises, I will always focus first on vibrational quality which is why I begin all sessions with life coaching, meditation and voice reconnection exercises to let go of any tensions before anything else.

Click here to get the free video series "Discovering your True Voice ."

There are three videos; the first inspires COURAGE - the first step of claiming your true voice, the second helps you to tap into your innate CONFIDENCE by observing the quality of your voice and letting go of self-critique and reaction, and finally, we look at CONNECTION and how your voice can heal and enrich all of your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself!


Discover your true soul voice - Be brave and release your inner lion(ess)



How to feel confident about your voice and free it from the clutches of the 3 C’s - conditions, critique and control



Holistic wellness, authentic relationships, including the one you have with yourself, and consistent presence - Connection to the whole body instrument is a healing attunement that becomes a way of living!

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