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Confidence Coaching With a Difference

Recognise any of these symptoms? 

  • A sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis, earache, blocked sinus or headaches? 
  • Feeling anxious and lacking confidence when presenting, performing, networking or socialising?
  • Strained relationships, including the relationship with yourself, creativity and money?
  • Giving your power away and a feeling that you cannot express your truth?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, Connect & Express can support you in three ways! 

Confidence Coaching

Confidence in relationships, creativity, work and finances. Increasing self-awareness helps you to explore what's supporting you to flourish and what holds you back and keeps you small, such as false perceptions based on past experiences, future projections or limiting beliefs. Appreciating and focusing on what truly supports you helps you return and connect to your innate confidence.

Holistic Vocal Embodiment

Your own voice can help you to connect to your body and clear your head space. Awakening the wisdom and intuition that abounds in your body helps you to connect back to your natural, true expression. Through specific vocal exercises and imagery we feel the healing our voice offers and raise the vibrations of energy in the body bringing stillness and wisdom to our expression. 

Creative writing Therapy

Tapping into your innate confidence and freeing your creative expression supports you to discover the words that your soul wants you and all those around you to hear. Writing your words in a poem or song supports you to express with confidence what comes from within and to remember who you are, your purpose, your light and your love. No experience needed, just an open heart and commitment to yourself.

Connect & Express will support you to:

  • Nurture a more trusting and confident relationship with yourself that boosts your self-esteem positively transforming how you relate to others and how they relate to you.
  • Improve your overall well-being, specifically any disharmony affecting your throat, ears, mouth, sinuses, thyroid etc.
  • Communicate more effectively with regards to expressing your needs, feelings, thoughts and concerns.
  • Express with Integrity and authenticity and enjoy relationships that are more purposeful and evolving.
  • Re-connect to your innate wisdom and intuition aligning you with the flow of abundance that is the natural expression of the universe.
  • Heal on a deep level supporting you to listen and express with more humility and connection. Specifically if you suffer social anxiety, passive aggressive behaviour, inhibited creativity or emotional hurts such as insecurity, lack of confidence or fear. 

Connect & Express is the harmony of your expression through reconnecting to your inner heart and discovering its true, natural voice...

Wellness for Confidence

Harmony of body, mind and soul - trusting your expression needs a level of commitment and self-care....

Click below to discover resources on holistic wellness and confidence from self-care routines to healthy relationships and financial wellbeing. 

Your Confident Voice

Discover your confident, healing voice and embody the vibrations of soulful energy....

Blogs and videos that help you to connect with yourself and tap into your innate confidence through using your own voice. 

Connect & Express Retreats

Connect & Express retreats in the beautiful mountains of Aracena, Spain.... 

Retreats and workshops in a beautiful unspoiled part of Spain. Enjoy a truly peaceful, wellness experience in a natural and breathtaking setting.  


Connect more deeply with your soul

"Breaking free of limiting beliefs and their consequent unloving patterns of behaviour can be arduous because we tend to fight them with the very same energy that we created them with - our mind! The mind knows what needs to change, but it's also programmed to receive and express in those very same patterns. Stop trying to figure things out and reconnect to the stillness within where no beliefs or old patterns are held. In this place you will know yourself intimately and be able to access wisdom that is forever offering love and connection.  Discover how to use your whole body instrument and feel the healing power of your own natural and beautiful voice. From this more intimate relationship with yourself, your expression is free to flow in harmony."

singing to heal

Sharon Wright

Gorgeous Hearts

About Gorgeous Hearts 

There was a time when I was unable to express my own thoughts and feelings authentically. I felt insecure and fearful of rejection and judgment and I used to get tonsillitis and laryngitis regularly. I often doubted myself which meant that I never even considered certain opportunities, struggled to make enough money and felt, and acted like a victim. I read many books and followed different gurus, always in pursuit of finding my 'better self,' but it wasn't until I began to look for the answers within that I realised there was nothing to perfect or develop, rather a lot to let go of. I was holding on to issues that didn't serve me, in order to confirm a particular narrative of my own life - I didn't much care for that narrative! 

I now realise that I had access to all the wisdom and knowledge right under my own nose and that I just needed to reconnect to that source and focus my awareness within.

Everything is energy, thoughts, beliefs, intentions through to decisions and actions. So what kind of energy do we absorb for anxiety to be so rife in today's society? Could there be an energy that will only express love? What is its source and how can you connect to it? 

Know and trust yourself intimately and the answer is apparent. Connect & Express supports you to do just that.... 

Sharon Wright Coaching Testimonial - Sue Frampton

Thank you Sharon for dedicating the time each week for the last 7 weeks to support me through a life coaching journey. I found the sessions with you invaluable in preparing myself with a toolkit to face challenges and through gentle and supportive coaching to focus on moving forward and find direction. I would recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking for some support in getting where they would like to be, or even understanding where that place might be. Thank you Gorgeous Hearts.

Sue Frampton

Sharon is wonderful to work with. I gained so much from my coaching sessions with her. She provided a beautiful space for me to explore my voice and after all the exercises we have done I really do feel much more connected to my body at a soul level. What we did was practical and I can incorporate breathing and vocal exercises into my daily routine in order to really feel what's going on inside me. I wanted to feel more connected to my body and soul, so thank you so much Sharon!!! xx

Zainab Mohiuddin

I loved having Sharon as my coach. Together, we worked to unravel all of the topics that I brought to our sessions.
In just a few sessions with Sharon I have had tangible shifts in the thoughts and behaviours that were driving and feeding in to my negative patterns. 
Sharon’s coaching style is kind and calm and she gave me plenty of time to think and explore with her and also by myself. 
Working with Sharon has been life changing, I can not recommend her enough. Thank you!

Carla Onugha

Gorgeous Hearts Testimonials

Transformational, thank you.

Mark Collins