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Hi, I'm Sharon and I help gorgeous hearts like you, to break free of self-neglect and fully claim your magnificence!

  • Are you struggling to find quality time for yourself? You're so busy taking care of everyone else, you've neglected the most important relationship of all - the one with yourself! Do you want to know how you can deepen your relationship with yourself so that all of your relationships are enriched?
  • Are you tired of the self-neglect that seems to be regarded as 'normal?' Do you want to be the courageous pioneer who will turn things around and reflect 'self-love' as the new family legacy?
  • Are you feeling unheard and invisible and you feel like you've lost your vision and purpose? Do you want to claim your magnificence and feel its vitality and joy as your default expression?

I'm a transformational coach and I'd like to offer you this free guide that will help you to fully claim your magnificence even when you're juggling like a circus bear! These 6 steps to magnificence help you to identify what stops you from accessing the true power that's within you and explore the inner wisdom of your whole body where creativity, joy and love are on tap. Plus a bonus vocal exercise that helps you to reconnect to your body and get out of your head so you can discover your magnificence and feel the passion of your purpose. 

Free eBook - 6 steps to magnificence

'How to free the juggling bear & fully claim your magnificence. 6 steps to magnificence for a purposeful life. 

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The benefits of Gorgeous Hearts Coaching...

  • You will have the space to explore your big 'why' so that you can get clearer on what you really need to focus on rather than trying to juggle everything at once. Feeling purpose in your work, relationships and your own expression is very liberating and brings renewed vitality to your life. 
  • You will discover a way of reconnecting to your whole body that will fill you with confidence through meditative vocal exercises that heal and lead to heightened energetic awareness. You won't feel intimidated by critical thoughts and self-doubt when you claim your powerful expression.
  • You will be in a partnership with the coach that is collaborative and based on responsibility and energetic integrity. This will help you to be consistent with the choices that you have identified as evolving.
  • You will develop a certain 'fitness' of accessing creativity, wisdom and intuitive expression. This means more confidence to communicate naturally and spontaneously so that your relationships feel more purposeful and enriching.

If you would like a free, informal chat to learn more about accessing your magnificence and connecting with you authentic and uninhibited expression, click the button above and book a call - I love meeting new people and I don't 'do' superficial hehe!

Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Programmes

Your Online Visibility Garden Path

A 12 session 1:1 coaching programme specific to female solopreneurs. It helps you to connect with and create your powerful, compelling and impactful message, so that you can get out-there, on-line and in-sight of your clients!    

discover your voice and yourself! 

From Anxiety to Empowered Expression (online course)

Currently being updated. This course is full of practical tools to help you to express with confidence and master anxiety. It takes you on a journey to discover your true voice and to feel more free using it. Express your creative self powerfully to all your relationships (clients, audience, family, friends and/or partner.)

Connect & Express 

A short 6 week intensive coaching programme designed to make self-love your default. This is a truly transformational journey to the soul and will help you to de-stress and enjoy renewed vigour. Access your inner wisdom and feel more purpose in your life.

Fabulous Female Solopreneurs 

Let's Just Do it!

 If you're having trouble articulating your big 'why' into a message that is compelling and that captures the hearts of your clients, I have an offer for you....

Your online visibility pathway

You're feeling stuck - somehow the passion just isn't coming through into your message. Maybe your niche isn't exactly right. This is such a common problem and it can hold your business back unnecessarily.
My programme "Your online visibility garden path" helps you to let go of self-doubt, connect with your authentic and passionate voice (the one that the world is waiting to hear), and articulate your message, create exciting and compelling copy and present your work in way that drops jaws. 

During Covid-19 restrictions, I'm offering a special mini taster programme for female solopreneurs to get excited about their business message. It's a more economical way to get you out of the rut and connected with your purpose. This powerful four week programme only costs £250.00 during lock-down.

 Discover more by booking a 30 minute FFS Let's Just Do It strategy call!  Just click below and book your slot! 

A Foundation of Wellness

Self-care is the foundation of self-love and enriching relationships. 

Check out some resources below to support you. 

What is Coaching?

A coaching session is like a massage - not fully appreciated until you're in expert hands!..

Do you know what Transformational Coaching is and how it helps you?    

singing to heal

Sharon Wright

Gorgeous Hearts

Knowing Me Knowing You! 

It was 2017 when I first got the idea to start my own business. I called it 'Gorgeous Hearts' because of my love for people and utter faith in the beauty of humanity and our ability to evolve and succeed when we claim our heart's true powerful expression.  

Back then there was a lot going on. I was working as a HR Manager and Director of a business support company, so it wasn't always easy to find the time I needed to get my own business going.  But time is relative. When you feel purpose in your work and fire in your belly to accomplish what you are passionate about, the going gets a lot easier. I always knew that I wanted to spread the word - two words actually - SELF-LOVE.   

It was in 2010 that I woke up and decided to jump off the merry-go-round of self-neglecting and abusing. I decided to reconnect to myself and start living what I truly believed in. It was a massive turning point in my life because self-doubt was an unwanted but faithful companion. Fear of doing the 'wrong' thing or not being good enough held back my expression and I constantly sought validation from others as confirmation. It was so disempowering and a continuous sticking point and cause of missed opportunities. But there is often a point in your life, a point of no return that then becomes a new foundation from which to evolve.  Since that year, I've fallen many times, but I never go beneath that foundation that was set by a choice to take responsibility for my own growth.

I studied to become a transformational life coach to learn the skills that would allow me to help others and I continue to study and invest in coaching for myself. I fully believe that you cannot support another without supporting yourself.

Then there's the voice. I've been a vocal coach for over 20 years and have taught music longer than that. I have grown weary of performance related vocal coaching and adopted a holistic approach some years ago. I know that sound has the power to harm or heal, so facilitating healing with the voice is on of my main tools to balance the head with the body and bring expression from the whole body/mind instrument - it's a powerful love tool! It reconnects you with your intuitive expression and inner wisdom.

My voice is what helps me to come back to my body and create a more harmonious expression. From the body I can always feel empowered to embrace my vulnerability and face my fears - it's a game changer!  

Having performed during (whispered) 30 years I am no stranger to a stage, but I have hidden behind other band members, a piano, a mic or the mask of and emotional song. Discovering your authentic voice happens naturally when you find the courage to take off the mask and commit to moving/expressing consistently with energetic integrity. 

So, I feel like humility and dis-attaching myself to expectations and outcomes that I want to control, have had a very positive impact on my ability access creativity and the magnificence that we have within us all. This is the way to claim our true power as women and embrace our authentic expression. This is how we light up the world  - with fire! 

I'm still a student of life will continue to be so, but I'm also obedient to it and how its purpose is my purpose - there is only one expression and we are all here to express it - I'd love to take you with me!

With much love


Lynell Grainger

Working with Sharon has been immensely beneficial to my personal growth, and her ability to help me look at my challenges in a new light - truly enlightening!

Her style is one of great connection and true understanding at a deeper level, and this has helped me to gain a different perspective of self. She has a very unique approach to coaching, one which really opens up your mind, and I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is ready to begin transforming their life into one of true appreciation and love. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.

Lynell Grainger

I loved having Sharon as my coach. Together, we worked to unravel all of the topics that I brought to our sessions.
In just a few sessions with Sharon I have had tangible shifts in the thoughts and behaviours that were driving and feeding in to my negative patterns. 
Sharon’s coaching style is kind and calm and she gave me plenty of time to think and explore with her and also by myself. 
Working with Sharon has been life changing, I can not recommend her enough. Thank you!

Carla Onugha

Sharon Wright Coaching Testimonial - Sue Frampton

Thank you Sharon for dedicating the time each week for the last 7 weeks to support me through a life coaching journey. I found the sessions with you invaluable in preparing myself with a toolkit to face challenges and through gentle and supportive coaching to focus on moving forward and find direction. I would recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking for some support in getting where they would like to be, or even understanding where that place might be. Thank you Gorgeous Hearts.

Sue Frampton

sandra hillier

I have found working with Sharon a highly beneficial experience, our sessions have given me insights and clarify at stages in the process where I was struggling with a crisis of confidence.

Sharon has extended warm and kindness in her approach and as a consequence the coaching process has felt very natural and a necessary fixture in my life at this particular juncture.

I thank Sharon for her genuine authenticity and helping me see where I need to take my aspirations next. I would highly recommend her as a coach and I am sure you will find her approach both reassuring and useful in moving forward.

Sandra Hillier