Hello, I'm Sharon and I help Female Freedom Seekers like you turn their creativity into a business full of clients and soul!

Are you ready to break free from cell block 9-5?

If you're ready to discover how you can break free of the overwhelm, self-doubt and anxiety keeping you prisoner and start using your authentic, sensitive yet powerful expression to create the business of your dreams and leave the 9-5 for good...

Let's start planning your great escape! 

I'm an empowered expression coach and I'd like to offer you this ebook to get you started. It explores 6 important ways to express yourself in your business and comes with a bonus vocal confidence tool to help you reconnect with your voice and embody your authentic expression...

Be the Heart-Full Voice of Your Business

 'Be The Heart-Full Voice of Your Business' and express your creativity and authentic voice into a gorgeous client-filled business. Click below to get your free copy.

Firstly, do the majority of the following sentences resonate with you?..... 

  • The idea of running your business is daunting. Project management, marketing and sales aren't particularly part of your skill set. 
  • You've got great ideas, but you worry about getting things perfect which leads you to overthink and slows you down. 
  • You worry about leaving the security of employment, but struggle to juggle both the job and your business. 
  • You feel exhausted and pressured. You dream of being free to spend more time with family, to travel or to just find more harmony and purpose in your life.
  • You often don't give yourself permission to say no and even though you're sitting on a big YESSS, you feel a bit stuck about how to go forward.
  • You are a sensitive person and feel somewhat disconnected to your authentic expression. Where do you begin to articulate your offer?

If they do, you're in the right place because I help you to:

  • Feel empowered and be the nectar! Your creative expression will draw your clients to you when you articulate your message and offer effectively.
  • Express with confidence so that your sales conversations are heart-led and natural. To learn a structured, proven business launch strategy in easy to action steps that stop you wasting time, so that the crossover from the 9-5 to dream business is a smooth one.
  • Build a relationship with your own wisdom, sensitivity and intuition, and have the confidence to believe in your creative expression so you can feel excited to move forward.
  • Identify ways to manage time effectively so you can prepare your business launch, or run your business alongside your job.  Explore client attraction strategies so you can hit the ground running when the time is right and maintain the flow moving forward. 
  • Give yourself permission to live your purpose and respond to the call of what you love doing, even if that means moving out of your comfort zone. 

Q. What does expression have to do with business?

 Answer:  Everything! People buy from people, so how you express can have a huge impact on your business success. Your relationship with yourself is paramount as it will define all of your relationships.  An authentic, articulate, well crafted message and copy that embrace both vulnerability and confidence, will set you apart and help your business to be successful from the outset.   

Q. How can I stop going around in circles?

Answer:  First of all, by being kind to yourself because we all go around in circles - that's the nature of life! You have to step off the merry-go-round and that takes effort. If you're here, you're probably dizzy and you want to get off. I support you in two ways. The first is the observation and awareness of what keeps you going around in circles and the second is to identify a strategy to jump off and get on the ride you prefer! 

Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Programmes

The FFS Let's Just Do It! Programme

A 12 session 1:1 business coaching programme that eases the transition from employee to entrepreneur. You've decided to go for it, so don't waste any more time, or money and create the thriving business of your dreams! 

From Anxiety to Harmony Course

Anxiety attacks when you feel you haven't mastered the skills to deal with what life is presenting you with. This course balances the head and body energy by using the voice as an anchor. Express your creative self powerfully to your preferred audience.

Connect & Express 

If you already have your business up and running and you'd like to deepen your understanding of how your true physical and metaphorical voice helps your business to thrive, I offer 1:1 sessions.

Gorgeous Hearts Connect & Express Your Dream Business Presents:

Female Freedom Seekers Let's Just Do it! 

 If you're thinking of starting your own business and leaving the 9-5, this is the programme for you!

You have a great idea and a seductive dream, but reality is still early morning traffic jams, late evenings that don't allow you the freedom to do what you really want, and a competitive, impersonal work environment that gives you nothing but headaches. The payslip's good but the price of security is exhaustion and a feeling of being 'stuck' in Groundhog Day. The thought of running your own successful business is becoming more and more tempting, but will it provide you with the financial stability and freedom that you dream about? Having one foot in the sand and one in the sea won't allow you to enjoy the waves!  FFS Let's just do it!

 find out the rest of your story by booking a 30 minute FFS Let's Just Do It strategy call!  Just click below and book your slot! 

The FFS let's just do it! method

A Foundation of Wellness

Self-care is so important when you run your own business, especially if you're juggling the 9-5 alongside until you're ready to go for it. 

Check out some resources below to support you through the transition. 

What is Coaching?

A coaching session is like a massage - you don't fully appreciate it until you're in expert hands!..

Coaching reveals your vision, your goals and the needed strategies to get there, but also clarify your whole purpose.  

singing to heal

Sharon Wright

Gorgeous Hearts

Knowing Me Knowing You! 

It was 2017 when I first got the idea to start my own business. I came up with the name 'Gorgeous Hearts' because of my love of working with people and my utter faith in the beauty of every individual and our capacity to evolve and succeed when we believe in the power of our authentic expression that comes from the heart.  

As the breadwinner at the time, it was hard to leave the 9-5 and probably would have been irresponsible of me to do so. The mortgage, the car and a myriad of other trappings felt like the heaviest weight I'd ever carried and I remember feeling a bit 'grey' and joyless.

There was also a lot going on. I was working as a HR Manager and later became Company Director of a business support organisation that specialised in setting up European subsidiaries in the UK, so it wasn't always easy to get the time I needed to work on building up my own business even though I felt so passionate about it.

However, I felt that my life needed purpose, and what I really wanted to do was to support and serve others which meant getting in front of people who I felt I could support. 

Then there was the mindset.

I have often doubted myself. The fear of doing the 'wrong' thing has been a constant sticking point and I was often shrouded in self-doubt which held me back and actually contributed to the  mistakes I made!  I spent far too much time and money because of not believing in myself.

What helped me was self-awareness and consistency. I just kept moving to the next X and kept saying yes. The restless nights due to tech overwhelm, the money worries, the doubt about whether I was giving enough value - all of it had to be put on the back burner as I continually said yes to moving forward - and I'm so glad I did!

I now have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to avoid those costly errors and how to use creativity to give value to my clients. 

I now feel free of the rigid, time and energy sapping monotony of the 9-5 (in reality 7-7 most days with the commute) and free of my own inhibitions, limits and stories.

So, after two years juggling both my job and working on my business, I'm finally my own boss and free to work with the clients that light me up!

No more getting waylaid and overwhelmed from listening to the internet gurus with their 7 figure promises and BS loaded messages, I now trust my instincts, intuition and authentic expression to do things my way - I believe that everyone has their way and it has to feel completely authentic to you. 

It's a simple choice but not an easy one and I understand that it is a process that needs structure and planning, even for the most creative people (especially for them - and I include myself in that description)

The journey has given me confidence and a relationship with my authentic self that I appreciate so much! 

I hope this story helps you to feel confident to take your step towards freedom. Oh, and you really don't need to juggle, struggle or even muggle through - I know the pitfalls and I have learned how to avoid them. All you need is an authentic desire to be you and keep saying yes!

With much love


Lynell Grainger

Working with Sharon has been immensely beneficial to my personal growth, and her ability to help me look at my challenges in a new light - truly enlightening!

Her style is one of great connection and true understanding at a deeper level, and this has helped me to gain a different perspective of self. She has a very unique approach to coaching, one which really opens up your mind, and I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is ready to begin transforming their life into one of true appreciation and love. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.

Lynell Grainger

I loved having Sharon as my coach. Together, we worked to unravel all of the topics that I brought to our sessions.
In just a few sessions with Sharon I have had tangible shifts in the thoughts and behaviours that were driving and feeding in to my negative patterns. 
Sharon’s coaching style is kind and calm and she gave me plenty of time to think and explore with her and also by myself. 
Working with Sharon has been life changing, I can not recommend her enough. Thank you!

Carla Onugha

Sharon Wright Coaching Testimonial - Sue Frampton

Thank you Sharon for dedicating the time each week for the last 7 weeks to support me through a life coaching journey. I found the sessions with you invaluable in preparing myself with a toolkit to face challenges and through gentle and supportive coaching to focus on moving forward and find direction. I would recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking for some support in getting where they would like to be, or even understanding where that place might be. Thank you Gorgeous Hearts.

Sue Frampton

sandra hillier

I have found working with Sharon a highly beneficial experience, our sessions have given me insights and clarify at stages in the process where I was struggling with a crisis of confidence.

Sharon has extended warm and kindness in her approach and as a consequence the coaching process has felt very natural and a necessary fixture in my life at this particular juncture.

I thank Sharon for her genuine authenticity and helping me see where I need to take my aspirations next. I would highly recommend her as a coach and I am sure you will find her approach both reassuring and useful in moving forward.

Sandra Hillier

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